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  1. Hi does you likes my internets snongs?

    free sigvatr!

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      yo homes, would you be able to save that tracker file (3:00-3:47) as a wav file and upload it so I could play drums along to it and illegally record it without your permission and reupload it just for fun?

    3. gggmork


      Here's a wav of that part:

      Also if you want, upload mp3 (or wav but that's a bigger file) of some other drum beat or something (drums only, no tones because then I can't cut 'clean' drum pieces out of the file) and I'll try to 'remix' it. Or just a few unique sounding hits of each type of drum or cymbol and I'll make my own beat. Or not.

    4. gggmork


      Here's 14 more, probably better than the last batch:

      Almost everything hummed from imagination/voice to modplug data by using a short looped wav file of my own humming voice to more easily find the precise intended notes (then used short random white noise loops for melody sounds instead).

      Sorry I don't find artist tags useful myself or know how to use them.