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  1. Well, I picked up Kanye's 3rd album on Thursday, and I thought I'd go through the 3 most memorable tracks.
    1.Good Morning: A perfect opening track. Kanye says it best: "Homie, this shit is basic/Welcome to graduation."
    2.Champion: Clocking in at under 3 minutes, it's one of Kanye's better "I-Am-Very-Excellent" tracks.
    7.Barry Bonds: A great guest verse from Lil' Wayne makes this my instant favorite on the album. "I'm so fucking good," Wayne raps, and he's right.
    Overall: 5/5, easily.

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    2. YMB


      Bucket said:

      The most memorable 9/11 ever.

      Sadly, this is true for some.
      "Oh god, is everyone okay? DO YOU HAVE BOTH ALBUMS?"

    3. spank
    4. YMB


      Oh, I forgot:
      11.The Glory: Although Kanye's excessive sampling of 60s and 70s songs can be irritating at times, here it seems to "fit" well with the flow of the song.