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  1. YMB

    Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate

    The results of this poll are frankly shocking. Dark Chocolate forever.
  2. YMB

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A 20oz Wawa coffee (Cuban roast) with hazelnut non-dairy creamer at approximately 6:45 AM (EST) today. It was $2.15, I paid in cash with three $1 bills. I donated the change to whatever charity box was there, I didn't really read it very closely. Thanks for your time.
  3. YMB

    Combat Puzzles vs. Slaughter Gameplay

    A combat puzzle (imo) is an encounter unlikely to be solved by brute force or random chance, which requires the player to perform in ways that could be considered counterintuitive or unexpected for normal Doom play. Slaughter maps can include combat puzzles, but not all of them do - if the strategy boils down to run around, dodge, and shoot until everything is dead, then it's only a combat puzzle in the broadest sense of the term (and certainly the most commonly encountered one). Any time ammunition is limited in a meaningful way it presents an open-ended combat puzzle to the player, but some are more rigid in their parameters (like Tricks and Traps, as Tetzlaff mentioned).
  4. YMB

    A look to the past

    I used to use WadAuthor all the time. Got it off this disc that my dad had lying around in a pile of similar stuff. https://archive.org/details/3dGameAlchemy If I recall correctly, it had a penchant for crashing irregularly without warning - which really tested my patience!
  5. YMB

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Fish avatars were still cool the last time I was posting regularly here.
  6. YMB

    Automap: Necessary?

    FPSes have become so linear that I doubt there will be an automap. I know we're all holding out hope that level design will be more reminiscent of Doom II than CoD, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I feel like the level design will be 90% linear with a few "secret" rooms...
  7. YMB

    Tycoon Games

    I've played probably hundreds of hours of Rollercoaster Tycoon. Nothing even comes close. I have RCT2 but I had some trouble getting it to work properly on a computer manufactured in this decade. The most impressive thing about RCT is that Chris Sawyer wrote the entire game in assembly - he's some sort of genius, surely.
  8. YMB

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    It seemed like Romney was gaining ground for a week or so, but I think his campaign has really stalled and he'll only pick up one or two swing states at most (I have a feeling Florida will end up voting Romney, and maybe Virginia). I don't want to say Obama has this one in the bag, but barring any strange freak accident / gaffe, I think Obama will pull off a relatively comfortable victory, somewhere around 290-248 (based on the YMB PREDICTION MODELâ„¢).
  9. The market (at least the Kickstarter market) is becoming flooded with indie RPGs and games of this ilk. While I'm sure a game made by Tom Hall has much, much greater potential to be of a high quality than any random shmuck's RPG Maker project, I think the problem arises from a general inability to differentiate all of these projects from each other. When I read the Kickstarter page, I would have just written it off as another nondescript game unless I saw Tom Hall's name attached to it. That $10k prize is totally kickass, though. I definitely want to see that filmed if the Kickstarter succeeds and someone donates at that level in the USA.
  10. I can't believe it's been over five years since I joined this forum. Obviously, my posting frequency has decreased to nearly zero over the past couple of years (much to everyone's delight, surely) but I still browse the forums from time to time and I'm still interested in what the community has to offer.

    When I first found Doomworld, I was just a kid (no, really, I was 14) who thought he was cool for liking a game that was, you know, totally old, man. My first thread should tell you a lot about the mindset I had coming into this forum (which, unsurprisingly, was the first forum I'd ever posted on). "Wow! Wait until I show all my friends that I play DOOM instead of Call of Duty!" Apparently, my first post shorted some circuit in my fragile Internet psyche, and I decided the best way to gain acceptance here was to frantically post as many replies and threads as possible, which, in hindsight, may not have been the best idea! I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back on my posts from 2007 makes it painfully obvious that I was just a dumb kid who thought he was fooling everyone. Eventually, this caught up with me (trips to Losers, not-so-nice custom titles), and I felt way more upset than I had any right to be. "How could these people not appreciate my unique style of posting?!" young YMB asked himself, fuming over the response from his peers.

    As time passed, Doom became less of an interest for me, I found other forums to post to, and my real life became interesting enough to distract me from the Internet in general. In the time since I "stopped" posting here, I graduated from high school and started college as a math major (where I am now a Sophomore). It seems silly, but I do think that my time on Doomworld taught me a lot about intelligent discourse not only online, but in the real world as well. Knowing when not to say something is just as valuable as saying the right thing.

    While I'd like to think that I've left the old YMB far behind, I'm sure my posts are just as shitty as they've ever been, and I fully expect to end up with a big red title again before my days are through. For the time being, however, I'm looking ahead.

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    2. printz


      exp(x) said:

      Abstract algebra is pretty useful shit.

      Heh, I've always found group theory overly pedantic and limited, and liked calculus/analysis more because of it. However things may change for me once I get more and more exposed to complex logical puzzles.

    3. exp(x)


      Abstract algebra was probably my favorite math class during undergrad. I don't like calculus; it's full of icky numbers.

    4. Blastfrog


      the only math that is useful in life is what is used in programming a raycaster

      everything else is blasphemy due to its lack of contribution to the religion of obsessive doom playing

  11. YMB

    Election 2012: Conservatards vs Librodouches

    Look, the two party system isn't perfect, and nobody in this thread is claiming that it is. But the people who repeatedly insist on shouting at everyone that they have to vote third party aren't helping anything either. I don't get why third party candidates are being put up on a pedestal as if they're superior human beings. They're politicians too and will say anything they need to say to get support from their constituents. Ron Paul / Gary Johnson / Jill Stein are not necessarily better than Obama / Romney. The two candidates have expressed some very important differences in their platforms and ideologies in both domestic and foreign policy and, while they have some basic similarities, I certainly wouldn't consider them the same. The two party system isn't going anywhere for a while and it's not going to be changed by people making unsubstantiated claims on the internet. If you're going to look down on us for favoring one, maybe you should present some evidence to support what you're saying. Yeah, great way to get your point across in a rational way, man.
  12. YMB

    The 2012 avatar FISHOCALYPSE.

    Heh. I remember making my fish avatar. YMB POST FOR 2012
  13. YMB

    Have ever you cried?!

    The end of The Iron Giant. "Supermannnnn..." God damnit. Every single time.
  14. Greetings, my fellow community members. I've been away for a while. Perhaps it's for the better. I've learned a lot since I first joined Doomworld way back in July of 2007, one bored summer day when I was looking for a way to play Doom on my modern computer. Immediately, I tried to immerse myself in the community, perhaps jumping into the deep end when I should have started in the kiddie pool. Needless to say, my first impression on the community was less than perfect. In fact, I would hazard a guess that I was at some points one of the least liked members of Doomworld. I didn't realize this at first- obliviously, I thought the solution would just be to POST MORE POST MORE POST MORE. Only once I saw that people were actually going out of their way to chastise me for my bad posting (followed by a stint in Losers) did I see where I'd gone wrong. I was only 14, probably not mature enough to partake in intelligent discourse of any kind, let alone on the internet. Have I gotten any better? Probably not, depending on what standards you want to use for "better." At least I know when to shut up now.

    So, why am I bothering to "return" to Doomworld to post this thread? Well, in one day and a few hours, I turn eighteen years old, so I'm feeling particularly reflective. Although I'd like to believe that the significance applied to that age is all arbitrary, something about this birthday really does feel different. It's a new stage of my life. In less than 6 months, I'll be living away from home for the first time in my life. I now have to take responsibility for all of my actions, being what society deems an "adult." I've taken a lot away from my experiences in the Doom community. The feeling of belonging in a community/group (which eventually happened thanks to the great people in Jetsons) is something I haven't gotten to feel very often in real life, so it means a bit more to me. I never thought I'd actually make acquaintances, let alone friends, from an online community about a 17-year-old video game, but some of the people I've met over these past 3.5 years I would definitely consider my friends (I can only hope they'd consider me theirs). There's so many things I will never forget from my time in this community- playing SpaceDM5 Map20 on Halloween Night 2007, fun with chatbots, Skulltag community apocalypses, fabricated clan rivalries, every failed attempt at finishing a map, participating in a 32in24, and way more things that I can't remember at this time.

    I know I haven't always been very popular around these parts, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at Doomworld, on IRC, and elsewhere- even those who tried to get me banned or losered- for putting up with me all these years. It can't have been easy. Hopefully the next couple go down a little easier.

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    2. esselfortium


      You're not my least favorite community member, YMB. Maybe second or third least. (Not really.)

      At first when I was reading your post it sounded like you were leaving or something. I hope that's not the case! Actually I can probably blame DuckReconMajor's first reply for that. What a jerk that guy is.

      If it's any consolation, I was a big dumb idiot when I first started posting on Doomworld too! It was only through dumb luck that I didn't stay around for long enough to attract any real attention (I think), and come back a few years later when I was slightly older and wiser.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      I guess I should be more direct.

      Then again, I can't be as much of a jerk as someone who reads replies before the original post, just to see if it's worth reading.

    4. 40oz


      DuckReconMajor said:

      Then again, I can't be as much of a jerk as someone who reads replies before the original post, just to see if it's worth reading.