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  1. Plonker

    ZDoom's Treasure Chest

    spoken like a true trooper. I agree with most of that except I normally use legacy maps.
  2. the problem is they are aimed at kids, kids love crappy acting.
  3. Plonker

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    amazing how easy it is to manipulate some folk into an almost religious frenzy about nothing
  4. I have to admit to not being very interested in harry potter but I was really into shrek, what a load of crap the third shrek movie is, I wouldnt be surprised if the latest harry potter is just as bad a rip off
  5. Plonker

    Calm Down, Apple.

    I remember that the Amiga actually used the cheap crappy 68000 chip meant for washing machines, apple used the fancier more expensive one. If an amiga seemed faster its probably down to the software rather than a superior processor
  6. Plonker

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    dirty harry gets hermione pregnant, they both lose their magic powers and become normal people
  7. Plonker

    1-18-08 (Project Cloverfield)

    Nope, it is godzilla 2010 unfortunately.
  8. Plonker

    My favorite still! Galaxia.wad

    some of my favourite old DM wads were arrow, stalker, zzone, kronikil and.. ehm my memory isnt so good. but my all time favourite is still gothicdm
  9. Plonker

    Can your system handle the next gen?

    ever since a lot of new games started using that evil Starforce copy protection I am reluctant to risk buying any. There should be a law forcing them to put a big warning sticker on the box. I have bought several games I really like but will probably never use again because they have starforce on them.
  10. Plonker

    Can your system handle the next gen?

    I probably can run it, got a dual core intel as my main pc but Im not really interested in anything new just now. As long as I can play the latest 'need for speed' games Im happy. Ive not even installed Doom 3 on this PC (it is on my old XP box) so I dont know if it works under Vista.
  11. Plonker

    Calm Down, Apple.

    I have honestly never seen that apple smugness in real life, well except way back before Doom when Big Al (of newdoom and doom heaven) had a mac, he soon saw the light when he was reduced to playing doom in a matchbox sized screen and bought himself a PC then was able to do deathmatch too. He was still smug about his acorn archimedes though. I have never had to use a mac thankfully and I have never suffered from GUI envy, Im an old Dosser at heart, I still love dos and keep a win98 hard drive in my XP box set up to boot to the dos prompt. Just annoys me that apple accuse me of being a suit wearing spreadsheet bore when all I use my PC for is photography, art, doom mapping, writing, music and games. Oh and visiting here. Almost all my friends are musicians, artists and/or writers and they all use PC's, not a single mac user among them.
  12. Plonker

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    @DD, help yourself, I get a wee ego boost when someone likes something I made. I decided to start mapping again, hopefully my work will be an improvement on my old stuff. even thinking of making legacy AND gzdoom versions if possible
  13. Plonker

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    hmm, DD, would it be ok for me to 'borrow' a few flats and textures from the NDCP (the original one that I was part of), Im especially interested in those nice ceiling/floor lights you made.
  14. Plonker

    Calm Down, Apple.

    I am suspicious that anyone telling me they know lots of mac users and they are all really clever etc is a closet mac user themselves, those things arent exactly thick on the ground so I find it unusual to say the least that anyone would know 6 happy mac users
  15. Plonker

    Calm Down, Apple.

    I dont actually know anyone who uses their home pc for spreadsheets/databases type stuff. Most of the PC owners I know are musicians, artists, designers, writers and most of all gamers. I have only met a few mac users and none seemed happy with their mac, they were a bit clueless and angry at being conned into buying their 'fun' computer
  16. Im curious about that drama too, I like jack, always handy to have on your side in an argument.
  17. Plonker

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    hehehe, I was being asked to consider replacing my cheap and cheerful desk with one of those fancy corner jobs in ikea, it even had doors to close so it all looked like a wardrobe when not in use. I merely asked her how often does she think the doors will be closed. about the nickname thing, I probably could sort it out but its no big deal, its not as if I have a huge postcount as mystic or anything. Plonker does have a cheeky ring to it anyway.
  18. Plonker

    abolishing restruants.....

    prescriptions do get renewed, I have one that I need renewed every 2 months, its shelves that need refilled oh, and petrol tanks.
  19. Plonker

    Calm Down, Apple.

    I was forced to get a vista pc by my gf. I didnt mind so much because I noticed that with each critical update my XP machine was getting slower and slower, especially the media player, it was refusing to just play .avi files, preferring to pretend it was cacheing them from the internet or something, hence jerkovision. In Vista those same movies play smooth. Ive not really had a problem yet after 3 months. I think apple is shooting itself in the foot with those stupid adverts. So apples are good for fun and the pc is just for boring spreadsheets???? who do apple think they are kidding?? I could never trust a company that puts such blatant lies out.
  20. Plonker

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    Thanks, I wish you wouldnt have the files stored where those really dodgy 'fix your registry free' type adverts are, Im sick of having to clean peoples computers after they click on those type of adverts
  21. Plonker

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    have you been listening to me arguing with my gf????
  22. Plonker

    Transformers Movie

    Im sorry, I could never understand kids fascination (obsession) with those silly transformer toys/cartoons. I have a 5 year old nephew who watches those crappy cartoons and begs for the toys, I love the kid but hate his crappy childish tastes. I think its really funny that so many grown ups have the same taste in entertainment as my 5 year old nephew. Maybe they should make a teletubbies action movie now
  23. Plonker

    My brand new camoflauge outfit!

    I agree. what was the topic again?? oh yes the camouflage. I do like it for a different reason. me and the gf like to take photographs of wildlife, an outfit like that is useful for photography too
  24. Plonker

    Post pics of your compdesk/workspace

    I dunno, they are noisy bastards and the microscopic dust from the back of them causes sneezing fits, best to leave the vacuum cleaner alone and let it solve its own problems. my little corner actually does have windows just out of sight on the left and one behind that unfinished painting on the right. Squirrels and birds come and knock on my window to get fed when they see me at the computer.
  25. Plonker


    uhm, thanks I guess, I wish I never asked now, I really didnt want that stuff in my head.