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  1. Wesley, Im glad you are continuing to develop Legacy but please can you accept that laptop offer so we can use opengl on our windows PCs. Im champing at the bit to design some new Legacy maps (and improve some of my old ones) but I cant stand using the software renderer.

  2. Ive been away from the community for a few years. I thought it must be dead by now but Im pleased to see Doomworld is still alive and kicking. The Newstuff Chronicles was always my favourite feature at doomworld. Some good reviews as usual, Im about to give 'The Abyss' a run and will return with my verdict.

    EDIT: I just tried 'Abyss' using gzdoom and enjoyed it very much up to the point where I gave up looking for one of those secrets that are needed to continue, somewhere on level 2 I think. I will investigate farther after I get fed up re-discovering my own old (mostly 'legacy') pwads which I think will need some design mods to improve gameplay and make them gzdoom compatible now that it looks like Legacy wont be using opengl anymore.

  3. well he already said everyone is cunts etc, no need for the PMs I guess. I wonder if he has become more determined to make a wad thats good enough for a decent review. If someone just called me a stupid fucking cunt etc I dont think I could be trusted to give a fair review. Am I the only one that imagines him with a purple face ?

  4. Ive just played map01 and a large chunk of map02 and no problems at all so far apart from all the bloody monsters. both maps play really well, look fantastic and the music is fargin awesome.
    Whoever did the music for map01 needs singled out for special praise, its like being in a (well made) scary movie. Normally I never have the music on when dooming but I was using a new install of gzdoom and it was on by default and now Im so glad it was.

    Like a couple of folk I dont have that slowdown on map02, maybe Im using an updated version, I downloaded it yesterday from a link in the newdoom forums. (Im mystic there)

  5. WOW enjay, did you make all that up??? fargin hell. I get all that its just that as a keen historian I have a lot of sympathy for the real life Incas and find it hard to see them as the bad guys. I sometimes like to think that those left wing groups who control large sections of some right wing south american states are descendants of the last Incas making a comeback.

  6. Gravity was a nice surprise, a work of art just as the reviewer said and quite playable too, I would even enjoy exploring these maps with monsters switched off . I find it quite inspiring. I ran zennode on it to remove a few minor graphic glitches in Legacy.

    Enjays 'BGPA Missions liberation' should get another review although it seems we all like it anyway. beats me why the baddies are called incas though.

  7. I have to agree about the doors, like in a city type map buildings without doors just look like the mapper was lazy.

    Im actually working on one where the design needs you to run around trying to find doors that open. Just like when someone is being chased in a movie, makes sense to me anyway.

  8. I guess there must be a lot of code to re-write. Shit I hope they didnt just give up, I put a lot of maps on hold until I see what new features I can use in Legacy 2. I could have finished them for the old legacy years ago and even made zdoom versions with time to spare.

  9. I really like Plexydome by mr rocket, a nicely designed map and a good reason to try Legacy. If I remember rightly it was one of the first Legacy maps to use 3d floors, was entered in a 3d mapping contest which john Romero forgot to judge, or chose not to because there were so few entries. Anyway a really nice little wad.

  10. Ive been reliably informed that legacy 2 is currently undergoing a code rewrite. Its not dead and im looking forward to it. I just wish they would stop adding new features and give us a stable release soon.

    from what I can see there isnt a lot of life left in any of the ports just now, nobody is mapping anymore.

  11. I second that, its a great editor but trying to use it like DETH is a royal pain in the arse, all those extras just make it distracting at best, sometimes even intimidating. I actually bought a copy so I know what Im talking about. It does have the option to work with DETH commands but it just doesnt feel right or work the same way, its really hard to think why it doesnt work but it just doesnt for me, the words clumsy and clunky spring to mind.

  12. I took my girlfriend to see it and the only bit we didnt like was the ending which wasnt really an ending at all. Apart from that it was a really enjoyable movie, a lot better than narnia. The polar bears nearly scared the pants of my gf and the creature effects throughout the movie were quite superb.

    I have never seen the books, dont really intend to either but I liked the way the story mirrored the clash between the church and the freemasons/templars/freethinkers.

    Dunno why anyone wouldnt enjoy it unless they go in expecting it to be something entirely different and take a huff when it isnt what they expected. I went to see it out of curiosity so nothing to cloud my judgement.

  13. I just got farcry, its fun, I love the scenery and the water, the AI isnt brilliant but seeing as the bad guys are redneck mercenaries I dont expect them to be clever. I dont think I will be getting that crysis crap though, not even the demo.

    Farcry was made in germany and has some american mercenaries as the bad guys, maybe a reaction against all the ww2 games out there with their not too clever german soldiers.
    EA took over for the sequel and changed the bad guys to koreans or chinese, thats just plain childish and nasty. I wonder if they will remake 'redneck rampage' too.

  14. I love DETH, never stopped using it even after BUYING a copy of deepsea which I really only used for making texture wads and for copying and pasting stuff from one map to another. All my real editing was done in DETH and still is with a wee bit of help from dosbox.

    A nice new version of DETH for windows would literally be a dream come true especially now that my girlfriend has my win98 pc packed away in boxes to save space. be nice to have zennode integrated with it.

    Ive tried most of the old school editors but really only liked DEU then DETH. I wont slag the other ones because I never really gave them much of a chance to impress me but both times I tried Doom Builder it messed up my maps. I know loads of good mappers love DB so it must be good but I guess it just cant make the sort of maps Im working on now.

  15. fascinating stuff, I dont have a clue what you are all on about but fredrik makes a good case. I am seriously thinking about giving that super metroid a go after reading his comments, if I can find a version for the pc that is.

    Some people (Im not pointing my finger at anyone in particular Quasar) really need to get out a bit more. Getting all riled up just because someone doesnt like your favourite game is a bit silly especially if you do it in public, it all looks a bit juvenile. I see that a lot on forums (not just here) and at first it makes me chuckle but then I start to wonder what those folk are like in real life or if maybe they are just extracting the urine.