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  1. Butts

    Your favorite childhood games?

    Risk! I swear, Risk brings out warlust in people. My family would get so worked up and aggressive over that board game. But it sure was fun! There was a few fun trampoline games my brothers and I used to play growing up, of course they were self made games with self made rules (subject to change on whim by older brothers) with made up names. And for these games to work, they required the use of a trampoline net. There was the ball game, where the person on the trampoline wants the higher score, and the person on the ground wants a lower score (basically), and they pretty much rally the (small) ball back and forth, and the ball falling within the boundaries was a point. The ball falling in the trampoline was an "out", and 3 of those granted a position switch. A tennis ball was customarily used. Then there was netting, an entirely on trampoline game in which a ball was smacked between the opposing net boundaries for a point. A ball made of dense foam slightly larger than a tennis ball was the traditional ball used. The one in particular looked like a baseball. Then there was the official gigantic exercise ball game, which didn't have a name, but the gigantic exercise ball was utilized for "launching", where one of us would utilize the physics of the ball in order to jettison our bodies much higher than our regular capabilities, and you would try to stay under the net, but do tricks and other cool/funny/dangerous crap. Then... there was water trampoline. Again, no rules for this one, but you brought a hose on, for hours at a time. Digging really huge holes under the trampoline was a really cool thing to do, but it pissed off dad. We just wanted a little pond to go fishing in! (I think I did anyways) And of course, the consecutive backflip contest... that always gets a contestant quite dizzy.
  2. Butts


    There are dog treats that look like oreos and other cookies. I compared the ingredients, taste and texture to corresponding human-designated counterparts, and there was negligible (none) difference. I'm going to make some doughnuts (more properly, beignets) today. I was thinking about a brown sugar glaze with either pecans or black walnuts, and maybe a couple will have dark chocolate. Definitely bite sized, so they are easier to eat, faster to eat, and eat more. Loadin' up on some doughnut energy!
  3. Butts

    Hellbound - Updated

    I definitely like what I have played so far, which was part of levels 1 and 11. I like the style very much, and the gameplay has been challenging but not very challening, so fun practice I guess. Reminds me almost a little of kama sutra (definitely different though, hellbound is a little more detailed from what I see, but I think the style is similar), which is one of my favorite sets of levels that I have played overall. Good job to the creator.
  4. Butts


    That sounds pretty good. I like mexican food (well, I like all food, and at work the "to-go girls" gave me the name "garbage disposal" because they love bringing me food at the end of the night and watching me put it down real fast. It's pleasant). When I make ramen, I do what you do. My brother is more of a ramen eater than I am and he prefers it plain, with just the seasoning packet (that's his usual anyways). Chicken and ramen definitely go hand in hand, and a buddy of mine calls what he makes "chamen", for chicken and ramen, but in one effective word.
  5. Butts

    troll wads

    I think somebody should be allowed to sort out said trollwads into a trollwads sector, and the community obviously decides what the trollwad is. Obviously it's not very fast, but it gets the job done effectively (or so I imagine the scenario in my mind). What issues would possibly arise from that? Bad idea? Good idea? Anyways, there are already decidedly trollwads currently existing that people know about, they could probably be moved right now.
  6. FIREBLU is a cool texture, use it with some warp effects, and with white and make a US american themed level, red white and FIREBLU. Call it the star spangled banner or something. Maybe I'll do that, but I really don't have the motivation, but I fancy the idea, even though it's sort of a lame one. But it's patriotic for the americans.
  7. Butts


    This is the food thread. Food is awesome. Discuss. I am currently eating a very interesting but delicious creation that I conjured up because I'm low on ingredients, but still have some (in my opinion) good ingredients. I am eating a bean hamburger. First, I set the saute pan on medium (just a notch higher, but definitely not medium high) and put in maybe a half a tablespoon of butter, and about one and one half tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and let it heat up in the pan while I ground up rosemary and dried red chiles in a coffee grinder to a very fine powder, (there are some seeds in it too for some extra spice, but not an epic amount). I threw in the pan a handful of northern white beans, incorporated the butter/olive oil blend with the beans, and then added a little bit of sweet white corn, and some spinach. I then added most of the seasonings, which also consisted of ground dry mustard, sage, white pepper, garlic salt(which has a little parsley in it), garlic, and the ground blend of rosemary and chile, mixed it up real nice, and threw the hamburger on the higher in elevation side of the pan so the grease from the burger (but it's a very lean burger with not very much grease to begin with) slides under to the bean blend, where it gets incorporated. Then I cleaned up the kitchen real fast, flipped the burger, put half the beans on top, and went for a smoke while I forgot to take the (sesame seed) buns out of the freezer, but then came back real fast to throw a bun into the microwave for 22 seconds as the burger finished cooking, where for those last seconds I turned the stove on high to get a little color into the burger and one side of the beans, then put the beans on one side of the plate and the burger on the other, and garnished both with the remainder of the rosemary/chile blend. Then I ate it (actually just finished it), and it was very delicious. I'm quite sure this combination would appeal to many palates, as strange as it sounds, even though most people probably wouldn't try it out to begin with. Two words sum it up: fucking delicious. The only thing that would make it better would be oyster mushrooms. Onions should stay away from this one, it would be too heavy with onions. Oh, and the amount of bean that goes on to the burger is eaqual sized to the cooked burger patty, or a little extra to spill over the edges. Cheese works well with this, but probably not with the mushroom addition. Cook time: 12 minutes Clean up: 3 minutes I'll see what I can do to improve the cook and clean time, maybe refine the recipe a bit, but I thought it was really fucking good. To elaborate on the taste, just a little: definitely had a spice to it, a slow but gentle onset that lasted for about 15 minutes and left the mouth feeling very relaxed. The saltiness was very very light, just a hint to bring out the herbs and the hearty flavor of the meat combined with sage, which also works well with beans. But a very hearty, filling, satisfying dish that does not leave you craving for more, but definitely looking forward to eating a meal like it again.
  8. Butts

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    This game looks very pretty and I can appreciate the amount of work put into it. I like the concept, I like the silliness. Nazi robots? Hell yeah, blast them enemies. (Cartman wouldn't though, he'd use them as minions. Cartman should be an easter egg in Wolfenstein.) That being said, I'm probably not going to get it (or for like another 5 years) and have no expectations for it other than good graphics, which of course will not look as good as the pictures due to the machine/settings/etc. And probably the fact that the development versions are always probably made to look more pretty because they have better, more capable machines than the average user, which they sell an "average" version to. But, this looks better than Doom4... Which I haven't seen, or care for, or have any real expectations, and it's looking to me like that duke nukem game that never came. But hey, it would be cool if my horrible expectations were shattered. I guess I judge quickly. Only playing it (extensively) would give a fair opinion.
  9. Listen to metal. Listen to blues. Listen to happy trance music. Now combine the three. When you have whole tones, try adding some flat tones to it, maybe hit the 6th, from root note, skip a couple beats.... add that wierd atonality. Try changing tempo from bar to bar, maybe have a section that progressively goes faster in bpm, starting from like 75 and ending at like 160, for a few bars. But i really don't know shit about music. I just play notes and listen to it.
  10. I'm liking the shots. Especially mouldy and kassman's on the last page. pictures. http://imageshack.us/a/img41/8094/doom45.png http://imageshack.us/a/img221/9375/doom44.png http://imageshack.us/a/img801/3028/doom43.png Going through a bunch of different ideas with this one. Not really sure what I want to do here. The archviles in the tower are on alternating perpetual up/down lifts right now, making for a wierd fight I guess... might also keep them sealed until a specific point, but need to find a suitable texture. I like zimmer7 and woodmet... but I just don't know... and I'm not sure about this structure or the arched part, or maybe just a redesign is needed. http://imageshack.us/a/img59/668/doom46.png
  11. Butts

    Hell Knight Fan Art

    Thousands of words of praise can't do justice to art that good. Well done. I prefer the "baboon" style face rather than the goat face. It looks more... mean, or evil or something... more aggressive I guess.
  12. Engineer guns to fire ice cream, hugs, and thank you cards. At really low velocity so no person (or anything) gets hurt. Problem solved. And man, talk about egging on kontra kommando. Obviously people in power are going to love hearing these absurd ideas come from citizens. I'd say that sometimes violence appears to be unpredictable, and preventative measures in certain cases may not be cost effective. I don't really fancy the idea of killing machines flying around in the sky, but whatever, they are there, and people are always going to figure out how to build things regardless of legality or whatever. Just gotta live with it I guess. Don't die, don't make enemies. All this control and management certainly seems like a headache.
  13. I really quite like those shots, katamori. The hell city is very well done, and with a very fitting sky. I think that sky is awesome.
  14. Butts

    First WAD you have ever played?

    Neith. I thought it was great. I was very impressed with the new textures. Either Neith, or Latos (whatever it's called, something with an L, kind of a big doom1 techbasey level). Don't know, it was a little while ago, and around the same time I got doom builder and discovered these forums. I might have made my own level before playing a pwad. I was limited at the time due to my lack of awareness of source ports. I was young and dumb, but everything was so new and fun! Edit: shit, this was an old thread. But I did not do the gravedigging! I swear!
  15. Butts

    what is up with dooms hell

    Pretty much sums it up. Heaven in Doom just sounds lame as fuck (but a level set in heaven would be pretty cool). You are a badass soldier taking out beings from... somewhere, could be hell, who cares they're fuckin' monsters and they're the problem that must be solved. Even though Doom's story is quite loose and only 1 paragraph, it's a great idea, certainly an exciting concept for a first person shooter.