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  1. Metrocide

    Alpha Doom version editing

    Can anyone help me choose a program to extract images from doom alpha versions 2, 4, and 5??? i need windows or dos programs, not linux.
  2. Metrocide


    Can anyone please tell me how to upload doom2 files to ftp.cdrom.com? I need to put my addon on the Internet!
  3. Metrocide

    IM TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!

    Thanx SOME OF YOU for the help of being beta testers!!
  4. Metrocide

    IM TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!

    I have been e-mailing Doomworld alot about my 32 level TC Project Defoot, but the problem is they never respond to my mail! I'm tired of it and need beta testers for it! I want it on the internet!!!Can anyone tell me a way to make them reply???
  5. Metrocide

    Easy MP3 into WAD!!!!

    I was playing around and found a easy way to put mp3s into a wad. all you do is have Wintex, rename the mp3 extention to lmp then load colormaplmp which is the mp3 and rename it to for example D_RUNNIN and if you have zdoom beta 7 it will play the MP3, but you will have a big memory wad!!!
  6. I tried to make an exit to take me to secret level but it just takes me to the next level! can anyone help???!!!
  7. I want to know how to put MP3s into wads, Bitstate's method didn't work for me!!!
  8. Metrocide


    I tried the MP3 into wad thing and it DOESN'T WORK! To show me proof give me a wad with a MP3 in it! I want Coal Chamber music in doom!