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  1. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    True, but crypto can possibly be worse in these events because the government can't / won't save you. There's no regulation or insurance. My dad thought he was safe because he only ever held Bitcoin; he didn't screw around with all those other weird coins that end up failing or becoming scams. However, he made the mistake of keeping his Bitcoin on the Celsius Network and the people running that were apparently deep into the weird coins. A bit of a shame too because he bought most of his bitcoins when they were dirt cheap years ago.
  2. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    The crash has gotten even worse, Celsius Network has stopped all customers from withdrawing their funds. Basically, imagine if you put your money in a bank, expect the bank was run by morons who over leveraged your money and gambled it all away and they can’t pay you back anymore. "Line goes down" is bad enough, but in this case, all your money is probably just gone. This one's gonna suck personally because my dad had put his crypto into the Celsius Network. Seems like everyone forgot the golden rule of investing: "Never invest more than you can afford to lose."
  3. RDETalus

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    I think the most important mechanic in space marine movement is momentum. That's how you communicate to the player that he's wearing heavy armor. He's slow to start, slow to stop, and hard to turn / strafe. He can run fast, it just takes a few more seconds to get going. Of course, that makes it harder for you to dodge, but you can use other gameplay mechanics to turn that into a fun feature such as in the "Space Marine" game where you only get health from executing enemies. You don't mind getting hit because you're incentivized to charge into enemies like an unstoppable dump truck. I wonder how this game will approach player movement mechanics. I hope they try to emphasize heavy armor movement instead of wide maneuverability.
  4. RDETalus

    is using crates a cardinal sin

    As far as decorating your level is concerned, crates should be the last tool in your mapping arsenal. When you look at a room, try to figure out what purpose the room serves and think up appropriate props for that purpose.
  5. RDETalus

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    It's fun, some areas get too cramped but the variation in room sizes helps deal with that. Certain small things like making the light brighter around a switch in the sewer section of the third map is good. There is a problem though: In the third map, I manually closed one of the doors in the blue UAC room from the outside and when I tried to open it again from the other side, I couldn't. That prevented me from continuing the map. Check that your doors are setup for repeatable open/close on both sides of the door. Also, some of the door tracks move with the door.
  6. RDETalus

    The GMOD Workshop Image Controversy

    Are these big name mods that everyone playing GMOD uses, or just a handful of smaller obscure stuff?
  7. RDETalus

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    yeah, I was being sarcastic. I am aware of the hearsay around Tim Yeah, apparently. I hope they somehow tie that into the storyline, even though it has zero consequence on the gameplay or the immediate mission of the main character
  8. RDETalus

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    Speaking of that game, there is a sequel, and the the chief creative officer behind Space Marine II is our favorite Doom boi: TIM WILLITS
  9. RDETalus

    Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun, an add i've seen

    They know their target audience. There's been a resurgence of nostalgia-driven Warhammer 40K lately, and recognizing this, Games Workshop is specifically targeting the kids in the 90s who grew up on "boomer shooters" and remember going to their GW stores at the mall.
  10. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    $LUNA is the coin that got attacked, triggered a "bank run," and crashed the crypto market. It fell from $80 to $0.00002 in a single week. The hubris of everyone involved in that coin is absolutely astounding. If you put $10,000 into this thing, it's now worth $0.0025. Absolutely amazing, I've never seen a genuine non-scam project lose this much. This is worse than scams where you simply get your money outright stolen, because as bad as those are, very few people actually fall for those. This one was a genuine project, and as a result, it attracted a ton of people who put their savings into it as an investment.
  11. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    I don't understand NFT valuation, but it doesn't seem to be very different from physical "art" sales such as that $30,000 USD art exhibit of a banana taped to a wall. For price speculation traders, that's the entire point. The fact that cryptocurrencies can swing up and down so wildly means you can make a huge profit just by buying low, selling high, rinse and repeat. A regular company stock might move up and down 2-5% in a single year. But a cryptocurrency can go up +300% and down -80% in the same timeframe. Boomers get excited when their stocks go up +5% in a year, a crypto trader will get +100% in a single month. Then he will promptly get wiped out the next month lol. A few of them will time it just right and get their money out in time, but most will lose.
  12. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    I participate in crypto. But honestly, outside of profit-driven price speculation, there doesn’t seem to be any solid productive use case for it yet. The current market is also full of scammers
  13. RDETalus

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    It's only one particular coin and it's ecosystem that was subjected to a market manipulation attack due to a flaw in it's financial algorithm and the creator's own hubris. The coin(s) involved (LUNA, TERRA, UST, whatever) are now dead. There is quite a bit of contagion because it has effected the entire crypto market as a whole, but I would say this is a temporary set back and if you're hoping for the end of crypto, this isn't it. This will probably cause regulators to step in and possibly further legitimize cryptocurrency in the future. Remember that there are already tons of big financial institutions in this market now.
  14. RDETalus

    Post your Doom textures!

    I think I could use it for a sky
  15. RDETalus

    "It's Just a Myth!" - Common Misbeliefs

    Yes, of course. I live in asia where this stuff is extremely prevalent. A potential marriage can be cancelled by the families if they feel a horse zodiac and a rat zodiac can't co-exist together.