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  1. I think the answer really relies on what services / products the UAC provides its host nations, and whether those services / products are important enough to be dissolved. If the UAC is the energy company for the human civilization, then no, they will never be dissolved. They must continue operating.
  2. RDETalus

    Burdens of Mortality

    I tried drinking that Soylent stuff for a month straight, for the reasons OP is talking about: Obtaining and eating food usually feels like a waste of time. This had a really positive side effect though: When I did eat actual food, it tasted like 10x better. I would eat the Soylent stuff for 2-3 days, then decide to eat a cheeseburger and coke and it tasted incredible.
  3. RDETalus

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    Sure, but that doesn't answer my question. There are tons of people, big and small, making conspiracy theory claims all the time. What was so special about Alex Jones that got him sued for 9 figures?
  4. RDETalus

    Alex Jones has a video game.

    That's such a weird case, I don't understand the legality of it. Where it starts and ends, what is allowed and what isn't. Like if some other big time radio host had started saying that 9/11 was all actors and such, would he get sued?
  5. I feel like you're talking mostly about national level politics. Politics isn't so bad the smaller and more local you go. You have more real connections with people and ability to change things.
  6. RDETalus

    Doom Mapping as a way of releasing stress

    Yeah note taking is crucial if you start and stop mapping with long periods of time in between. If you take notes, you can usually start mapping where you left off. If you don't take notes, you're more likely to get frustrated because you can't figure out what you were doing 2 months ago and throw the whole map away to start over.
  7. RDETalus

    Doom Mapping as a way of releasing stress

    That's why I switched all my map design to text documents. It's easier to "write" a map layout than it is to draw one. When I finally have a clear vision, then I draw.
  8. RDETalus

    Doom Mapping as a way of releasing stress

    No, it's stressful for me. It only pays off once in while when a map comes together right. Otherwise, it's constant stress about how to put the map together.
  9. Tricky question because there is a huge difference between what politicians say, and what they actually do. We could find videos of many Democrat talking heads having very left positions, but when you look at what is actually accomplished, most of it is still pretty center. The border wall being a good example of this. Democrats seem very open border lately, but their actual policies on it are still mostly status quo from 15+ years ago.
  10. I still have a placenta in my fridge. I don't know what to do with it lol The "madigan squeeze" technique is pretty interesting, never heard of it before. It's currently being investigated whether humans have the same issues, possibly linked with autism. Babies born from caesarian sections have slightly worse health outcomes than regular birth babies, but I've never heard of a single, concise good reason why that is the case. It's a combination of dozens of different things and I'd bet what's going on with horses is one of those things.
  11. I think it's more about funding and money tbh. Funding can force scientists to bend towards whoever is providing the money. On the other hand, a scientist's non-participation or non-funding in a certain field allows them to be much more critical of it without endangering their primary career field.
  12. I'm pretty cultured and educated and my stupid thing is that bloodletting (leeches, cupping, etc...) works. Blood donations remove 10% of your blood from your body. It could be considered a more hygienic application of medieval bloodletting. There are some studies that have found that regular blood donations are correlated (but not necessarily causated!) with a variety of minor health benefits (lower heart risk, lower cancer risk). So, the fact that it was practiced in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years probably wasn't just people being stupid.
  13. RDETalus

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    There's been no focus on the world-shattering revelation that hell exists, and that it can be reached via teleporters. The absolute craziness of an entire moon disappearing from the solar system and being swallowed up by hell. Consider the plot of Stranger Things: Secret laboratory creates teleportation technology that bridges to a hell world populated with terrible monsters. A huge part of that show was trying to figure out just what the fuck this other dimension is, where it came from, what in the world these monsters even are, etc... That is all entirely inside the wheelhouse of Doom Episode 1, people just don't pay it any attention.
  14. RDETalus

    Slime maps are a vibe

    MAP10, "Toxic Touch" I think that map is the OG slime map. The music choice and dark lighting colonized into people's minds what a slime map should be: ethereal, mysterious, self-reflective, dark, etc...
  15. RDETalus

    Possibility of an awesome Doom movie?

    I think it has enough plot. You are focusing too much on the gameplay, have you forgotten all the stuff with teleportation experiments between Mars and Deimos? Flynn Taggart being court martialed for disobeying orders, the UAC corporation? There is plenty to work with here.