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  1. Aratham

    Can't create Hexen maps... at all

    Okay, interesting things happened. First of all, yes, basic Hexen works fine in DOSbox and it's possible to create and play user-made maps. I've done it before with HCK. Secondly, I'm no longer getting error messages from normal Hexen, it just freezes when I try to start the map. (Both command line and DOSbox.) The status window for DOSbox goes crazy with illegal read/write messages, though. I tried source ports: jHexen says "W_CacheLumpNum: 4348 >= numlumps" for the WAD I built with ZDBSP and "Segmentation Violation" for ZenNode. zDOOM runs it. Lastly, I tried opening up the Hexen IWAD, copying the real MAP01 to a separate WAD, deleting every sector and thing and replicating my 3-sector test area there. That works just fine in regular Hexen (jHexen doesn't recognize it as a PWAD, though). I'm really confused.
  2. Aratham

    Can't create Hexen maps... at all

    Oops, sorry for taking this long to get back. Anyways... I use Windows XP and DOSbox to run Hexen itself. I just installed the lastest available Doom Builder and didn't change anything (except adding the IWADs, of course). There were no specific errors, just a generic "the nodebuilder didn't build the required structures" popup. The built-in error checker says the map is fine. When the map crashes in Hexen, it's just a long series of letters and numbers that make no sense to me. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Yeah, but it's just an unremarkable line. The level is literally 3 sectors strung together. I'd agree that it's more likely that BSP simply doesn't work with Hexen. I read the other thread linked here and there the problem seem to be with big maps. The ones I'm testing are very small and simple.
  3. I must be missing something very basic, but I just can't figure out what. I open up Doom Builder. I start a new Hexen map. I put down three simple square sectors and a start point. I make sure everything is textured. I save and... the nodebuilder did not build the required structures. Why? The map is literally as simple as it can get. Tried changing nodebuilders. BSP just won't do it at all ("Linedef 1 has vertex out range", I think it simply doesn't like Hexen), ZDBSP won't do it from within DB, but will from the command line and ZenNode seems to build it with no problems. However, in the later two cases when it does build, the map crashes 1 second after loading in Hexen, filling up the screen with illegible error messages in large font. I tried hexen 1.0 and 1.1, no change. I can make the same map in Doom, Doom2 and Heretic and it'll work fine. Completely stumped here. Please help!