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  1. When I first played the shareware back in 1997, I was astounded with Doom and I liked it so much because of the futuristic settings and the fact that it took place on the moons of Mars. I was also very impressed with John Romero's techbase maps. I remember I spent several minutes looking at the skies and wondered what the later episodes would look like. I was actually disappointed when I found out that the later maps didn't look as techbase and and in e3/e4 and Doom2, the techbase maps are gone.
  2. Jc1

    Pokémon Doom!!!

    Well actually, I have stopped working on it 6 years ago so it only had 9-10 years of production. I should have posted it 6 years ago. The IGN staff actually played this wad and recorded a video of them playing it but they played a beta version, not the version I wanted everybody to play.
  3. Jc1

    Pokémon Doom!!!

    Am I allowed to bring back this 11 year old topic? I do have a good reason to bring it back up, I have (almost) finished it and I am probably done with it and might hand it over to someone who wants to work on it and might do a better job
  4. Jc1

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    I love the Baron of Hell's design, the sound they make, the way they move and the way they die. They also have green blood which I found to be pretty cool.
  5. It came from the "prologue" map from the Pokémon Doom wad I created. I put a giant Gameboy in the middle of the hall.
  6. I would say E4M2 is the better one but E4M5 is a great map as well no doubt. But I had more memories with E4M5 because when I first played the the map, I would always try to avoid touching the blood and the fact that we do not need a key at all to finish the entire map.
  7. Jc1

    So, how old are you ?

    32 in 3 weeks
  8. Jc1

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    The design of the first episode is what attracted me to Doom. It looked so futuristic and I love how the game took place on the moons of Mars.
  9. Jc1

    Old farts club

    I guess I belong here now, I am almost 32
  10. Hi, I have been mapping for about 14-15 years now and I started this project back in 2006 in ZDaemon with a friend. I have been working on it until sometime between 2008 and 2010 when I lost the file from my hard drive and I got too busy with life. Fast forward in 2015/2016, an old friend actually had a copy of it and I have resumed working on it again and so far, it has 8 maps (and 1 under construction). I am the one who mostly worked on and completed them but 5 of the maps were started by two friends. The story takes place mostly in Phobos from maps 1-7 and Deimos on the 8th map so the story is pretty much just like the original Doom 1. All of the maps are reminiscent and based on the tech maps of E1 and E2 so you will find several similarities with those maps. The maps can be played alone, the first few maps are pretty easy but the later maps are difficult. The recommended Doom port to play are Zandronum, ZDoom and the ports based on ZDoom like GZDoom. Jumping and freelook are required to do but not crouching so just don't crouch on windows to get to the other side. I didn't really create new textures except for additional keys like replacing the skull keys with green, orange and purple keys and I created one enemy with decorate which only appears as a boss in one map. I added some wrestling personalities in some of the title pictures. Download it here http://www.mediafire.com/file/vii0iy96d2r638x/deathcomplex4.wad/file Some additional information if they are required MAP01 - started by pvtvaladez, completed by me MAP02 - started by checkers, completed by me MAP03 - started by me and completed it MAP04 - started by me and completed it MAP05 - started by pvtvaladez and completed by me MAP06 - the oldest map and i started and completed it MAP07 - started by checkers and completed by me MAP08 - started by and completed by me The music came from vgmusic from various games
  11. I created this account back in 2007 and I couldn't post much because I don't want to use this name, is it possible to get a name change? I don't want to create a new account
  12. Jc1

    Pokémon Doom!!!

    I mean that one I released only works in ZDaemon, the ZDoom/Skulltag version will be released shortly (I hope)
  13. Jc1

    Pokémon Doom!!!

    The new version of the Pkmn Doom wad has been released!!!! A friend of mine recently started helping me with the scripts so I don't deserve all the credit. http://www.fathax.com/wadhost/files/pkmn10zd.zip It now has 34 levels, 3 new monsters and a skin (Sonic) Plus when you move through certain borders, the music changes although this feature disappears when its on a server. This only works in ZDaemon because of the way the Sonic skin has been set up
  14. Jc1

    Pokémon Doom!!!

    Lizardcommando, do you mind if I take some of your sprites from your Pokéstein to my Pkmn Doom wad? I played it just now and I saw some interesting sprites including Growlithe