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  1. Zom-B

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I don't see it [edit] Of I had to click through to the twit. I hate twitter.
  2. Zom-B

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Everyone talks about passwords being hashed, but no one yet said whether they are also salted? Salted passwords are still considered completely safe from cracking, whereas unsalted are completely unsafe. (There are sites out there that look up hashes in a database generated from leaked passwords and generated phrases, and others can do a rainbow attacks on the hash) So are the hashes salted, and is the salt trusted to be random enough? A final note, it's definitely worth changing your password now, opposed to what some say, and just change it again when the leak is closed.
  3. Some of the graphs in the explanation remind me of something I've made for Alien Vendetta MAP20 Misri 10 years ago: I've also started making walk-though maps for Hexen hubs 3 & 4, but they're still a work in progress. It's best viewed viewed full-screen on a 4K monitor. The graph on the top-right looks familiar, doesn't it? Of Misri, I lost the svg. For Hexen, I can provide the svgs on request.
  4. I fixed the part on the right of the Sunder bar that had lots of mirror symmetry. What I did was take the extension part on the left, mirror it, and remap colors a few times, getting a few alternatives. One such mapping was "2:2=0:0", "2:15=0:0", "239:239=8:8", "46:47=7:7", "44:45=2:2", "42:43=1:1", "32:41=239:239", "189:189=1:1", "187:188=239:239", "186:186=238:238". I liked none of the alternatives as they were, and instead of recoloring again, I layered two of them with "Lighten" mode to get the final result.
  5. Zom-B

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    @Turin Turambar Gazebo was there for the ride. I saw him in chat (even before Decino noticed). Where does one report bugs (tracker?, forum?). I was just casually godmoding the wad to explore it and already found two maps with the same type of bug: stuff that closes with multiple W1 lines but open with a single (one-time reachable) switch. Soft-locks you out (MAP13) or in (MAP17). [edit] Another two bugs in MAP19. Just writing them here so I won't forget. Some switches are reachable from a floor below, allowing you to bypass something (e.g. (-2464, -9656), (-3096, -10528), (-344, -5792), (-1632, -6136), (-1696, -4744)). I soft-blocked again with the elevator at (1696, -3488) by 'using' it just before the voodoo doll would raise it.
  6. Zom-B

    Slade 3.1.0 released

    In 3.1.0 Beta 6 Whenever I start it, it asks me for the temp folder, resources and node builder. It remembers the resources so there I only have to click OK. It forgets all other settings, also settings found in the preferences, and even settings in some dialoga that I expect it to remember (like the last game configuration in map editor launcher). When I tried to open a map using an extra resource pwad, it froze with 100% cpu.
  7. Zom-B

    Boom computer

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/.../boombomputerfiles.zip This excludes the Java files used to generate logic maps from a template file. Reason for this is that I updated the WAD loader/saver and that broke things. I'll look into that in the near future. [Edit] I dumped even more stuff in the zip file. I don't know if everything works though. btw, .circ files are for Logisim.
  8. Zom-B

    Doombuilder 3d mode problem

    I've had the same problem for over 2 years now, and I run servers so I can't shutdown or even interrupt windows. My jerkiness is so bad each step takes a second. Windows has been running for almost 7 months straight. I'm using r1553 and the problem still persists. It is a bit random for me though. I've had two cases (out of many dozens) where I started DB2 and the 3D mode wasn't jerky at all but perfectly smooth, but right after I play-tested the map it became jerky again. I'll try the GL mode now. [Edit] Tried it, and the 3D mode is smooth now. I had to manually copy my old game configurations. However, the interface itself is very slow. Every time I do some action involving files (starting, choosing different game configuration, loading wad, changing resources), it freezes for a couple seconds, and at non-classic mode changes it seems to save the entire map to my temp folder (seen in the log) for no apparent reason causing severe freeze. Furthermore, some plugins, like Nodes Viewer and Visplane Explorer crash GLDB immediately. I tried disabling all plugins, but that way, whenever I load a map, it just comes up with a black area, not even a grid, and the freezing still persists. [edit2] It seems BuilderModes is a required plugin in GZDB
  9. Zom-B

    DB2 3D Mode is not smooth

    In continuation of locked thread http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=54161 I always keep my pc on because I run servers, so I also got severe slowdown in the visual mode. I thought I already reported this problem 2 years ago but can't find it. My framerate steprate is typically 1 fps and one 'step' of walking is more than 500 doom units. Very irritating. I also noticed there were at least 2 official releases after you, Pascal, learned of this problem, and it's still not fixed. But here's the strange thing: I noticed that about 5% of the times when I start DB2, it's perfectly smooth! It's completely random when this happens though. Even when it's smooth and I playtest the wad, it's not smooth anymore afterwards. Maybe this hint will help you fix it.
  10. Zom-B

    Doom Builder feature wishlist

    ^ Again, Slade. Doom builder is a MAP editor, so it is only concerned with map-specific lumps. Any lump that is global to the wad file should be edited by slade. If Slade cannot do this (yet) then go ask in Slade's thread.
  11. Zom-B

    SLADE v3.0.2

    I could even give you some source code of how to 'convert' the spline style Ultra Fractal 'gradients' to 256-point palettes, if you like, which I painstakingly reverse-engineered from looking at the spline behavior.
  12. Zom-B

    SLADE v3.0.2

    Nice that a new version is released, but I can only find 3.0.2 on the slade website, which I already have. Here are JASC palettes some saved with PSP 5.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7nzet1bb2zd0g1a/rgb232.pal http://www.mediafire.com/file/fk7oz6vkzauo3vi/dos256.pal http://www.mediafire.com/file/trna6d3q8wndjck/dos16.pal The last one has 16 entries, so I expect that sould give an error. I also have Fractint palettes, which was a popular fractal generator before the time of Ultra Fractal: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5r61y82vmvam8j2/chroma.map
  13. Zom-B

    Boom computer

    I finished my wad compiler to generate boom-logic maps from simple scripts. The input is a so-called boom-logic script with commands resembling the following: A & B C This reads, A is the result of the AND function of B and C, where A, B and C will automatically be mapped to tags. Here are some example wads: Test map Adder Subtractor Program Counter (PC) The Test map contains some basic gates wired directly to the user inputs/outputs. What which bit does is visible on the map (except one, the output of a flip-flop). For the Program Counter wad, you better note the following on a piece of paper: B0 (green 1) = ~Clock (increment on on-to-off transition) B1 (green 2) = Load (loads number A) B2 (green 4) = Reset (go to zero) For those interested in the complete logic description behind these maps, here is a zip with the scripts: zip (does not contain the compiler)
  14. Zom-B

    Slaughterfest 2011

    I haven't been following lately because I'm busy with other projects like the Boom computer, and lots of IRL projects. I'm just dropping by to say a few things. I won't be able to make a Crest of Simplicity, Part 1, so when the wad will be built, you can just leave out Part 2. I made MAP01 just as a joke, not to be actually included. I don't even know if it's allowed as I copied the map architecture unaltered, and only altered the things. If you decide to include it after all, I won't mind it getting spot 31 or 32 as those are the spots most megawads place their joke wads in. If those are already claimed then I don't mind any other spot or not being included at all.
  15. Zom-B

    Doom Builder feature wishlist

    ^ That's what Slade is for