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  1. I know this might be the most newby question to ask but how would one edit sprites and make a seperate file to play this modification without messing up with doom 2's original sprites. Take for instance xwe, When I use it and edit sprites and save as, it keeps telling me that I can't and I don't want to save the doom2.wad because that would end up messing with the original wad. Any ideas?
  2. tehhobo

    How to edit sprites?

    I've tried to edit sprites with the paint option and it won't seem to let me. Also, How do I import graphics into the sprites?
  3. tehhobo

    How to edit music/sprites/sounds etc.

    Yeah, umm... How do you edit the sprite itself? I've got this paint tool but it's not working for me and how do you import images into the sprite as well?
  4. tehhobo

    How to edit music/sprites/sounds etc.

    Would making a copy of the doom.wad work or should I just go with the way you just mentioned?