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  1. *corner of the eye starts to twitch involuntarily*
  2. I see that I've not included a description of my map. Here it is. Author name: CarpetolA Map: E1M5 (Third Moon Lab) Description: A short, but nasty techbase map which started as a part of an E1-remake that I planned years ago but sadly didn't see the light of day. Now ascended as a part of this map set, it may look different to its ancestral counterpart, but it's still just as deadly. Music: "Tension" by PRIMEVAL Build time: I have no clue... Two months total? Made in Vanilla Doom format with Doom Builder 2 Tested with Chocolate Doom, ZDoom and GZDoom Other editors used: SLADE3
  3. @EffinghamHuffnagel I intentionally kept the two adjacent secrets, with my map being a homage to the original E1M5 and all. However, you gave me an idea. I took away the possibility to open the door manually, so one will have to find a switch in the main room in order to open the door and reach the soulsphere. You'll have to be quick on your feet, though. The small secret compartment for the goggles has been enlarged. @Capellan I amped up the exit area with extra traps and monsters. I also moved the teleport destinations from the T-sections to the corridors. A little extra ammo and health, just for precautions. I should be finished now, as of this version. Send questions/feedback my way, as per usual.
  4. Sorry for my absence. I'm going to have to ask you to stall an eventual release. I will try to implement a change on the exit area of my map as proposed by @Capellan. I'll get back to you guys with my final outcome.
  5. I changed a few minor things in my map. I decided to switch places with the rocket launcher and the chaingun. It actually made quite a difference in terms of gameplay. A few map details here and there were changed or added. Before I decided to post, I saw @Spectre01's latest post regarding the missing coop starts and quickly inserted them into the map. Sadly I didn't have multiplayer in mind while working on it, so I reckon it would be one hell of a breeze to ease through knowing that. If you guys have any questions or feedback let me know!
  6. @Spectre01 Thank you for your feedback! I'll look into the map and fidget around a bit in it. BTW, I had completely forgot about this project. I'm relieved to see that it has been resurrected and passed on to another overseer. Great decision, guys!
  7. Wow... This makes me want to withdraw my map just for shits and giggles, but I'm not going to. I want to see the light at the end of this... crooked, fucked up tunnel. I want to see this thing be RELEASED.
  8. Any updates of any kind?
  9. Is this project beginning to unravel, or what the hell is happening?
  10. Here is another version of my map. Read the accompanying text file before you guys play ^^
  11. @riderr3 Very nice map! I have no complaints, save for the process of obtaining the red key as @Spectre01 mentioned. I was a bit confused while trying to find out how to get to it, which added a few minutes to my overall gameplay. Otherwise it's a solid map with the right E1-style and feel, with a pinch of E2 at the end as you said :) One minor issue I found was a stack of crates with two different textures in the small warehouse containing the chainsaw. @Spectre01, your take on E1M8 made my blood boil. Not because of the adrenaline-pumped, last-map-of-the-episode glory which obviously is the intention, but because of seething rage. I died so many times trying to trudge through the first fight. Having at least a hundred monsters gang up on you from every direction is cool for a map like this, but personally I thought the space was too small and open for that approach, especially with the big pool of nukage to your immediate right with the narrow edges. When I finally got the enemies to nominal levels it got a whole lot easier. A huge difficulty spike at the beginning followed by softness throughout most of the map is not something I'd expect out of a final map. Most people want to be kept on the edge of their seats, with a few breathers here and there. The redeeming factors are the visuals and overall look of the map. The last part looks and feels like an area where a huge fight will take place, though with the problem mentioned above, the fight falls a bit short. Sorry for being harsh, dude. I want to like your map, but right now I feel like I can't :/
  12. I apologize for my absence these past few weeks. Some personal problems got in the way which led me to withdraw from social encounters with anyone, including the internet and social media. But here I am with my submission for E1M5 - Third Moon Lab - for you to gaze upon and most definitely playtest, since I noticed that a few participants did the same thing for the sake of consistency and gameplay. Good thinking, guys! Since I have been away for a short period I haven't gotten to playing your maps, though I'll get right to it after this post! :) Sorry to hear that bonnie felt like he got a writer's block and withdrew his map. That feeling is one of the worst feelings you can ever have, though in the end, the only person that can help you overcome that obstacle is YOU. IT'S UP TO YOU (bad pun, I know...) I, and possibly many others, strongly encourage bonnie to continue mapping and focus on getting feedback that helps him grow. :) Anyway, about my map... The only notions I have are that it's in vanilla flavor, I designed this map with a pistol start in mind and that I included a MAPINFO lump just for changing the level name in the automap. I made a DEHACKED lump but I only managed to abbreviate "Third" to "3rd" which looks stupid, hence the MAPINFO lump. I have a feeling this might interfere with the greater whole at the end of the day, so if it does then let me know and I'll try to make due on my DEHACKED skills. Feel free to pelt me to death with either roses or your own anal waste after testing. Thank you! :)
  13. Don't worry too much about how people might think of your map while you're making it. Give it a swirl a couple of times, maybe let a few other people try it and you just might find what it is missing or if there are things that need to be changed or even removed. Sure, there will always be a nagging thought in the back of your head that says your map won't live up to people's expectations, but you can't let it win. I know, I've been there myself too many times before. People won't know how your map looks and works until they've actually seen and played it. Only then can you truly know what they think of your map by receiving constructive feedback. That's how all the major Doom mappers have improved over the years! :) Well, I had a (pretty brutal) pistol start in mind by the time I was making my map, so it will probably be a breeze for most people as they reach E1M5 with all their weapons and whatnot xD
  14. How's everyone doing on their maps? I'm excited for the release of this project! :)