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  1. I definitely wanted to do something different than the 'invaders from mars'-based look of the original mastermind, but I figured it wouldn't gel with absolutely everyone. Glad you like the rest!
  2. Ha, not taking requests at the moment, as my plate is pretty full with client stuff for quite some time! Oh, also, the project is now under wraps, finished up the Doomguy last night! UAC Personnel Log: 0012_93- The Marine According to recovered UAC Military personnel files, a marine was punitively sent to Mars for assaulting his commanding officer who had ordered his unit to fire upon civilians in a riot at UAC Earth Central. The marine, along with the rest of those stationed on Mars, were consequently posted to Phobos after the security request was granted following the Hell Gate's appearance. Assigned perimeter defense, the marine was left alone while the rest of the unit proceeded inside the Phobos base; they were killed shortly after their arrival. Audio and video logs have confirmed that the marine was responsible for clearing the two moon bases of their demonic captors with an almost inhuman sense of simultaneous brutality and precision. After being transported to Earth and then to Hell itself, the demonic forces were wiped out, and any stragglers were taken care of by the resistance or went into hiding. The personnel files at UAC Earth Central were found to be corrupted due to the damage the facility undertaken following the invasion. The lone marine's name is unknown, and when asked by Earth's resistance, the marine didn't know either. It is as if something fired off in the man's brain from the shock of the invasion and the subsequent bloodshed and violence… perhaps a form of extreme PTSD. Based on post-invasion tests and therapy, this shock theoretically allowed him to block any human emotion, essentially snapping him to become a berserk killing machine. Though the marine didn't talk much, a name would frequently pop up during his therapy sessions; Daisy. Eventually, the marine cut off ties to the UAC completely, and was never heard from again.
  3. Thanks, much appreciated! Not at the moment, I've got a couple other big projects to attend to once this one's done with.
  4. Most of those have been reuploaded to pages 4 & 5 onto large compilation images, which seem to be working on my end.
  5. Thanks so much for the support guys! Glad to see a lot of you recognizing what I was goin' for! Anyway, finished up the Icon of Sin the other day. Wanted to paint up like a literal icon, like those found in Byzantine art, instead of doing another strictly character-based piece. Doomguy is sketched up, should have him done before the end of the week! UAC Hellgate Artifact No. 00D2_M30: Religious Tablet Shortly after the Marine made contact with the resistance, UAC procured an ancient stone tablet, depicting a demon shockingly close to the doomed soldier's first-hand account of the biggest demon he had ever seen. The following set of verses was inscribed on the back. 1For it is commanded of my brethren- of Dis, of Pandemonium, of Erebus and Limbo- lay waste to thine Enemy's children and theirs. 2O' Baphometh, Pantocrator! 3The shores of Hell will run red with the blood of the Oppressor's kin, and their flesh shall be consumed. -Baphometh Canticulum UAC Demonic Entity Log: 014- The Icon of Sin After plunging into Hell itself to vanquish Earth's destroyer, the Marine lost all contact with UAC and the human resistance. Describing what he had experienced, the Marine told of a gargantuan demon dwelling inside Hell's Tower of Babel, larger than anything he had encountered prior. After he had relayed what he had seen to UAC, the research team noticed a connection between the Marine's story and an artifact the team had recovered months before. Seen in icons and hieroglyphs, the entity was described to lack an appropriate vessel body, instead attaching itself to the inside of the tower. It was said to have had a special mode of attack, different than any other of Hell's forces. Spawning from an exposed brain in the demon's forehead were what the team referred to as "Soul Cubes"- spectral containers housing the human souls of the damned, that upon impact with solid surfaces, erupt and transform into members of the demonic army. According to the marine's reports, demons often acted on their own accord, whether in cooperation with each other or not. Though in the presence of this monolithic devil, the demon horde acted in controlled unison.
  6. @kb1 My only plan for these was for them to be concept pieces, as I don't really have any experience with sprites or modeling. I love taking old games and redesigning charatcers and such. However, if anyone wants to ever take a crack at these, I'd be ecstatic! Someone on twitter has already took a shot at sculpting one of my Hellknights, and it looks pretty damn sweet! Anyway, finally got some time to finish up the missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs! Only the Doomguy and the Icon are left and the project is officially wrapped up. UAC Demonic Entity Log: 013- Cyberdemon Early on after Phobos was invaded, a single very large live specimen of a demon was found and miraculously subdued by the research team. Taking a crew of hundreds to transport the monster, it was eventually held in containment at a specially constructed facility on Phobos, far from the main research base. The demon (estimated to be upwards of 25 feet tall or more) was experimented on and endlessly researched in its cell, and a suppression serum was injected into its bloodstream hourly to keep it from waking. However, as the research continued, the demon's strange bodily properties began to reveal themselves. Almost acting like an uncontrollable amoeba, various bits of machinery scattered around the cell were absorbed into the giant's body, as if being called to. This continued until it began absorbing parts of the room construction itself. Just before an evacuation was about to be enacted, the research crew and few military personnel there were also sucked into the demon's body, including any weapons and instruments on their person. Among the weapons to be absorbed by the demon was a missile launcher that was once attached to the back of an Armored Personnel Carrier. Note 013-01: Research revealed that the Cyberdemon, prior to fusing itself with UAC technology, was the last (or one of the last) of an ancient race of Demons, bred to be the most formidable of warriors in Hell's Army. It supposedly does not take orders or act on the behalf of any other demon, though it was heard muttering the name Baphomet while (nearly) unconscious in the lab. UAC Log Archive 00E2-M8: The Tower of Babel As described in Biblical text, out of mankind's arrogance, the Tower of Babel was a structure built to reach the Heavens from Earth. Humankind would populate the heavens and make it their domain to rule over if all went according to plan. Hell appears to have their own such tower, built up to reach the Earth's surface. Based on descriptions from the lone marine, this tower was used to transport Hell's armies to the Earth and also contains the source power for the hell gates on Mars' moons… with that power later revealed to be a living entity.
  7. @Slimz He's in the Mancubus piece actually, just a few posts above! :)
  8. Thanks everyone! The Cannibal Corpse comparison is apt, I was looking at a lot of Metal album art (particularly the work of Pushead) for inspiration on these! As far as the Baron's legs go, I wanted their cloaks to appear as though legs couldn't fit under it, almost acting like a space that isn't constricted by earthly rules, so to speak. So, they could very well still float when they move, I just imagined them using their legs when they need to gain some speed. @Jaxoon Didn't drop the design, just tweaked it is all. Cyberdemon and Icon of Sin are up next, then wrapping up with the Doomguy! UAC Demonic Entity Log: 012- Spider Mastermind UAC feared the worst when Hell took over UAC Earth Central Command's installation, it being home to some of the most advanced technology humanity has ever built. Though enforced with an exceptional amount of security, a singular prototype nuclear-powered Arachno-Tank was taken by the demonic forces, to be used for their own will. Placed near one of the Hell Gates on Earth, an entity parasitically attached itself to the gargantuan machine, finding itself a new body. Despite the machine's large frame, its movements are incredibly nimble, and the head is protected in the back by what look like Pipe organs. These organs were reported by the Lone Marine to have been able to beckon other demonic forces to its location. According to some members of the research team, the demonic entity that attached itself to the tank was likely to be Lilith or even Hel, the Queen of the damned of Norse mythology. Though these explanations were seen to be nothing more than conjecture, it was given some credence, considering the other demons bowed to the Spider's every whim, easily controlled by its mere presence. This led the team to dub it the Mastermind of Hell's army, responsible for leading the invasions on Mars' moons and Earth. However large and formidable this monster was, the Marine made mention of another titanic machine-fused beast, said to be even more volatile and aggressive.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm not very experienced in spritemaking or modeling, but a WAD would be sweet! Finished up the Arch-Vile! Only the two bosses, the Icon of Sin and the Doomguy remain at this point. UAC Demonic Entity Log: 011- Arch-Vile Seen as outcasts in Hell's circles, the Arch-Vile is perhaps the most vicious and foul creature at their disposal. At an average height of 11 feet tall, these lanky, feminine monsters have an ability unlike any other. When a nearby demon is found to be deceased, the Arch-Vile's stomach begins to grow a transparent membraneous sac around its exposed spinal cord. Developing inside this bubble is the fetus of a reincarnated dead demon, rapidly growing until the sac bursts, thereby exposing the spinal cord until the process begins again. The reincarnated demon falls to the ground, covered in birthing fluids, continuing to grow until it reaches physical maturity in a matter of minutes. Beyond this, the Arch-Viles are able to summon fire anywhere they choose. The research team has yet to procure a specimen due to their ferocity, but have been able to garner enough footage and photographic material for further study. Note 011-01: Though hated and feared even among Hell's own, the Arch-Vile is nevertheless seen as a matriarchal figure; it is met with distaste along with sense of perceived reverence and admiration. Though demons have been seen killing and cannibalising each other (with and without provocation), Arch-Viles seem to be immune to this phenomena, as if no other demon dares to instigate a fight with one.
  10. UAC Demonic Entity Log: 010- Baron of Hell The UAC learned something strange in their continued research, and found that Hell has a hierarchy of sorts, akin to details remembered in biblical and occult texts. Among the highest ranked of the demons are Barons. Rarely seen, Barons resemble priests or bishops, cloaked with a blanket of skin, hiding a pair of misshapen goat-like legs. The Barons seem to act as both the religious officials and commanders of Hell's armies, conducting sacrifices of both human and demon victims alike, usually relegating the fighting to the other "lesser" species. However, they intervene when they feel they must. Fighting almost with a sense of dignified grace, Barons eclipse much of the other demons in not only height and size, but strength as well. Similar to the Imps and Hell Knights, the Barons can summon fire through stigmata found in the palms of their hands, and some are capable of teleportation. The Lone Marine revealed that he had killed a duo of these Barons near the site of the Phobos Anomaly, barely escaping with his life.
  11. Good ol' Lardass is up! UAC Demonic Entity Log: 009- Mancubus Found to originate from some of the lowest depths of Hell, a species of morbidly obese demons were discovered roaming around Earth, the planet's appearance and architecture now altered and perverted from the influence of Hell's presence. Collectively called the Mancubi, these shambling, putrid giants' bodies also became infused with UAC technology upon entering the Hell Gate. This fusion often left large tankards of fuel grafted onto their shapeless backs, with said fuel pumping into the monsters' bloodstreams. Flamethrowers replaced where there were once presumably a pair of hands. Propelling out of their wrist stumps, a foul-smelling mixture of gasoline, blood and bile-like liquids, ignited by the flamethrower makes them able to form a deadly stream of fire. At an average weight of 3 tons, consequently rather slow and large targets, Mancubi are incredibly resilient, and take a considerable amount of ammunition to dispose of. Note 009-01: Fueling the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Mancubi are very clumsy and gluttonous, stopping at nothing to eat anything that they can get ahold of, including their own brethren, dead or alive.
  12. Thanks Piper! Oh, on a related note, I posted a few of these to Twitter, and they got liked by Romero and Id Software's profiles, so that was pretty awesome! Revenant is up! UAC Demonic Entity Log: 008- Revenant Another instance of demonic forces being combined with UAC technology were what the research team called Revenants. Revenants were found to be a race of giant men, whose animated corpses were responsible for a lot of construction work in Hell itself, their size and strength exploited for slave-labor. A lot of this involved heavy lifting of raw materials, resulting in their arms being outstretched. Aside from this, their muscle and skin tissue (and even the presence of internal organs) seem to be slowly, but constantly regenerating, as if Hell kept them in a state of temporary decomposition. Once through the Hell-Gate, a shroud of metal enveloped much of their shoulders and torsos, mounted with miniature rocket or fragmentation grenade launchers, some with homing capabilities. Though this high amount of firepower alone makes Revenants a force to be reckoned with, their long arms and sturdy hands have turned them into excellent fist-fighters, just as devastating in close-combat. Note 008-01: Though many human lives have been lost to the Revenants, they have been spotted attacking their own allies, perhaps in defiant retaliation to their masters.
  13. Thanks guys! Next entry is up! UAC Demonic Entity Log: 007- Pain Elemental One of the most solitary and rare demon species to be seen on Earth have been dubbed the Pain Elementals. Resembling large floating tumors, Pain Elementals are pretty docile and don't tend to attack unless provoked. However, the air around them reeks of disease and decay with their aim being to spread this air around the globe. Due to this, they are deemed responsible for the sickness that wiped out much of the Earth's population following the demonic invasion. With the fleshy masses' stomachs acting like furnaces, this gives them the ability to drift in the air like that of the Cacodemons, though inside a Pain Elemental's body is something equally as disturbing as its outward appearance. Note 007A: An interesting anecdote; Researchers have speculated that Pain Elementals have been represented in artwork before, appearing as what art historians call "Hell Mouths". Note 007B: The Pain Elementals sometimes appear to have vestigial arms or other limbs attached to their bodies, seemingly useless. UAC Demonic Entity Log: 007.2- Lost Soul Brewing inside Pain Elementals' stomachs are the Lost Souls, spirits resembling infants that have perished in childbirth, due to physical deformation. When provoked, Pain Elementals will spew out a grouping of Lost Souls to retaliate against an attacker, their malformed heads covered in a billowy flame. Lost Souls travel exceptionally quick, and attack in swarms. Finding a corpse of a Lost Soul proved to be impossible, as they explode upon extermination, completely evicerating any remnants. Any evidence of these manifestations is based on descriptions and renderings by the research team, as they fail to appear in photographs and film. Note 007.2A: To go along with the notion that the demonic army is craftier than originally anticipated, many of their physical appearances seem to fuel the idea of "Spiritual Warfare". If these spirits are indeed the souls of infants, they're doing a good job of making their Enemy look less merciful, planting seeds of doubt in believers of the faith. With no physical specimens preserved, it could be argued that the Lost Souls are artificially designed and birthed for this very purpose.
  14. Arachnotron is complete! UAC Demonic Entity Log: 006- Arachnotron An unexpected result of the invasion was the fusion of demonic anatomy and UAC technology, presumably due to the portal being so near a base rife with scientific and military grade hardware. UAC Riot-Issue nuclear-powered arachno-sentries were seen being suddenly melded with bizarre infantile faces with their oversized pulsating brains exposed. Deceptively intelligent, Arachnotrons often group together in swarms, their mechanical bodies able to climb nearly any surface. Equipped with Plasma cannons, these bizarre marriages of flesh and metal are very deadly, and finding a specimen to take back to Mars Central proved to be a momentous task. It is unknown what demonic species latched onto the sentries or whether they are a manifestation of the Hell-Gate's tremendous energy. Using the same kind of sentry mechanics, a single prototype arachno-tank was engineered for war-time use, tremendous in size and lethality. Thankfully, it seems as though the Demons haven't gotten a hold of it yet.
  15. Thanks! Since the preliminary work is all done (underlying sketch and character designing) the linework and coloring process goes by pretty quick. Probably about a couple hours each, on average. Oh, and these are digital, drawn in photoshop with a tablet.