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  1. hmph. k i'll think up of a cool game.... hmm... *zing* oo i kno! wait i ain't tellin' ya!
  2. So you're suggesting an other genre to fps conversion? like starcraft for example?
  3. hah I played doom since im 4 years old k thx.
  4. yah yah, school in the way. And my laziness taking over me... *sigh*
  5. My scripting buddy apparently ain't online and don't help much so I gonna do this myself. >.< I got the sprites done but not the scripting part, so I gonna learn how. Meh.
  6. That because they are lazy. I'm working on the spartan laser. Then I'll do the smoke and the laser particles. It's gonna be awesome! When the laser is complete, I'll release it as an single weapon wad for y'all to toy with. ;) Also I gonna redo the assault rifle because It's too small and scaled improperly. :X
  7. Cuz it look cool, and I just need 10 sprites for the numbers, and duplicate and move in place. :P hahah touche... not
  8. It won't :P. It will be scripted to shown how many ammo remaining.
  9. Hence the watermark... If there ain't, then durr... Lol. I'll put an credit screen in the game jeez. Hold your horses.
  10. Hmph, are you shure? I put preview over sprites itself so it can not be ripped. But in game screenshot is fine. Will have a pic tomorrow.
  11. It just announcement of my project so everyone is aware. :P
  12. An campaign with 3 chapter. Based on the Halo series. This project will consist with new everything. Weapons, sounds, graphic, levels, and additional features. Just like Halo. I'm currently working on the weapon sprites, specially the assault rifle. I will post the in work progress tomorrow. It's looking nice btw. I except the assault rifle to be completed by December. This will be an long ass project. So except an beta map in January. EDIT: I'm ripping the weapons and touch them up. Any questions? Engine used: Gzdoom I will edit and post some WIP screenshot sometimes. EDIT: First screenshot of sprites in progress... You know why preview is there for a reason...
  13. LINBiNk

    Urban Prison Movie released!!

    the trailer suck ass. But the map is nice. :)