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  1. Is there any documentation on how tallpic posts are supposed to be formatted? I'm trying to add tallpic support to deutex and it keeps mangling tallpics with transparency.

    1. Gez


      Oh no, my pristine profile!


      I'm not sure if you mean "vanilla" tall patches or DeePsea tall patches. In either case I can't tell you more than what there is on the wiki, or what can be found by looking at the source code in SLADE 3.

    2. Voros


      And this: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/71482-importing-tall-sprites-to-work-in-vanilla/

    3. Doctor Nick

      Doctor Nick

      I was talking about DeePsea tall patches, and yes, that answered my question. I fixed the issue I was having; thank you!