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  1. Excellent stuff. I did notice a few very minor issues in MAP04 you might want to fix: 1. misaligned box top here: 2. The battery switch can be activated from the room below, which is a bit weird. The Check Switch Range flag on the linedef ought to fix that. Also, not specific to MAP04, the intermission screen shows the Doom II map names.
  2. I think Whacked can give you access to these, it just depends on how you've configured it.
  3. What's funny is the environmental footprint of the bitcoin. Since the entire thing is based on arbitrarily complex computations, a bitcoin transaction is equivalent to several million normal (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) transactions. People operate server farms just to mine bitcoin or oversee transactions.
  4. The barrel graphics in Mordeth come form Heretic, not Hexen.
  5. The subjectivity is in how you define them. Objectively, dehacked was convenient back when it was the only thing we had, simply by virtue of allowing to do stuff that couldn't be done otherwise. But if you're talking about convenience to you in particular, it's a different topic. If you can't figure it out, then it'll never be convenient. Likewise, it's logical, but it's machine logical, not human logical. If you can think like a reverse engineer, and work from the bottom up, basically looking at spare parts and figuring out what the completed object looks like, then you won't have a problem. But if you're more accustomed to thinking from the top down, looking at a completed object and then figuring out what kind of spare parts you need to build it, then you'll have a hard time working with Dehacked.
  6. That largely depends on how you define convenient and logical. As far as allowing to mess with the original Doom engine, yes, it was very convenient, especially before DOSDoom pioneered the ability to define new actors. Convenience nowadays when most advanced ports allow actor definition is more debatable; but it remains handy for if you want custom stuff while still targeting Boom-compatibility. Logical, yes, but the logic is dictated by the nature of what it modifies. It's necessarily close to the data structures used to define actors in Doom, with the separation between actors, frames, and so on. Very low level. Confusing and hacky? Yes. Again, that's tied to its very nature. It's a program built to allow changes in another program. Every time you use it to modify something, you must work from the bottom up instead of from the top down. It's a hack, by definition. It's even part of its name. It's never going to be intuitive, that's for sure. But you can't expect it to be.
  7. That kind of goes against soner du's desire for simplicity (skipping over minor ancestors, not separating between different versions of a port, and so on), though.
  8. I'm afraid idbeholdr will always give the standard radiation suit. The replaces effect only works on stuff that is physically spawned in the map; things added directly to the inventory aren't affected. Instead of BlueMap, try Actor BlueSuit : RadSuit replaces RadSuit { Powerup.Color 0, 0, 255, 0.125 } It worked for me.
  9. More annoying people than you have done that, so the wiki police will not be after you.
  10. What port and map format? From the mention of damage under properties, I'm going to guess GZDoom UDMF. For doing an action when the player enters the sector, look at using a sector action thing. Specifically this one. Alternatively, I'm not sure what kind of sound you want to make on enter, and it's possible that using TERRAIN to define a splash actor might make more sense. The sound would be played when the splash is made. (Splash is not necessarily an actual splash. It's often used to make footstep sounds.) For damage, it's possible it didn't work because you forgot to give an interval. See damaging floor for a full overview of every possible way a sector can inflict damage. And finally, look at carrying sector for an overview of the different methods to get carry effects.
  11. I've just discovered this excellent parody of Rammstein by some silly French band.
  12. Should each 32in24 release considered part of the same project? Should the Community Chests?
  13. There were a lot of contestants, the runners-up reached an all-time-high, and WD:BOA already got a Caco last year.
  14. That would be very awesome. :)
  15. The mancubus death sound is the funniest.
  16. I'll guarantee you one thing: all the links were working when they were originally published. The problem is what happens two, three, five, ten years down the line.
  17. The Cacowards are supposed to be put online on December 10, which by the way is tomorrow! However sometimes they're late for a reason or another. One time, the guy in charge just disappeared without a trace and then we woke up and saw there was no cacoward and we freaked out and a ragtag team of Doomworlders was assembled to hurry up and save Doomsmas. But, usually, it's there on the tenth with no excessive fuss.
  18. Seems to still be in the code, at least:
  19. Doom Classic was built from PrBoom, and I don't think any of the Boom-related code was removed. You still find things like p_genlin.c and so on.
  20. Some people modify the game data files for whatever reasons. The point is that GZDoom identifies nerve.wad as being nerve.wad by its MD5 hash. Then it does some magic stuff to let the levels be played while still keeping the regular Doom II maps available. If you modify nerve.wad and its hash changes and it's no longer recognized, then it'll just be a normal patch wad that changes MAP01 to MAP09 and use the basic Doom II map metadata for name, par time, soundtrack, progression, and so on. The GOG and Steam releases are unchanged from the original. It's only the version bundled with Doom 3 BFG Edition that was changed. If you load nerve.wad with the original doom2.wad, you'll get crosses; if you load the BFG iwad you'll get pills (and completely messed up Wolf 3D easter eggs).
  21. Neither are any of the other source ports, anyway.
  22. Roulette for each rounds? That must have been Reelism. It has a few city maps.
  23. Voxels for props (no animation, or at most a handful) is possible and there are largely complete packs. Voxels for enemies (20+ frames of animation) do not exist. Also there's a sort of uncanny valley effect. The state-based animation in Doom is a very rough system and it tends to look bad with models; I think it'd also look bad with voxels. Among other things, it makes that much more blatant how monster movements are always in one of 8 directions (with sprites, the fact that they can't turn angles smaller than 45° is kinda masked by the granularity of the sprites) and how they just swap from one frame to another without transition. Quake, at least in its vanilla version, has the same problem and the monster behavior kinda looks like stop-motion animation (because, basically, it is a computer version of stop-motion animation). Advanced Quake ports feature interpolation to smooth out model animation and turning, but interpolation wouldn't help with voxels because, contrarily to models, you don't just change vertex positions. You remove some cubes and add some others. Interpolating that in a way that looks natural is a nightmare. Like, imagine two frames. In one, the character has its arm raised, in the other the arm is dangling the character's side. Computer interpolation between these two frames would most likely not be a downward rotation of the arm, but the raised arm retracting like a snail's eyestalk, while the character's flank grows a new arm. Something like this: So basically, voxels are good for simple props. They are bad for organic shapes and terrible for complex animations. Doom's entire monster movement and animation system was designed for sprites and is going to look bad with actual shapes instead of moving cardboard pictures. Drawing sprites for differences in elevation is just too much work. And this is why, in 2017, you don't have sprite packs for exotic angles or monster voxel packs.
  24. ReMood has been excluded for being dead; SRB2 is not a Doom source port even if it's based on one (all the Doom-specific support code was removed). ZDoom was historically based on NTDoom and ATB Doom. However I doubt that there's any line of code specifically from either of these that remains in the codebase. More specifically, NTDoom was directly ported from the released Doom source code (so, based on Linux Doom) and was made to run on Win32 system. ZDoom took that base, and grafted on it the input code (mouse, joystick, keyboard) from ATB Doom. With v1.23, the first big block of code from NTDoom (the MIDAS a.k.a. Housemarque audio system) was removed and replaced with FMOD stuff. The input code from ATBD was entirely rewritten at least once (2.4.0) so nothing should remain from Andy Bay's stuff. The core system interface stuff has been rewritten and refactored several times to make ZDoom crossplatform (Linux and OS X became officially supported) and adapt to evolutions of the Windows platform; so I don't think much remains from NT Doom either. Perhaps the tic timer, which has just been rewritten in GZDoom...
  25. Doesn't Skulltag derive also from csDoom?