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  1. 2.4.0 at a minimum. Current version is 3.2.5, for reference.
  2. Rank title meaning

    Well it's obvious. JFK is about a shooter, A Few Good Men is about marines, Apollo XIII is about space. So you mix all that and you get the coded message: a space marine shooter. It was Doom all along!
  3. Things about Doom you just found out

    This happened already, it's Classic Doom bundled with Doom 3 BFG Edition.
  4. Raymoohawk's sprite edits

    See this post and following. I think they're promising.
  5. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    What about Nightlife?
  6. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The whole "<thing> as an anime girl" is very stupid, but they're still funny.
  7. You can flip textures by changing their scaling to a negative number. Vertical scaling of -1 makes them vertically mirrored.
  8. Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom is a bit weird for that. Mobjs have a "target" pointer which monsters use to keep track of who they're attacking. But projectiles use this pointer to keep track of which mobj fired them. Projectiles need to know that because, since they're spawned inside their shooter, they need to know which mobj they do not collide with. (That's why if you outrun your own rocket or plasma, it'll just go through you.) It's also useful for infighting, but the no-collision is the primary reason. And so in Doom II when they added a homing projectile, they had to add a new mobj pointer to keep track of the projectile's target, because the projectile's target couldn't be stored as the projectile's target. Confusing, but true. So when you shoot a plasma ball, its target is you. If you give it an enemy attack, the enemy attack function will shoot at the plasma ball's target, which is you. But if you give the rocket shot by the plasma ball an enemy attack, that new enemy attack will target the plasma ball! And so on.
  9. Heretic has a weird hack to its sky rendering code where the sky texture is defined to be 128 pixels tall, but rendered as if it were 200 pixels tall. It works in Heretic because the patch is 200 pixels tall. This extra height helps to support the up/down view, but they did it in a really weird way. Anyways, if you use a 256x128 sky, what's happening is that it'll keep reading the columns past where they end, and that's why you've got these lines -- they're the sky texture patch column metadata that get read as part of the pixels of the previous column to get to 200 pixels in each column. You need to make the patch at least 200 pixels tall.
  10. Mothership - single level for Eternity

    If "Mothership" is already taken, then you could call it "Othership". :p
  11. For altering level progression: MAPINFO. Specifically, you'll want one of the Next = EndGame. Unfortunately, any MAPINFO solution will be port-specific since there aren't any universal standard. Originally it's a Hexen feature, so "purist" ports like PrBoom or Choco will never support it.
  12. Skulldash expanded edition

    We're already aware, the actual author of Skulldash already made a thread.
  13. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    I require no less than 4200 FPS because this way it's evenly divisible by 24, 25, 30, 35, 50, and 60, providing a smooth experience regardless of game or video being played. Also the HDMI cables need to be gold-plated to make sure the bits stay crisp.
  14. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    My screen can't go higher than 60 FPS in the first place.
  15. It's allowed because it's necessary in the cases of Ancient Aliens or BTSX, due to the palette changes. Feel free to delete these sprites and play, see how it looks. There was a whole thread about a PALREMAP feature for advanced ports that would allow to not have to do this kind of stuff, but it predictably went nowhere.
  16. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    More properly, they do not have a hardcoded incapability to trigger these, contrarily to the Doom 1 projectiles. // Things that should NOT trigger specials... switch(thing->type) { case MT_ROCKET: case MT_PLASMA: case MT_BFG: case MT_TROOPSHOT: case MT_HEADSHOT: case MT_BRUISERSHOT: return; break; default: break; }
  17. Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back

    I don't know the specifics of your texture pack. Anyways, there are various ways in which skies can be replaced. First thing first: skies are textures. That means that they are made out of patches that are composited into a texture in a texture definition. Their association between sky texture name and level slot is hardcoded, but can be overridden in some ports through MAPINFO. So this already gives you three different ways in which textures can be replaced: Replace the texture patches Modify the texture definition Change the map slot-sky texture association with MAPINFO (requires advanced port) Your texture pack likely does #1, #2, or both #1 and #2. The default Doom II sky texture definitions are rather simple: SKY1 is made out of patch RSKY1; SKY2 is made out of patch RSKY2, and SKY3 is made out of patch RSKY3. So open the texture pack in SLADE and check if it contains graphics with these names. If it does, delete or rename them, then save and your sky texture should be back to Doom II default. If it's not enough, open the texture editor and look at how SKY1, SKY2, and SKY3 are defined. They should all be 256x128 textures made out of a single patch (resp. RSKY1, RSKY2, and RSKY3) positioned at 0, 0. If they're defined differently, change that. Save again. If at this point your sky textures are still not what you want them to be, you can look further into it, see if there aren't any MAPINFO lump that might change the maps for some weird reason, but it's unlikely for a texture pack. Oh, and you'll definitely need SLADE 3 for that; GZDB isn't a wad manager.
  18. Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back

    You delete the replacement skies from the texture pack?

    About the older VSDMC: there are over 140 wads which are presented in 9 streams totaling well over 30 hours. Has any brave soul started a project to get a more easily digesting presentation? Something like one screenshot and a single line per wad, just to get a quick list of which maps are good and worth playing?
  20. Sosuria, a Heretic birthday map

    The name reminds me of Sosaria...
  21. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The map view looks like a kid's drawing of a space gun. Zap! Pew! :)
  22. spectral pain elementals

    Fully invisible is cheating. Barely visible means that it's fair and if the player doesn't see them, it's their fault.
  23. spectral pain elementals

    Make the lost souls spectral, too. I remember once making a stealth pain elemental that shot stealth lost souls. But I never unleashed it upon the world.
  24. [Slade+GZDoom] How Do I Add Settings

    You'll need ZScript.
  25. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    To draw a regular-looking octagon on a grid, you need to have the square of the "flat" lengths being as close as possible to twice the square of the diagonal lengths. It's Pythagoras: the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the two other sides; so you want the square of the flat lengths to be as close as possible to twice the square of the diagonal lengths. In you example with 4 and 3, 4²=16, 2*3²=18. Relatively close. Likewise, 6-4 looks okayish too, because 6²=36, 2*4²=32. A good larger ratio is 10 and 7. 10²=100, 2*7²=98. For example, with a grid size of 16, that gives you flat lines with a length of 160 and diagonal lines with a length of 158. An even larger octagon can be obtained with 17-12. 17²=289, 2*12²=288. 41-29 works too, 41²=1681, 2*29²=1682.