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  1. Just look at the shotgun and super shotgun, and do it the same way. If that's too hard, too complex, or too abstract for you, then my answer will have to be that you cannot do it.
  2. Gez

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    The title is "No Rest for the Living". Perhaps they made the same mistake, sought the fabled "No Rest for the Wicked" levels, but couldn't find anything with that name and that's why it's missing? :p
  3. Same issue, ammunitions are inventory items too. This time you've got to inherit from Ammo. ACTOR 40mmGrenadeBox : Ammo 5568 The : is there to introduce the parent class, and tell the game that it inherits from something. Actor GrenadeBox : Ammo reads as "here's a new actor, it's called GrenadeBox, and it's a type of ammo".
  4. Your actor needs to inherit from Inventory, and also from Weapon, so change the first line to Actor 40mmGrenadeLauncher : Weapon 5566 https://zdoom.org/wiki/Weapon https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:Inventory https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:Weapon https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance
  5. Gez

    Sargasso - A Boom-Compatible Episode for DooM II

    And also https://www.nexusmods.com/doom2 lol.
  6. Draw a vertical line along the eastern coast of Africa and you'll still see some oddities on the edges of the world. Central Asia protrudes from the rest by a whole sky texel (about 5 or six Earth texture texels apparently), while Antarctica likewise protrudes by a couple of Earth texture texels.
  7. Gez

    MegaLight - WIP MegaTexture Lighting Tool

    Looks great, it's just too bad there's basically nobody who mods Doom 3 anymore so I don't see this getting much use.
  8. Gez

    The song Sign of Evil is based on

    Not convinced.
  9. Are you sure you didn't somehow convert the B_LITE04 texture into a flat? For the DoomDoll, like Dynamite said, it's because it does not have an editor number associated to it. You'll have to give it one on your own. It's that number that lets the editor place it in the map (things are actually written just as their number; the editor doesn't place an "Agaures" it places a "18989", but it shows "Agaures" to make it easier for the mapper).
  10. You want projectiles to pass through? I believe it's possible with 3D middle textures. There's an extra flag you have to set, called "Projectile shoot-through middle texture" in the Doom Builders, or "3D MidTex Impassable" in SLADE. (And midtex3Dimpassible in raw UDMF code.) It makes the 3D mid tex line behave like an impassable line, so projectiles can go through but players and monsters can't; and only for the vertical span of the texture like a regular 3D MidTex, and it's still fully passable above and below. By the way: it's impassable, not impassible. I know the mistake is common (it even found its way in the UDMF name of the flag), but while "impassable" means "unable to be passed", "impassible" means "unable to feel pain"... The etymology of impassible is related to passion, which originally meant suffering.
  11. You can also, instead of a door, have the monster be on a lower floor (32 units lower) and have it raise so the monster can move out and into the teleport lines. Don't forget to make the monster teleport lines repeatable so that the monsters don't get stuck forever if their first teleport attempt fails.
  12. Right-click, inspect, and then delete whatever blocking element they've put to cover the content.
  13. Doom and Terraria. Terraria features a number of "invasion" events where you fend off large amounts of monsters, and I think a Doom demon invasion would work perfectly fine in that game. It managed to get an invasion crossover from Dungeon Defenders 2, and the game already features all the themes mixed up in Doom (magic, demons, firearms, sci-fi energy weapons, teleporters, hell, space, zombies, etc.) so nothing from Doom would be out of place.
  14. Doom + Sim City. Plop down teleporter stations to solve traffic congestion, and then plop down space marine barracks to handle the occasional demon invasion. Handy for the space monster disaster, too. Doom + Master of Orion 2. Put your space marine actually into space! Plus when you think about it, Demons and Antarans are basically the same thing; they're bad guys who want to kill you just because you exist and they don't like when things exist, and to defeat them you have to research dimensional travel so that you can fight them in their own dimension.
  15. Do you want the sequence to play once, or to loop forever once activated? In either case I'd suggest using your script to use SetLineTexture. The line could start with a normal (non-animated) texture and when the player crosses the line, it's replaced with the animated one. If you don't want the animation to loop, just set a very long duration for the last frame, and your script can also change the texture again after enough time has passed for the animation to be over.
  16. Gez

    Cant find spider web sprites or models.

    There are small cobwebs in Heretic, and large ones in Shadowcaster.
  17. Old School: it's normal Doom, but with a few extra tricks KZDoom Zort Dark7 and mission pack Pioneers: not as impressive nowadays, but groundbreaking back then Void RTC-3057 Zen Dynamics Action Doom Runaway Train Chosen Classics: for better or worse, they shaped expectations of what GZDoom modding was about ZDCMP1 ZDCMP2 KDiZD ZPack TUTNT Demon Eclipse Pirate Doom! BGPA Liberation Threshold of Pain Legacy of Suffering Demons of Problematique and sequel Oddballs: it's Doom, but not as we know it. Either they look like Doom, but play quite differently, or they play like Doom but look completely differently, or neither. The Golden Souls and The Golden Souls 2 TurboCharged ARCADE! and sequel Rise of the Wool-Ball Urban Brawl The Adventures of Square Ashes 2063 Gene-Tech Strange Aeons Stronghold Skulldash dead.wire and dead.air Reelism The New Hotness: relatively recent titles Verdant Citadel The Alfonzone Shadows of the Nightmare Realm, Umbra of Fate, Freaky Panties Hell-Forged Hurt There's more I'd like to list but that'll have to do for now.
  18. The only thing I can think of that's in common to GZDoom and Classic RBDoom3-BFG but not in common with Choco, Crispy, PrBoom+, Eternity, etc. is that neither CRBD3BFG nor GZDoom use SDL on Windows.
  19. Gez

    Putting multiple doors on the same wall

    Maybe? Depends on whether you actually need such constructs in the first place. Here's a simple example. Just two big empty and boring rooms, but with a bunch of doors on the wall in between them. doors.zip
  20. Gez

    Putting multiple doors on the same wall

    It sounds like you accidentally make the spaces between the doors into sectors, and they're the fly in the ointment. Doors raise to 8 units below the lowest neighboring ceiling. Let's suppose you have two rooms that have floor height 0, ceiling height 128. Then you make a door in between them. Door sector is normally floor height 0, ceiling height 0, in game when the door opens the ceiling height raises to 120. Fine so far. Now say a wall next to the door is actually also a sector, with floor height 0, ceiling height 0. Now the door's lowest neighboring ceiling is height 0, so it will "raise" to -8, meaning the door will actually lower into the ground when you open it... I remember running into this issue one time I wanted to have two different doors that were partially in contact with each other. Each door prevented the other from opening.
  21. Here's a video intro from a contemporary game (1993) from the same studio (Raven Software). Sorry for the dumb youtuber watermark, didn't found a better version. Fun fact: it literally uses a different exe for this video. The game is launched by a .bat file that runs the intro and then runs the game.
  22. Gez

    *UPDATE * Jazz Jackrabbit Doom v2.1

    That flipper level is a fun idea. I don't know how well the concept translates to first-person gameplay, but it's definitely a unique secret level gimmick.
  23. Yes, it's true, it's finally revealed after all this time: the Icon of Sin is merely the head the Great God Imp.
  24. The simplest solution is not to use DECORATE, but ZMAPINFO. Make a custom skill definition with MonsterHealth = 0.5 and it'll make monsters have half-health, largely doing the same thing as doubling damage. (With the difference that it also makes damage from infighting, explosive pods, crushers, etc. more impactful, too.) Another simple solution is to create a PowerDamage item with DamageFactor 2 and a near-infinite duration. Then you have to make sure the player gets this item at the start of each level.
  25. You mention 3D floors, are you mapping for GZDoom? If so, the 3D middle texture flag serves your purposes, it makes a line blocking only at the heights its texture is shown.