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  1. The_arch_vile

    Into the Maelstrom

    -Rocks, rocks, rocks, rocking with rocks- mocked Lambert as he tosed yet another martian rock to his side. Decades had passed since the hellish invasions of earth, and everything was well again. The UAC recovered near miraculously from an inmense loss of trust from both the goverments of the world and the people in general that almost lead them to bankrupcty having agreed on a higly secret deal with the highest orbs of power. The many new societies of the rebuilt earth manifested against the Corporation's recovery, but the liberation and comercialization of the Teleport technology closed their mouths for good, now almost all civilized households having their own teleporting modules to move from the office to their bedroom in a matter of miliseconds. No real information about the obtention of such technology ever leaked out to the public, being the only real witnesses corpses in Phobos. As the years went by, the UAC recovered what territory it had lost and pretty soon it was back on Mars doing experiments and investigations even unknown to their investors.
  2. The_arch_vile

    Think D3 could've made a better movie than the Doom movie?

    Besides, last I knew (mfking)Snakes on a (mfking)Plane was a box office smash (nevermind, wikied it, it was a box office dud). Besides, if it turned out good in any way, it could become a cult classic, much like Donnie Darko or Connnan the Barbarian. And last, going back on topic, Doom3's storyline would've made a great EvilDead meets Aliens kinda thing, with the enntry to hell being presented like Ripley's entry to the Queen alien's layer.
  3. The_arch_vile

    How I Became a Cowboy (Quake Fan Fiction)

    Woa, great piece (-very few- grammatical errors here and there) like the dudes before said really fun interpretation of the Quake character and also fun descriptions of the monsters. The narrations follow through with the character's personality and, in case it was a one shot (certainly felt like it) great opening and endings, things seldom seen in One-shots. Great work!
  4. The_arch_vile

    Think D3 could've made a better movie than the Doom movie?

    Agreed, Doom would've been great in that strangely arousing ambient of a gruesomely bad B-movie.
  5. The_arch_vile


    It heard the human's weapons fire off. The shrieks of hellspawn invading the air as that shell-pumping evolutionary failure unloaded his gun like it were his genitallia, grunting and shouting vulgar words of pleasureable success in the process. It would wait however, there was no need to run out and attack maddly, that would be no better than the human's phalic use of weaponry. The shooting drew closer, the death hisses of it's bretherin growing in intensity. It couldn't help but think of why and how the human had arrived to that citadel, earth had almost fallen completely, residues of it's species living underground waiting to be poisoned like trapped ants. The war was practically over and yet this simgle man had been able to breach past the gateways of their keep. Did bravery really turn this man into a seemingly unstopable machine or was it sheer madness?. A series of loud, brutish strikes coming from the door to it's front returned it's inhuman mind to reality. -Open up the friggin' door!- shouted the human at the impressive, several feet high hardwood door. Embeded with various skulls at it's center and inhuman bones around the edges it was a piece of art that welcomed and warned whoever wished to enter (or in this case invade) the nameless stronghold. Anyone in their right mind would've gazed in terrible awe at the workmanship of that entrance, but he was long from sane. He slammed his fists against the menacing door time and time again to no avail -You ain' opening the nice way- the loaded up his Combat shotgun -I'm gonna open yah the hard way- he laughed, aimed and, didn't fire for the door's internal mechanism began to turn and screech, slwoly raising the wood monolith and hiding it inside the marble wall of the edifice. -Well 'ello gov'nr!- shouted out the human soldier mockingly at the sight of the creature now revealed -Good time to kiss ass wouldn't yah say?- his tone remained stupidly egotistical as it prepared it's weapon. Yet the creature stood silent towering over the fighter, staring at the carnage left by him. The fortress' front gardens had been turned into a twisted graveyard of the damned. Imps, Demons...Cacodemons and Barons. All kind of hellspawn laid dead and gored, their blood and entrails slipping into the ground beneath, feeding the long dried trees that served as decoration. It had now forgotten all about the human's "mad effort" and any sort of respect it had gained for him, only one thought echoing inside it's mind. It's ghost white eyes turned down to see the war-man, who in turn looked up. Their sights met, and the first shot was fired. The Human pelleted the bone-white body of the creature delivering, though not terrible, noticeable damage. -Aye hell whore fight back!!- shouted the man while reloading the shotgun and stepping back. The slow bleeding creature awknowledged the petition. It's arms rose to the blood red skies above, channeling a dark and unseen power. A dark magik filled it's pale and esqueletal body causing it to lit up infernally. -What the hell's this now?!- remarked the human, even though he had faced and killed many hellspawn over the course of his crusade against Hell he had never faced something like this. As the thing in front of him glowed a sickening yellow his body began to feel warm, hot...scorching. Something invisible was torching him worse than a Baron's fireball, and the heat kept rising. It focused all of its dark energy into its hands, concentrating as to not lose even a bit of the force. Pushing out it's arms towards the dirty human, it smiled a wicked grin with it's uncovered jaws releasing the evil strenght. -Ah sh...- exclaimed the armed soldier just as a tremendous pressure striked the entirety of his being, he felt a huge impact coming from every direction, the terrible heat becoming a single, focused blast of power. Amidst the torture, he found himself being tossed away by the sheer force of the unseen attack. He flew back towards a nearby pillar, crashing agaisnt it and causing his heavily trained body to twitch and twist, breaking as if a mere twig. He fell back to the ground, unable to move. He turned up to see the bone white being walk towards him; it's long decrepit arms and deformed, disgusting fingers stretched out to its sides, focusing in their palm a strange blood red aura. It's elongated skull kept grinning, it's dead-white eyes glowing a hellish red. With every step the creature took, the human grew more terrified, he saw something never before seen not even in dreadful nightmares. He saw his earlier victims, the demons he had blasted apart, coming back together. Reviving, reshaping themselves, recovering their severed limbs and standing (or floating) as if nothing had ever happened. The man stared at the creature's empty eyes and saw in their nothingness the Ultimate Doom. "Heroes have archvillains...if a Baron of Hell is a soldier's archvillian...this creature, capable of scorching the living and resurecting the dead, must the Arch-vile of humanity..." Edit: Jesus this thing was horribly written...never working at 4 am again *tries to clean up the fic* Blah, just finished it again....hope it reads better =S
  6. The_arch_vile

    Best Doom level [in an iwad]?

    *activates the doom launcher and begins reviewing levels* I find quite a bit of levels well made. Like E1M1 for instance, it's just such an awesome introductory level, seeing the dead marine in front of you, your long dead comrade...and finding the rest all spread out across the episode. There's another level in E1 I really enjoy, when the demons make their apperance...the maze part around the end is insane in UV with the chainsaw. Also E1M8 is an amazing level in terms of design and difficulty (and the fact only Demons and Barons make an apperance) it's a specially challenging level in UV (due to the swarm of Spectres) E2 was fun in general, great ending level (Tower of Babel) As for E3:Inferno...well...the only thing I'm against is the fact the Spider Mastermind was the last boss, apart from that...jesus...so many great levels. Mt Erebus has to be my favorite....the Cacodemon flood towards the end is especially exilerating when you're almost out of ammo and are forced to resort to the chainsaw...the archquitecture is also amazing...great mission, great levels. E4's M1 and M2 make me drool....they're horribly hard JUST in HMP, I haven't even started them in UV. If any levels have ever dissapointed me, they'd have to be from E4M4 til E4M7, I just, found them unwittingly easy compared to E4M2. Doom II The Crusher, Tricks and Traps and Gotcha! Imaginative battles disguised as Boss fights. Dead simple...is dead simple...and whole lotta entertaining AND challenging All suburban levels are greatly designed, they're -bastardly- open and interactive (doors opening all over the place, windows to "snipe" from and where you're snipped from. Great open-zone battles (Lv. 16 Suburbs is horribly fun, with the Archviles and the revenants and the wave of Cacos/Mancs/Imps towards the end...just amazing). Almost all levels with the Arch vile showing up are fun to play. The Spirit World is...utterly breathtaking...the rough, cavernous archquitecture combined with the carnage-based constructs make it a very different level. The Living End is, well...the living end as it says. the height differences, the risks of falling, the cacos and elementals dominating the playing field... The Icon of Sin is...also...a dastard level. Though the concept is simple, I've never seen such a FUN boss battle, having to defend yourself from the ever-spawing demons behind you while hoping to take a good shot at Romero. Great Level and great design too. Grosse, I have to add, is one of the best, IMO, secret levels there ever were. The premise is simple, a one on one duel against the Cyberdemon...do it the easy way with the BFG or have some fun and smack him down with the SSG. One of my FAVORITE levels, hands down. I haven't played nor Final nor TNT Doom -yet-...hope to do so some time soon...
  7. The_arch_vile

    What the crap?

    hmmm, there also seems to be a bug in the top banner image....would that mean the html source code was changed?
  8. The_arch_vile

    What the crap?

    ok, I just posted about the same thing....maybe it was because "general" got to the 6666'd topic?
  9. The_arch_vile

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    Why I Play Doom...*puts on his glasses and thinking hat* Ah, I remember when I first got Doom, it was The Depths Of Doom Trilogy, I was...around...seven or eight years old. I was scared witless the first times I tried playing it. Ultimate Doom was somewhat stressful, but Doom II had me waking up screaming. Wonderful memories for an 8 year old. Time passed and I picked up Doom again not so long ago, five years to be precise...I loved it. I felt that childish fear each time I faced the most gruesome creatures. The Arch-vile had me running for my life as I tried to shoot it down with my Rocket Launcher. The Mancubus had me jumping out of the seat each time one of it's twin fireballs got in a hit without me ever seeing it coming. Tried making a few maps, did a few fan-fictions, but it all died with my PC. Once reformated...it was Doom again. Currently I'm doing it UV style, late late night plays and heavy metal music...plus caffeine induced insomnia leave me a tattered man at the end, stressed out of my mind, reacting to every little crack and squeak. Violent, aggressive...destructive... I play Doom because no other game achieves any of these emotions...I played Halo 1 and 2, but they just...weren't Doom. Cheap monsters, cheap multiplayer...cheap weapons. Strategic, yes, but just how fair is a game that has you sniping at your unsupecting foes? Doom isn't like that. There's no room for sniping in Doom, you either fire or you don't. If you don't, chances are you'll die...if you do, chances are you'll kill whatever it is you shot. Face to face is an uncomfortable reality. Simple weapons, responsive weapons. Nothing fancy, nothing "ubertechnical", just enough for a lone marine to survive the blast of hell. The difference between TUD and DII are vast, both are completely different games. The first has a much more tense, thriller enviorment, while the second has constant frantic, maddening bloodfests. Huge war-like levels and small, claustrophobia inducing pits all mix with each other, creating an ever changing need to adapt, or become food for thougth. Enemies are always present in various shapes and sizes, making good fame to their nickname "Hellspawn". Hybrids, zombies and blatant demons. All aout to kill anything and everything that posses a threat (or smells ripe). No remorse, not even for their own troops. That is why I play Doom, because Doom is more than a game...it's a story (no written by the creators, but by the own player), it's an icon. It's a way of life
  10. The_arch_vile

    Some interesting finds

    Woa (is the second figure from DooM3 or from Quake? Haven't played the first yet or played the second in a long while) The Demon model looks awesome (that's the N64 re-design right?). Where'd you find these little treasures?
  11. The_arch_vile

    What music reminds you of Doom?

    Stragely enough (I'm almost positive this only happens to me) but I find it very hard to relate songs to Doom, very few groups get me into demon killing mood (Curious enough Metallica's never gotten me hyped up). Among those I'd definetely put the earlier stuff by Lamb of God, Shadows Fall really gets me psyched up for some righteous rip&tear. Ac/Dc shoots my adrenaline level up. Black Sabbath and their song "Supernaut" gets my Ctrl finger twitching for chainsawing. Canibal Corpse ("Wretched Spawn" always has me drooling for guts), Six Feet Under, Tool (Schism just....owns your Soul Sphere). The heaviest stuff by Judas also does wonders. That's just about it...Thrash, Grunge...and most modern subgenres of Metal don't really get the gears rolling. Strange.