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  1. @HAK3180 Okay. I thought it might not be your cup of tea. I am working on a totally vanilla map, maybe I'll post it here when it's finished.
  2. @HAK3180 Oh yeah, sorry. They get loaded together. Cyberbaronland.wad first, then Cyberbaronland3.wad. I don't recall exactly why I ended up building it that way, though I'm sure an examination of the wads in Slade would remind me.
  3. Would you be willing to record Cyberbaron Land? It's only been done once so far, and it took about 25 minutes. I'd love to see someone who's been ripping through all these Wads take a crack at it. It's different from anything else you've played. You only get the chainsaw and you have to keep moving! This one uses a few new monsters and uses a modified BDJ20, but honestly, it makes sense when you see what it's all about. You won't have to do any jumping, crouching or freelook, but you will want to run it in GZDoom. Give it a shot? https://www.moddb.com/mods/cyberbaron-land/downloads/cyberbaronland
  4. rabidrage

    3DO Doom, but playable!

    So here we go! Someone actually ported it to PC and it apparently runs smoothly! Now if we could get people modding it...
  5. rabidrage

    Best and worst Doom console port

    The Saturn port might have had slightly better resolution and it definitely had the best HUD. I also like that the weapons are faster. Not saying it's a competitive port, but I do play all of them for the variety.
  6. rabidrage

    Creative 3DO Blaster

    @Redneckerz thanks for the info! Now I know. That was a delightfully complete response.
  7. rabidrage

    Creative 3DO Blaster

    Yeah, pretty sure that's the video.
  8. rabidrage

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    I'm glad that this thread got away from debating where the game sits in continuity. As we all know, John Carmack likened plot in a video game to ploy in porn films. So, at best, they care without caring. I bought Doom on the SNES first because a friend had shown me the game on PC and it blew my mind. I thought I basically had the same game until he told me how awful it looked. So I set out discovering all the advantages and disadvantages between the two. SNES had better music and transluscency for the weapons when you got the invisibility powerup, and you could pause the game to change weapons...but it was still hard to compete. Within the next few years I got 32X Doom, then JagDoom. Eventually I got Doom for PSX, Saturn, N64 and GBA. Not sure what order. But I do recall playing Doom 64 for the first time and showing it off. I can honestly say that, despite how similar they might seem now, having come out within 3 years of each other almost 30 years ago, at the time there was a world of difference. Doom 64 made the original sprites and sounds seem cartoonish. I'm sure they look cartoonish now as well, but at the time...it was a leap forward. And yeah, Quake was out in its own shiny new engine, but we're talking about blocky first-generation models vs. sprites at a time when spriting was established and good designers could make some pretty awesome sprites. It's kind of like a racehorse vs. a Model T. I've gone into this before, but I'll do it again. Doom 64 is, to me, the pinnacle of 90s Doom development. JagDoom was based on Doom 1.2, featuring edited Doom 1 levels with some Doom 2 textures, and 2 console-exclusive levels. SNES Doom was built on a custom engine and releasd by Midway. PSX Doom was also developed by Midway, incorporating the JagDoom code (with additions and tweaks) and levels along with Thy Flesh Consumed and Doom 2. Midway took some cues from SNES Doom, it seems, in improving the music and adding transluscency (though perhaps this is just my preferred perspective). It also added new sfx, reverb, a creepy soundtrack and colored lighting, as well as the Nightmare Spectre. Well, then you have Doom 64. Again, Midway developed it. They used the same sfx as PSX Doom, the colored lighting and the same kind of soundtrack. But this port added newer sprites and two new monsters (albeit cutting out others). It further modified the code for more versatility, and had nothing but new levels. Of course, I sucked at the game, but I still loved it. And while I like exploring, I'm not a fan of puzzles and especially not ones where you have to time things. I still laud the game and its level design. Honestly, the pinnacle of Doom evolution for me might be The Outcast Levels (with Kaiser's added content, not the Retribution version) or BD64. I just wish BD64 had a conversion of Outcast. Sometimes I wish I could be in an alternate universe where the Doom engine was professionally updated forever, rather than Id moving on to a new engine. Between Id, modders and console ports, we would truly have the ultimate Doom experience.
  9. rabidrage

    Creative 3DO Blaster

    I don't have one of these, don't know if it would even work with a modern PC. But if anyone has any knowledge of it, I'd like to know--does playing 3DO Doom through a PC via the Blaster make it any faster? I'd love to see video of it in action. I found one video where someone runs it for like 5 seconds in a small screen size and it looks good, but that's not enough. It would be hella intriguing to see this version of Doom actually run well without tweaks on legit period software. Might make it look like less of a mistake.
  10. rabidrage

    Shall we congratulate Kaiser...?

    I was reading some info about Doom 64's upcoming re-release, and I saw the name Samuel Villarreal attached to the project. The man is finally getting his due, after decades of porting Doom 64 to the PC in various unofficial capacities! Anybody else excited to see what the new official content is going to be?
  11. rabidrage

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Throwing this one out there yet again to see if anybody can identify it. I downloaded it in the early 2000s, think it might have been made in the late 90s. Not sure. Actually, I'm not sure about much! So please bear with me. I think it was a later level (like 09+) in a megawad. You're coming out of a cavern and you go up some really wide steps that have imps on them. Then you come to a giant outdoor area where they're fireballing you from, like, so far away that they're specks. Parked at the far end of this outdoor area is a big structure with a custom white marble texture. Up some steps at the side of the structure is a door that multiple Arch-Viles come out of. What wad is this??
  12. rabidrage

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks! I've always thought that was the one advantage Saturn had--it had the best status bar. Of course, I was obsessed with finding something good about all of them, because my best friend had a PC in the 90s and I didn't. For 3DO it was the music. Rabid's Crap starts mashing in other things as well, but the early ones pack in lots of console stuff.
  13. rabidrage

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It's in my Rabid's Crap mods...requested it from somebody who extracted it on the ZDoom forums. Rabid's Crap 8 is the most advanced so far. https://www.moddb.com/mods/rabids-crap-v20. If you want the least changes possible, go with version 1, which has its own link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/rabids-crap/. Or you could just extract what you want and make your own file.
  14. rabidrage

    Distance in Decorate

    Hello all. Still working on an interesting mod and I need to know something. When you set a distance on something like A_CheckProximity, how is the distance measured?
  15. rabidrage

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Okay. Giving it another shot in the dark here. I might be able to provide a (slightly) better description of this one after trawling my memory. It's a level from a megawad that was about halfway in. Starts out in caves. You come outside, cross some water, then there are these really wide steps with Imps spread far apart on them. Then you hit this huge open area with a white marble structure far in the distance. It's a custom texture, not any marble texture found in Doom or Doom II. There are steps leading up to entrances on the side of this structure, and Arch-Viles are inside waiting to come out and attack you. Does this sound familiar to anyone? The whole megawad simulates a journey through a world--the previous level was all caves, hence the caves at the beginning of the level in question. Is there anyone who can name this megawad?