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  1. 16:04:51: SLADE - It's a Doom Editor 16:04:51: Version 16:04:51: Written by Simon Judd, 2008-2017 16:04:51: Compiled with wxWidgets 3.1.0 and SFML 2.4 16:04:51: -------------------------------- 16:04:51: Windows Version: 6.1 16:04:51: Loading configuration 16:04:51: Loading resources 16:04:52: Loading icons 16:04:52: Loading entry types 16:04:52: Loading text languages 16:04:52: Loading text style sets 16:04:52: Loading colour configuration 16:04:53: Loading base resource 16:04:53: Base resource loaded 16:04:53: SLADE Initialisation OK 16:04:53: Checking for updates... 16:04:53: Latest stable release: v3115 "" 16:04:53: Latest beta release: v3120_b5 "3.1.2 Beta 5" 16:04:53: Already up-to-date 16:04:57: Opening archive C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3 16:04:57: Warning: No fluidsynth soundfont set, MIDI playback will not work 16:04:58: Opening took 772 ms 16:05:06: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\brutal19.pk3 16:05:07: Opening took 1215 ms 16:06:37: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:06:38: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:06:40: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:06:40: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:06:43: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:06:43: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:07:29: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:09:05: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:10:20: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:10:29: Opening archive C:\gzdoom\crazystation2.wad 16:10:29: Opening took 545 ms 16:10:41: Opening archive C:\gzdoom\crazystation10.wad 16:10:43: Opening took 2276 ms 16:11:59: Opening archive C:\gzdoom\wolf10.pk3 16:12:00: Opening took 1810 ms 16:12:10: No text matching "impball" found. 16:12:11: No text matching "impball" found. 16:12:11: No text matching "impball" found. 16:12:33: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:12:37: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:12:37: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:15:07: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:16:40: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:20:48: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 16:21:05: Creating backup C:/GZDoom 3.1/RabidImp - Copy - Copy.pk3.bak 20:03:47: Creating backup C:\gzdoom\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:05:31: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:05:44: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:06:05: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:06:20: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:06:51: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:07:27: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:15:20: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:26:17: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidPlasmaGun.pk3 20:26:18: Opening took 512 ms 20:27:52: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:28:41: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 20:28:44: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\RabidImp.pk3.bak 11:52:11: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\BDJ20.pk3 11:52:14: Opening took 2360 ms 12:01:55: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3 12:02:01: Opening took 6258 ms 12:02:33: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\cosmdoom.wad 12:02:34: Opening took 468 ms 12:09:05: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak 12:12:21: No text matching "player" found. 12:12:21: No text matching "player" found. 12:12:21: No text matching "player" found. 12:12:24: No text matching "player" found. 12:12:24: No text matching "player" found. 12:12:24: No text matching "player" found. 12:13:13: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak 12:13:27: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\cosmdoom-weapons.wad 12:13:27: Opening took 465 ms 12:16:22: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\cosmdoom-TNTFix.wad 12:16:23: Opening took 440 ms 12:16:33: Opening archive C:\GZDoom 3.1\cosmdoom-TNTFix.wad 12:16:34: Opening took 426 ms 12:22:19: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak 12:23:05: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak 12:23:38: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak 12:25:31: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:31: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:32: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:37: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:39: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:39: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:40: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:40: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:43: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:43: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:51: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:51: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:53: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:53: No text matching "player" found. 12:25:54: No text matching "player" found. 12:26:14: Opening archive C:\gzdoom-bin-1-8-02(1)\GBADoomTC.pk3 12:26:15: Opening took 484 ms 12:26:53: Creating backup C:\GZDoom 3.1\Rabid'sCrap.pk3.bak
  2. Alright, so I got myself the newest version of Slade because the one I had started to have problems. In this new one, when I click on sprite frames, it doesn't show me what they look like in the right-hand window. Is there a setting I'm supposed to change to fix that, or does it just have issues? Or should I reinstall?
  3. If I had the aptitude to make sprites and write ACS code, I'd put in the work myself. Of course, once upon a time, I didn't think I'd be repurposing things in Slade or at all adept with Doombuilder. Maybe someday...
  4. I'm asking about mods for source ports that expand the capabilities of the game.
  5. Is there a single mod out there, crappy or otherwise, that makes it so you can, in first-person, look down and see that Doomguy actually has a body? I feel like for everything else people have done and thought of to modernize the game and/or enhance its realism, this has been often overlooked. And I get why it would be hard. Would it be sprites that move when you move? A model? Would it be part of the HUD? I don't even know the best way to do it. But if anyone could point me to one, I'd appreciate it!
  6. So I'm late to the party, but I have to post in order to advocate complete and accurate porting of all the new monsters and items from Outcast Levels. Sounds like that's what we're getting, but I just wanted to speak in support of it regardless. I was so impressed by Kaiser's work, and the fact that he had already added monsters and levels to Absolution, and then Outcast seemed like a natural evolution of the game. It was certainly better than the way Id built Doom 3 from scratch. I'd also like to be able to use them in custom wads/mods, perhaps alongside the new stuff from BD64 (say what you want about it, I just pick out what I like and mix it with details from every other mod in existence). The Outcast stuff is good enough to add a new wrinkle to the game balance without being ridiculous, and allows mappers to set up new scenarios that take advantage of what the new monsters do. Plus, those Hell potions are pretty cool, even if they are just red health potions with a slightly different effect. I hope this is still on track and I look forward to its release!
  7. I would love to play Kaiser's custom levels from Absolution in a, um, certain mod that came out recently. I'm wondering if there's a way to convert the map format to GZDoom. Anybody familiar with Doomsday enough to make some suggestions? I'm hoping there's a utility out there that'll do the job quick and dirty for me, but if not, what do I do?
  8. I'm using UDMF. Using Action 80 (script execute), on projectile impact with switch height check. Script Argument 1 is 108, argument 2 is 139, argument 3 is 8. I haven't put anything for Map Number. The MapSpot that works is tagged 109. I have a second one there that's vacillated between 109 and 110 to see what will work. I thought perhaps having two MapSpots would make it work, and I correspondingly set the second Thing_SpawnNoFog at Tid+2 instead of +1.
  9. I still suck at understanding ACS aside from cutting and pasting and maybe changing a few numbers to get the result I want. I ripped this code from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cF5-QPAXGk8 and was hoping it could be used to make two items spawn when a box is destroyed instead of one (by using the script arguments when I right click on the linedefs in question and entering the appropriate spawn numbers). However, I can get the first bonus to work. Not so much the second. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? script 102 (Int tid, Int bonus, Int bonus2) { int i; setlinespecial(tid, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); floor_lowerinstant(0, 0, 8); for(i=0; i != 15; i++) thing_projectilegravity(108,6001, random(0, 224), random(50, 70), random(10, 20)); thing_spawnNoFog(tid+1, bonus, random(20, 80)); thing_spawnNoFog(tid+2, bonus2, random(20, 80)); }
  10. Sure Bowb, if you scroll up, you'll see that Dragonfly said it's "trash". I never claimed that anyone called it "shit". MrSkeletal, thanks for the feedback.
  11. I appreciate the review. Actually, I guess I should have proactively removed the grenades. Out of sight, out of mind. Hmm. Let's call this project "not done" after all! How would you feel if you had given it a go without grenades? The elevator, I feel I should point out, gets more crowded more quickly as it reaches lower...well, elevations. At first a few rooms open up on the sides and enemies come out. Then they start teleporting in at a more rapid clip. Then a monster spawner starts spitting them out to the four corners, and usually teleporting is still underway at the same time...so the pace should generally pick up as it goes along.
  12. I include the whole BD package because it required modification in order to work. I might not be skilled enough to make a patch that negates the problem items in BD (especially so that it doesn't mess with attempts to run it without BD). I see what you're all saying about humility. I think it's really ironic to be told off about a lack of same by people whose constructive criticism is delivered in a basically insulting manner. Where's the humility on their end? This doesn't apply to all of you, by the way. So maybe I'm feeling defensive? I don't object to criticism, except when someone just outright calls my wad trash. I stand by my assertion that it turned out how I wanted it to and it might not be for everybody. I'm sorry that upsets people, and I'm open to constructive suggestions for how to make it better (like decreasing the file size, for one thing). Also, there is a difference between that assertion and asserting that I think it's perfect or something. I don't.
  13. Alright, I'll be clear. I'm humble enough to think I made a wad some people will like--obviously not all or even most. I also know there's plenty of room for me to improve. That being said, I set a goal I knew was within my bounds and I still did exactly what I intended. I included BD assets because the wad wouldn't even be fun to me without them. It relies on swinging the chainsaw and some other factors to up the intensity. There would honestly be no point uploading this without the BD components. Hell, I went as far as to make the monsters from the bestiary match the BD ones. I gave them shadows and even gave the Chainsaw Zombies the same violent deaths as the Zombiemen. Yes, the level is pretty linear. There are a couple secrets, but all in all, it relies on tactics that can vary based on the player. There are enough powerups to make it pretty easy, but if you don't know where they are, when or how to get them, it could take a few tries. Maybe I'll keep it off idfiles and post it to ModDB.
  14. That's funny, because it turned out exactly like I wanted (as long as it runs). So I guess all I can say is "it's not for everybody". I mentioned already that there was something I missed giving credit for, and that would be the hi-res textures. I'm just going to take them out, because it'll help the file size--probably a lot--and they're not really needed. If people have them and want to load them alongside, fine. Dragonfly, I get it, you're being serious with what you said. I still find it funny. When I say things like "try it, you'll love it", it's honestly not meant as an actual command. It's a suggestion. It's hype. Is it so inconceivable that someone somewhere will appreciate this for what it is? Running and sawing and causing general mayhem at a fast pace has its appeal, right? Zed, I appreciate that you think I know how to do levels, at least. You have no idea how hard some it was to figure out, especially Slayer's hologram. Like I said, I built what I envisioned and wanted to build, and I was actually conservative with resources compared to previous ideas I've started to work on. For this one it was "if it makes sense/fits well, go with it". So...Chainsaw Zombies in a chainsaw-centric wad? Why not? Etc.
  15. You people are funny. Ripping me a new one for hyping my project and taking my encouragement to check it out as a personal order. Also, complaining about the file siElike you've got hard drives that were made in the 90s...guys. I'll post screenshots soon and yes, there is a text file included with credits given, as well as additional credits inside of lumps within the resources I appropriated. Sorry my excitement turned everybody off. To be honest, I did miss giving credit for one thing, and I can probably afford to take it out, which would probably greatly reduce the file size. Let me work on that too.