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  1. MAP08 UV skill 18 sec :) p208-18.zip
  2. 14 sec on map09 UV skill. p209-14.zip
  3. Hello, improved my previous map02 run by 4 seconds :) Jump over water trick is very sneaky, but might be annoying because of all the cg:s. Enjoy! p202-25.zip
  4. I got 29 sec on map02 UV. I am sorry I post again but seems that I don't have permission to delete/edit posts nor attach files :( here you go: http://rapidshare.com/files/179836484/p202-30.zip.html
  5. Ok I decided to upload it myself. 30 sec on map02 UV-skill. link: http://rapidshare.com/files/179819816/plutonia2_map02_skill4_30sec_played_by_kemisti_finland.lmp.html
  6. I got 23 sec on map02 but i did not record :( so i gave dew a demo where i got 30 sec :) UV-skill. And I'm kemisti btw.
  7. runkman

    How'd you want Doom IV to be

    I want it to be EXACTLY like doom2, maybe 2 new monsters and new levels and story! Same graphics absolutely. Thats all, thanks!:)
  8. runkman

    What music reminds you of Doom?

    Metallica - Master Of Puppets (the beginning of the song) reminds me about doom e1m1 music, i dunno how but it just somehow reminds me :D