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  1. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    PSX Doom/Final Doom TC (Legacy TC, See first post for details)

    Um, anything about missing music? Got the same problem as was described by few pages back ("music PSXMUS01 not found"). I do have PSXTCMUS.pk3 in the same folder as PSX TC is as well. Using GZD 2.2.0.
  2. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Wikipedia calls Freedoom a game, is that correct?

    Um, sorry for upping this thread - but I'd like to ask something, since I had a long discussion with my friend about Freedoom (and this thread corresponds to my question for 90%, at least :)). The question is: why Freedoom isn't being considered as a TC? It requires exactly Doom's engine (or id tech 1, depending on which engine's name someone else might prefer), not the other one - and also changes doom/doom2.wad's resources along (not in doom/doom2.wad themselves, to note it...)
  3. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    The Inquisitor 3, by Shadowman & BigMemka & Guest. Run for It!, by Cherepoc. If something else interesting will appear on horizon - I'll update this post.
  4. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    May I voice my nominations, before it is too late, please? I'd like to give my +1's to the: Japanese Community Project Comatose BD64 Elf Gets Pissed Strange Aeons The Inquisitor 3 Ancient Aliens Hell on Earth Starter Pack (even if to count what Mark said about it... it absolutely kicks ass) What else? Mockawards: H-DOOM & Run for It. Mapper - either someone from JPCP, either rdwpa. And yes, +1 for awarding Quasar with Espi Award (I think he deserves it for everything he has done). And last opinion... DOOM 2016 should be mentioned also. Not every year we are getting new DOOM game, especially like that one. Of course, everything is just my IMHO :)
  5. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    The Inquisitor 3d

    The Inquisitor 3 team made some changes with their creation, and they've been able to cut down wad's size (approx. 50 MB, according to /idgames rules). I've been informed that The Inquisitor 3 will be put again in /incoming folder (sometime during this week), so the rest'll be up to /idgames admins. Though links in this thread are still active. And yes, anyone made it to the end? Anyone has his/her opinions about Shadowman & BigMemka's (as well as Guest's) work?
  6. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    The Inquisitor 3d

    Nothing like that. While it uses some Blood visuals (like sawed-off and some textures), it is a megawad for GZDoom, in a dark fantasy setting. Try first two Inquisitors, and maybe you'll understand what I mean.
  7. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Old versions of FreeDoom, anyone?

    Does anyone have old versions of FreeDoom IWAD's, like 0.1 and everything that followed since then? I am in need of them to trace the development of the project because I'm thinking of writing the article (or something like that) about FreeDoom's progress from one release to the other, until it's final version... if it will happen :) So, anyone can share it with me/us, please?
  8. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Scrooge McDuck Voice Actor Alan Young Dead at 96

    http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/news/Ducktales-Cast-Not-Returning-for-Reboot/ Seems not only Mr. Young - but ALL the VAs from DuckTales won't return for that reboot. Still, in our hearts and memories, he will remain as THE Scrooge "Unca Scrooge" McDuck. Even though I grew up on Russian dub of DuckTales, still, I prefer the original voice cast. Rest in peace, Mr. Young. Thank you very much for everything you've done to make us smile and happy (special thanks for DuckTales Remastered).
  9. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Bugs and other issues so far

    Hope that we can expect to see that page file/cache fix very soon, right?
  10. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Creepy videogame music

    I don't know if everyone may think of this music as creepy... but to me - it is. And this one sends chills to my body.
  11. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    Preparing to see what we'll see. But guys... why the f*** I must have a Facebook account to comment the chat there? Seriously, I don't even want to register there...
  12. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    All the advanced PC options

    I wonder, what about SLI & CrossfireX...
  13. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    FPS confirmed to be unlimited in final release

    I dunno whether I should post that exactly here, but nevertheless... https://twitter.com/LeDJakeCrusher/status/723181077037096960 Well, seems that they do pay attention to these things as well.
  14. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul

    Tried High Quality from that modification, but looks overbright for me - some surfaces are even making subtitles unreadable. Also, noticed some kind of a lag, as if main character isn't responding at the exact time when I walk, jump or even shoot. Still, my 3-rd encounter with an alien warrior turned bad for me: he killed my with his first attack, even with my full health and half-full armor. Played on Hardened, BTW. Very nice modification, but seems to me that I must get a stronger PC for it.
  15. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    DOOM Beta FOV on PC

    Um, where to exactly look for these settings, please? Drivers' global settings or somewhere else?
  16. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Urotsuki 2: Cargo Cult

    Seems that it is a part of a song. No rhymes from me, sorry :)
  17. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Doom 2016 Issues

    Yeah, that was it, but will they consider everything that people said about Cyberdemon's design? And yes, I said "probably" :)
  18. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Doom 2016 Issues

    He wasn't. Maybe he joined id when they already were working on Wolf3D, or even some time earlier. It was then. What's now is now. This is a NEW DOOM, with new visuals. Let id decide this thing, for they probably won't listen to us and change something in monster's design. If they will, that will be a pleasant surprise, but still - I would not hope for it. I'll be honest: I don't give a sh*t/single f**k at HL3.
  19. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Doom 2016 Issues

    Even if he may not be the original id member (AFAIK he was hired somewhere in 1992< correct me if I'm wrong) - what about Kevin Cloud? He is still working in id. Thanks, but personally, I'd rather not to see this in new DOOM.
  20. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Games you miss

    Alien Trilogy. Although it had some flaws, still - I really liked it. Wish Night Dive guys would remake it like they did with Strife & Turok, however I'm afraid this won't happen at all. Corridor 7. Even with it's dated engine, it's atmosphere and rhytm was good, and the way developers modified Wolf3D engine - sometimes I wouldn't believe my eyes (like forcefield doors). Another World/Out of This World. Absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic game, with none other like this (some people might tell that I'm wrong, and that Flashback is better, but I'll disagree). And yeah, we know about Heart of the Alien, but still... Scarface: The World is Yours. While people might think it was a GTA-clone, it was not bad at all. Gameplay was repetitive, but the last time I played - it was fun. "... they probably are listening to us now, but I don't give a f**k." What else... oh, right. Vandal Hearts 1-2 (PS1). Speaking of them, the second one was really deep in terms of story, music and the biggest change (in comparison with the first game) - gameplay. The ability to turn every character you wish into any type of warrior/archer/mage/"flyer" gives a LOT of replayability, and if to count game's secrets (which MUST be discovered if you want to open a better ending)... shame there won't be VH3 (yeah, right... *ahem* Konami...) There are a lot more, but these are ones I remember now.
  21. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Seems no one knew about this (at least it was a surprise for me when I watched that podcast)... which is sad. Personally, I'd like to ask a question or two myself. 'Nuff said. Sure, Brutal Doom is popular enough, but seems that some people are conspicuously absent the sense of proportion. For example, if I place doom.exe/doom2.exe & vanilla Doom above most sourceports & mods - that automatically makes me an elitist twat or even an old fart? Gee, thanks :)
  22. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Copyright on YouTube gaming videos

    I don't get it... really? ... really, I just... I really don't get it. OK, sorry. Now for explaining myself. We all know about the recent map Romero made, right? Right. Of course, we also know about Doom videos - let's plays, demos, mods... stuff like that. You may ask - so what's the problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PouzO1ch4Z0 So, the thing is - this video has been used by Gamespot. Without giving credits to it's author, Ultraboy94fsr (although later they did). When people started to inquire about it, some people decided to contact Gamespot for clarifying the situation. https://twitter.com/Totalbiscuit/status/688476734556127232 Well, stuff like that may happen anyway and anytime, right? At least, that's what I thought. Until I've seen this. So the question is - that is an encroachment on Bethesda's IP? Really? If I am understanding that right - basically, every video or anything/almost everything that is done for Doom by Doom community is a F*CKING encroachment? Where it does lead us? I apologize if I might seem to panic early... but I'd REALLY like to hear your opinions about it.
  23. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Copyright on YouTube gaming videos

    If I understand correctly - that was someone from Gamespot. Well, I'll admit that I wanted to contact Mr. Pete Hines from Bethesda, and ask his opinion about this. But maybe something will be clarified before I'll do that.
  24. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Comatose (Overdose 2)

    To be honest, I wanted Lainos to make a Silent Hill-type of wad: a town with different locations, mystical presence on town's streets, enemies & monsters, puzzles, final boss and good storyline. Hope someday he will do that - he's definetely a potential for it :) First time I played Comatose, I did not search for secrets - was busy looking around and exploring the territory. But still, it's atmosphere is amazing - especially if to remember that this is not ZDoom-wad. Also, seems to me that some thing here have some kind of a more deeper meaning... hence, probably the name "Comatose"... Well... we see them, quite often :)
  25. [LeD]Jake Crusher

    Hating doom is cool now?

    Well, at least I tried to prove them wrong. Unfortunately they either won't listen to me, either they'll call me ... differently :) And yeah, one more thing. Seems that some doomers want sort of an EXACT copy (in terms of gameplay & visual design and style) of Doom/Doom 2, but in 3D. Almost without any new improvements. What can I say? Only that some people need to be open-minded, IMHO...