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  1. vdgg

    More Memorable Maps

    I really played very little of new stuff but MAP03 from 4 Seasons of Doom is something I couldn't stop playing for at least one week. From FCFF I would pick MAP06 thanks to the floating area with yellow key and arch-viles, and from Lost Civilization the amazing rooftop cyberdemon placement in MAP15 and the whole MAP09 for being just perfect.
  2. vdgg

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP24 UV Max in 4:45. MAP11 UV Speed in 4:19 (NoMo record is 1:18, but the map is mega crowded, besides, this WAD is 25 years old and nobody was preventing you from recording a UV Speed before in all these years :) ) MAP16,20,29 still don't have UV Speed entries if anyone is interested. ic24-445.zip ic11-419.zip
  3. vdgg

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP22 UV Max in 2:57 ic22-257.zip
  4. vdgg

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP26 UV Max in 1:54 ic26-154.zip
  5. vdgg

    Icarus Demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP26 Tyson ic26t924.zip
  6. vdgg

    Fucking Hostile Psychoholic Slosh

    Excellent design for 1995. A bit more generic than MM, the author loves metal textures and double chaingunner traps, but nevertheless, it was a blast
  7. vdgg

    Whispers of Satan demos [-complevel 9]

    ^ 5:25 ws21-525.zip
  8. vdgg

    Guess the map [8th edition] (THY ANSWERS REVEALED)

    No hints With hints
  9. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    I don't think so, these spawned monsters don't interfere with the "originally placed" ones and very rarely are threatening. Actually I think I woke it later than Andy. I realized afterwards, from @galileo31dos01 casual max, than you can postpone it until the exit opening switch by using a tunnel I missed. It probably loses time, though. I also realized afterwards that I could save 10 seconds by rocket jumping to that switch (with green armor I need to be close to 100% health, and I had full health in my 6:13 run). I don't think I want to play it again, however :)
  10. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Yaotzin UV Max in 6:13 yao-613.zip
  11. vdgg

    A daily puzzle game I invented

    A little bump so maybe new people will join. I am still playing this quite frequently, >3 days per week, however I see very little competition lately.
  12. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Wow, what a journey! Low health after 8 mins = unbelievable.
  13. vdgg

    Guess the map [7th edition] (New hints added)

    Featuring my map was quite unexpected. Also, @RjY actually guessed, wow. Old FDAs are welcome! If it were someone else's map, who knows, maybe I would be swearing at the stupid mapper and his plasma gun placement. As the author I will still claim it was brilliant. By the way, it is worth checking how @Bdubzzz dealt with that in his UV Max
  14. vdgg

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Castle Of Eternal Carrot in the Sky @Fredrik