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  1. ser3lv11.wad. An excellent 1996 level. The MIDI sounds horrible though, even though it was used in Icarus.
  2. There was a scene in 2002ADO (E3M7) which confused me for a long time. There is an outdoor building with a cyber surrounded by barrels and under a crusher. The player (stx-Vile) shoots the barrels and then with just a few bullets (using the chaigun) kills the cyber! "So the barrels must have weakened him" I thought. What I didn't know was that the crusher was activated about a minute before...
  3. Does n222-322 play back OK for all of you? When I play it back, the player shoots at the secret wall in the beginning and arch-viles kill the player
  4. Equinox, especially MAP01 and MAP13 (dark side of MAP01) Visually I really like maps by Lutz and traversd. Check out for example 1994_tu maps (MAP09 my fave), P:AR and Caverns of Darkness (+essential Zdoom patch) This was a great article. The author, Afterglow, has some stunning maps on his own as well.
  5. Obituary MAP02 UV Max 4:51 ob02-451.zip
  6. Obituary overall These maps are not perfect; almost every map has some dubious mapping decisions. Hidden pain elementals, switches than can be pressed from below, blue key grab on MAP15. But apart from two stinkers, MAP07 and MAP31, every map has some redeeming factors, and all of them (hey, even these two) are, IMO, highly memorable. That's something. Favourite maps: there's a lot. MAP01, MAP08, MAP09, MAP11, MAP13 I guess. I continue my claim that MAP09 is gorgeous design-wise. Dehacked: both monsters and weapons were cool. The only weapon that changed the balance significantly (in player's favour) was the flamethrower. The monster replacement had an unusal side-effect. Guess which monsters were most common in Obituary? Also, I had this encyclopedic data gathered years ago, in which levels are all the weapons: shotgun/chaingun: . = normal , = from dead sergeant/chaingunner sg cg SSG R L FLT SON chs BZK MAP01 , , 1 2 MAP02 . . 1 1 1 4 MAP03 . , 1 MAP04 , . 2 1 1 MAP05 . , 2 1 1 3 MAP06 . , 1 1 1 MAP07 , 4 4 MAP08 , , 1 1 1 2 MAP09 . , 1 1 1 1 2 MAP10 , , 2 2 1 4 MAP11 , , 1 1 1 MAP12 , , 1 1 2 1 1 MAP13 . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 MAP14 , , 1 1 1 1 2 MAP15 . , 2 2 1 1 MAP16 . . 1 1 1 1 1 2 MAP31 . , 1 1 1
  7. Mmmm I just played it, pretty hard, the challenge comes from mandatory pain sectors + very low ammo. I wondered what these four rockets were for? Hard to find anything TNT MAP09 has weak monsters but high enemy count 1monster MAP03 the same Fracture MAP03 has 105 monsters and weak monsters except 3 hell knights... but these hell knights are the most difficult part :) You may try other 4 maps, I don't remember them well Some early maps in iditarod should be close to meeting your requisites, but my memory fails which ones
  8. After 3 maps I was on holiday with no computer to play. After I came back I wasn't attracted to play anything, so it is not Obituary's fault. Today I replayed MAP03 for some UV Max demo improvement, as well as MAP09. MAP09 The reason I replayed it were mostly negative reviews I saw here, and I remembered this map as great. My opinion hasn't changed. It looks gorgeous, kind of a tech-lab mini city, with great vistas up and down. I considered MAP06-MAP09-MAP11 as a kind of trilogy, with similar theme. MAP09 is the most consistent one, and the best looking one. It plays much better if you know the secrets, I have to admit. There's also one soulsphere in a "secret" closet which doesn't count for 100% secrets. MAP08 Just a heads up, the pistol start can be arguably much easier than it looks: a megaarmor can be grabbed through the wall right at the start. I'm so behind I will rather not play the remaining maps. I remember these very well, so I will post a conclusion note tomorrow. But before, FLAMETHROWER Not sure about the max distance, but how powerful it is? With Prboom+ -trace_givendamage option I figured it is exactly 3 times more powerful than plasma rifle. The base damage is 15*d8 (a single hit inflicts damage from range 15-120, a plasma rifle shot only 5-40). SONIC BLASTER Again, not a thorough analysis. The weapon is rare and its use is limited. If I remember, it is present only on MAP09, MAP11, MAP13, MAP14, MAP16. The base damage is double of the BFG base damage (200*d8).
  9. Obituary MAP03 UV Max 4:52 (I used Maes' fix but the demo should play with DSDA version and original version, as long as the correct .deh is loaded) ob03-452.zip
  10. I play Civilization II on Deity with world conquering in mind with a few restrictions: - no rush building - no peace treaties - military conquest only, no bribing cities or units. Industrial sabotage or tech stealing is allowed. "No peace treaties" makes building Great Wall a priority, the only alternative is developing Metallurgy quickly (very very very rare), otherwise they will force me to sign a peace treaty. Also it is basically Monarchy only, unless I have no neighbours, then I may allow myself a Republic for a few turns. "No rush building" means either I get Trade and Caravans or just hope my city will be first to build Great Wall. Very often the AI get some important wonders one turn before me, the game is super tricky this way.
  11. @Aqfaq "Aqfaduct"? This was cool, as well as some infighting pairings I never considered. At the end you finished with tons of ammo! But the .txt file was a disappointment.
  12. MAP03 A map consisting of mini-traps Rather flat, monsters in front of the player, etc. Not good. Blue key = crusher, extra minus points. Yellow key = the trap too slow (30 second door). And I just checked and I let myself trapped on UV, no - it is safer to escape :) Red key = this has some potential, but should be nastier, maybe the area would be bigger or place a W1 teleport linedef for those who want to backpedal? There is a Commander Keen replacement (or rather, graphics change). It is more Doom fitting, but I don't see much of a point. There are three of them in the WAD if I recall correctly (the other two on MAP14). So yeah, one of the weaker maps. Fortunately soon the WAD will start to shine.
  13. MAP02 It's a totally oldschool level with clashing styles. I found TEKGREN to be a rarity in Thomas' texturing repertoire. Some parts look good, others not. Nice use of windows so you can see the areas you will visit. I didn't know SUDTiC E2M3 had the same kind of "stairs eating secret" thing, I guess I will replay it... Some neat little things include a well leading to the yellow key and a pair of fast lifts in the crate room.
  14. Obituary MAP01 I love this level, but I admit it's not perfect and any critisism you write is probably right; Let's start with: how many of you used the SSG? Because: THIS LEVEL HAS AN SSG!!! and is near the start and it's quite visible... but the scary super-imp makes you not focus on this little detail. Anyway, I recorded three max runs on this one, in 5:38 (in this one I didn't find the SSG either), 3:40 and 3:10 and I remember having so much fun doing it... My favaurite moment is the blue key, there is a pillar lowering and a platform raising at the same time, and if you time it right, you can grab the key, jump back to the ledge you came from and then jump from that ledge towards the BK door and you not lose time by getting out of the floor level: 1 2 3 4 The mid-tiers appear quickly, starting with the pain elemental! About 6 monsters that Salt-Man Z missed I guess he didn't press the switch which has to be run into as the platform leading to it lowers... it makes 6 chaingunners (on UV) accessible, your typical Moellers unnecessary switch weirdness. The most scary monster is of course the bazooka trooper (3 on UV, only 1 on HNTR/HMP). Some of you noticed it is very slow. But wait until MAP12 where it is used in deadly and totally unfair setups :)
  15. Not true. The damage only is inflicted when the left pistol is shot (good catch!), but the rate of fire is a bit faster. Standard Doom pistol fires every 14 tics, Obituary double pistol every 11 tics.