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  1. vdgg

    2002ADO demos [-complevel 3]

    E3M1 UV Max in 1:39 a3d1-139.zip
  2. Simply Phobos E2M9 UV Max in 11:04. The bonus map by @Kristian Nebula p2b9-1104.zip
  3. Spectrum E3M7 UV Max in 11:41 spectrum37-1141.zip
  4. Spectrum E3M4 UV Max in 8:29. I may mention this map has the craziest level progress diagram by @Wraith777 spectrum34-829.zip
  5. 9:28 b2b7-928.zip
  6. Back to Basics E2M7 UV Max in 9:43 b2b7-943.zip
  7. Back to Basics E2M4 UV Max in 5:38 b2b4-538.zip
  8. vdgg

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Heading west. West and north are wallrunning directions? Comparison with Doom II 27
  9. @Hitherto not "cheap", nobody thought about the rocket before, this may be interesting to you.
  10. Thank you for inspiring me to revisit this episode. dodead E1M9 UV Max in 3:29 dod9-329.zip
  11. vdgg

    Requiem UV Speed TAS movie

    Thanks! Here are some thoughts on what could be improved MAP10 (+1 second) saving these 3 rockets for MAP13. Maintaining 0:36 may be too hard, but it is worth it. MAP13 (-9 seconds) The trick mentioned by Xit saves more than 6 seconds, I ride up the lift and fire a rocket straight at the wall. There are some medikits later on, so health should go back to normal levels. Then I collect the rocket launcher from the secret, which in the demo I didn't for some unknown reasons. I have 3 extra rockets from MAP10 + 2 rockets from RL - 1 rocket used for the rocket jump = 4 extra rockets. I think it is safe to assume that I can gain 3 seconds thanks to not needing to punch at least the first hell knight and also kill the mancubus with 3 rockets (in the demo, 2 rockets + SSG finish shot). MAP15 (-2 seconds), with almostmatt1's idea and a monster holding the last door for me. MAP31, not verified but what about rocket jumping in and out instead of waiting for the bridge rise? MAP18, not verified, potential -1 second, are these 2 rockets fired at one of the arachnotrons really needed? MAP19 Doomdaniel95 trick is new MAP21 arch-vile jump about 47 seconds into the level. Maybe this results in a mess when I return, but worth trying. MAP25 Wrong approach. Having 0:23.29 either go for 22 seconds or get rid of two unnecessary BFG shots. MAP26 One more unnecessary BFG shot. MAP27 (-3 seconds) Ouch!!!!!! After yellow key, do not wait for the lift behind the manc. Go around the building (where 2 arachnotrons were killed), use another yellow key locked door. This is a much quicker way to the lion switch. MAP29 (-2 seconds) Using saved BFG shots where appropriate. There is a noticeable slowdown towards the end (pinkies), so most likely there. Oh, and I have no idea why I rocket jumped to the key. So around -20 seconds is "easy" to gain.
  12. This is a misconception. -playdemo does not change complevel. -complevel added to command line is ignored. Exceptions are 2/3/4 and I think 5 for some old TAS. If you find stdout.txt, it should have this line G_DoPlayDemo: playing demo with boom v2.02 compatibility
  13. MAP22 UV Speed in 4:50 MAP28 UV Speed in 7:40 m222-450.zip m228-740.zip
  14. vdgg

    Failed demo attempts

    "pressing the wrong key at the wrong time is typically what causes someone to lose a run..." yeah unless the program crashes (like in this case) or, suppose, the electricity goes off and your laptop doesn't have battery...
  15. vdgg

    Failed demo attempts

    A 36 min. long mm2 MAP22 Tyson attempt interrupted by seeya.zip