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  1. vdgg

    Three Is A Crowd demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP03 UV Max in 7:48. Recorded with ver 1.2.2. Here is a very fine review / praise of the map by @Omniarch 3i03-748.zip
  2. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Nebula 95: Human Earrings by @lupinx-Kassman MAP02 UV Max in 1:30 neb3-130.zip
  3. Wicked_7 and it is pretty damn good
  4. Legacy of Heroes MAP09 UV Max in 9:19 lh09-919.zip
  5. Legacy of Heroes MAP05 UV Max in 14:41 lh05-1441.zip
  6. MAP21 UV Max in 3:25 hb21-325.zip
  7. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Indeed! Thanks
  8. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP22 (Burning Fires) UV Max in 4:47 and Pacifist in 0:35 MAP29 (The Vile Archviles) UV Max in 4:59 rd29-459.zip rd22p035.zip rd22-447.zip Separate topic created. By the way, can anyone help me with this? ROCKRED1 walls and RROCK04 floor is a great texture combination. I would swear I have seen it dozens of times, but now I cannot find a single map with this these...
  9. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Redundancy MAP23 (Ash and Cinder) UV Max in 4:15 rd23-415.zip
  10. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Redundancy MAP18 (A Building That Was Built) UV Max in 5:08 MAP30 (Ending at the End) UV Max in 1:15 rd18-508.zip rd30-115.zip
  11. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Redundancy MAP13 (Toxic Poisons) UV Max in 5:14 MAP15 (Battle Warrior) UV Max in 4:59 rd13-514.zip rd15-459.zip
  12. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Redundancy MAP10 (Cavernous Cavern) UV Max in 4:25 MAP31 (Kingdom of the King) UV Max in 13:07 rd10-425.zip rd31-1307.zip
  13. vdgg

    Redundancy demos [-complevel 9]

    Redundancy MAP08 (Library of Books) UV Max in 3:14 rd08-314.zip
  14. vdgg

    What is the Hardest Map...

    Redundancy MAP32, Holy crap! I just discovered it yesterday. Every fight seems barely doable, but to pull it off without saves... HOW?! Haha. Also, the dark maze with revenants and chaingunners is beautiful