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  1. Why not write them in spoilers? Otherwise it's fine IMO
  2. Plutonia MAP02 slightly improved Tyson pt02-927.zip
  3. Rayzik superstar! I only you knew your semi-casual Hellbound demos, I guess you improved a lot? Also, a quick check: pf15 and pf23 were not beaten. One of them is a compromise between speed and safety so it shouldn't be difficult to improve on. I only started watching so some more comments may be written later
  4. Yes, this is where I would post it. Cool you did this, thanks!
  5. Thanks @tchkb for posting as I was away when Episode 2 movie was posted and I missed it! Just to say it was adorable. Lol @Ribbiks, but you deserve some credit for all that plasma and rocket ammo in all levels. Did you notice that SSG was almost unused in the whole run?
  6. My god, it's been seven years since I recorded this map!! From what I remember (a bit, not much), your routes on both MAP05 and MAP06 are new and superior to existing ones.
  7. There was a thread 2 1/2 months ago... exactly the same.
  8. PL05 reality is mega cool too see, even though the run didn't meet your quality control requirements :) Very surprising it was possible. PL01 I finished it a few years ago, but with a time of seven minutes something... so your time is pretty good for reality.
  9. This WAD is hard. There were no episode UV-Speed runs before, and for a reason. D2ALL is as insane as j4rio's Scythe2 run. Congratulations, well done with risk management. Also, I'm not super familiar with all the UV Speed records and all the tricks, but a few moments looked like novelties to me; has the rocket jump on MAP24 been ever tried before?
  10. Finally NDCP and NDCP2 have their own, combined, thread. I shouldn't have waited so long to create this :/ Some demos and posts may still be missing.
  11. E2M2 should have a separate subforum so I can ignore these silly topics more easily.
  12. @ZeroMaster010 Legacy's physics is very different from vanilla or Boom, you may treat them like ZDoom demos. This port was popular years ago. Sunlust you meant MAP25, not MAP26 MAP26 UV Speed exists Icarus MAP30 I believe UV Speed = UV Max as there are no monsters and the only secret is unavoidable @Grazza correct pls if I'm wrong Strain MAP07, MAP32 I don't know what's the problem. MAP32 has 2 demos with a note in the .txt file. MAP07 (2:01) doesn't desynch for me, check this thread and check your spechits overflow settings. I have "try to emulate it -> YES" (Options - General - Emulation)
  13. MAP29 Respawn in 9:10 m229r910.zip
  14. Cygnus20 MAP01 Movie link returns an error http://doomedsda.us/lmps/384/1/cygivlmp.zip