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  1. Finally NDCP and NDCP2 have their own, combined, thread. I shouldn't have waited so long to create this :/ Some demos and posts may still be missing.
  2. E2M2 should have a separate subforum so I can ignore these silly topics more easily.
  3. @ZeroMaster010 Legacy's physics is very different from vanilla or Boom, you may treat them like ZDoom demos. This port was popular years ago. Sunlust you meant MAP25, not MAP26 MAP26 UV Speed exists Icarus MAP30 I believe UV Speed = UV Max as there are no monsters and the only secret is unavoidable @Grazza correct pls if I'm wrong Strain MAP07, MAP32 I don't know what's the problem. MAP32 has 2 demos with a note in the .txt file. MAP07 (2:01) doesn't desynch for me, check this thread and check your spechits overflow settings. I have "try to emulate it -> YES" (Options - General - Emulation)
  4. MAP29 Respawn in 9:10 m229r910.zip
  5. Cygnus20 MAP01 Movie link returns an error http://doomedsda.us/lmps/384/1/cygivlmp.zip
  6. I didn't vote myself, maybe I should, some of my favourites are low on the list or not even on the list (Bauhaus, Beyond Revival, CRFE...)
  7. Last 3 chaingunners, crazy! My way of thinking would have been: "I'm 6 minutes ahead of the previous record, why risk losing this run? Let's use pistol".
  8. I liked these "skull switches in boxes". Finished the map on my second try, only 40% kills !?! But I don't want to play it again, stealth monsters :(
  9. Which Vile Flesh levels qualify as "city"? MAP24,27,29 IMO. They are all mega cool, MAP24 would be my favourite of the three. It is "joyful" in contrast to rather sinister MAP27 and catastrophic MAP29. Thanks for mentioning that brilliant Scythe penultimate map, good memories... (edit) I just remembered another funny map, MAP15 from CChest2
  10. Endgame: dead on MAP08 Endpoint: on MAP04 I played most of Endgame maps before or at least I remembered how they were. MAP03 had me wondering what to do for like 20 minutes (final time: 30 minutes), there were no problems until MAP05 (missed that ledge run) and MAP08 which I remembered as a stupid slaughter map, and I never bothered finishing it before. So a cyber rocket out of nowhere ended the run. Endpoint: Never played this before. Oops, Eternal. I am not a big fun of him despite some brilliant maps here and there. Some obnoxious monster placement and dickish traps, that's how I view Eternal's maps, sorry. This started promising though, with a very pleasant first map and a MarsWar MIDI. My mistake was to play with a bit of fatigue and finally MAP04 got me, and it wasn't a difficult map... I really like this mapset, will play the rest one day. end-ironman-vdgg.zip
  11. MAP04 improved UV Max in 1:32 MAP01-MAP04 UV Max Movie in 16:50 rtdfull-1650.zip rtd4-132.zip
  12. 1998 Voting went: (Adelusion won) Tastes change. Dr Sleep was outstanding for sure, though I don't dare to pick "the best". My favourite 1995 maps: Gather MAP04 by Daniel Norman Gather MAP05 by Daniel Norman Minos by Dr.Sleep Obituary MAP09 by Thomas Moeller Torment MAP01 by Shamus Young For 1996 such a list would have +20 entries I guess :)
  13. Plays back with TTP.wad ("fixed") -skipsec -10 and I have no idea what happened. Tried IDDTx2 and a level editor. A rocket hit against... something which is not there. @RjY ttp-excuseme.zip
  14. MINOS from Master Levels UV Max in 5:37 minos-537.zip
  15. +++ Hell Revealed II :)