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  1. It was a great article. Of course, I disagree with many of them, as I found them legit (so they must be obvious), but still, well done! My picks: Artifact by Paul Schmitz, you have a chaingun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle on display, each in an alcove. If you pick up the chaingun first (that you already possess), you can get all three weapons and all the secrets. If you choose RL or plasma first (being greedy?), you can only have either rocket launcher or plasma. D2Reload MAP13 soulsphere secret. It's in a tunnel which is briefly accessible when a big portion of nukage is lowering. Armor bonus is your reward in FCFF MAP02. You need to do platforming, and shoot an imp with a rocket. Or the other way round... That was a nasty one. Ah, of course, also the one from MAP01! It contains nothing. To get it, you need to rocket jump yourself. yakfak's secrets can be really obscure, the secret exit from Dedicated to Francisco Pizarro, my max demo doesn't show it as it is not a sector but an exit. I don't remember if in the end I figured it out or not. Also, Odessa series.
  2. @Never_Again may kill you for disabling this option! It adds info at the end of the .lmp to allow automatic playback.
  3. While I am not so much into IWAD runs, there's a lot to like in the video. Pausing to comment about moments that took lots of effort / problems to solve. View from different cameras. Favourite remark, at about 11 minute mark: "Unfortunately, it hadn't been discovered in the time of making this run" I only had ?!?! reaction when I saw the definition "Pacifist = no damage allowed, including damaging yourself (...)", I mean, since when? That's new! Also, I have doubts whether a non-TASer can appreciate what's going on. It looks like there's lots of extra effort to create this video after already tons of effort on the demos themselves. Thanks!
  4. vdgg

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    @Andromeda You "liked " my post in May that suggested moving it to marswar, so the last one maybe no? ;)
  5. Complevels have priority over compatibility options from the menu. Complevel 3 should behave exactly like Ultimate Doom (so it does not break demo compatibility). If you feel like these hanging bodies would block you, can you show it somehow? Which WAD, map, area?
  6. vdgg

    The Top 5 Custom Monsters

    - Caco replacement in zanspid.wad (128 HP, faster attack) - Lost soul in strain (counts towards monster kill %, less dumb) - Final boss in spectrum.wad (much more dynamic than spider mastermind) - These pain-elemental like creatures in Mordeth with a different colour, spitting homing "ghosts"] - Killer Croc (?) in Batman Doom plus, - I have a soft spot for bazooka troopers from Obituary I thought about 5 minutes about this post, so it may not be the most accurate ranking of mine. Skillsaw's monster replacements are usually awesome, but I didn't play his WADs so much so they are not that memorable for me, if that sentence makes any sense.
  7. vdgg

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    ^ I'm always impressed when you leave an active arch-vile alive, on purpose, for such a long time
  8. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Spectrum E3M5 UV Max 3:54 spectrum35-354.zip
  9. vdgg

    Getting the red key in MAP15

    I got the red key by accident, by trying everything 1000 times. Note that I played Doom II after having played games such as Eye of The Beholder, Betrayal at Krondor, Lands of Lore etc. so I had infinite patience.
  10. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Spectrum E3M6 UV Max 6:27 spectrum36-627.zip
  11. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Spectrum E3M1 UV Max 1:13, E3M8 UV Max 1:37, E3M8 UV Speed :42. spectrum31-113.zip spectrum38-137.zip spectrum38-042.zip
  12. Bump It is possible to telefrag the boss in E3M8. I am not saying it is good or bad... I just find it amuzing. spectrum38-telefrag.zip
  13. If you are into killing everything, you can try to beat one of my unpublished UV Max demos. If you prefer to just run to the exit, maybe Suspended in Dusk MAP01 UV Speed? Agree that it needs to be something that you enjoy.
  14. vdgg

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Hellrun by Adrian Smart. Not one already at DSDA. An excellent old map indeed, advertised several times by @Doomkid and @joepallai. (example review). UV Max in 17:21. hellrun-1721.zip