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  1. Phobos: relive the nightmare may not be exactly what you're looking for (not a megawad, etc.) but it's so good for its age you definitely need to check it out!! It's Episode 1 design (rather superior than Episode 1 IMO, lighting is fantastic), Doom II monsters, levels are short, lots of fun.
  2. Slayer MAP08 UV Max 6:56 sl08-656.zip
  3. Slayer: MAP04 UV Max 6:32 MAP31 UV Max 5:30 sl04-632.zip sl31-530.zip
  4. After finishing (again) Brotherhood of Ruin (classic!) I decided to try BoR_lost.pk3 (The Lost Temple) for ZDoom. I remember one specific feature in the original Brotherhood that influenced my mapping a lot: no former humans AKA zombiemen! The Lost Temple is a long level with a different philosophy. It uses former humans, I think it also uses more pain elementals than the original and also boss monsters. These took a while to kill without the BFG (I found 0/4 secrets). Good level, but not as memorable as the original Brotherhood of Ruin.
  5. The last few years tendency on these forums (at least the opinions I've read) is that it is bad mapping, and it bothers everyone (I didn't notice contrary opinions). For me designing unavoidable pickups is OK and sometimes even good (involving some strategy) and picking these up... I prefer to "waste" health than ammo, but mostly it is not harmful (there is plenty of health and ammo elsewhere).
  6. Brotherhood of Ruin MAP04 UV Max 10:22 MAP05 UV Max 9:23 MAP07 UV Max 10:00 rbr7-1000.zip rbr5-923.zip rbr4-1022.zip
  7. All that arduous job of gradually adding -complevels to older demos (ruinbros last week) doesn't get unnoticed :)
  8. Brotherhood of Ruin MAP01 UV Max 3:40 rbr1-340.zip
  9. Hi PanterD2S! I missed the fact you registered almost a year ago, and even posted in this thread! Welcome to the forums! (I assume by your nick you're the person who, among other feats, was the first to beat Entryway in < 6 seconds?) Feel free to share your stories if you have time... Some old topics: if you haven't read them yet, they may be of your interest: PS You don't know me as I joined as late as in 2007
  10. Only The Strong UV Max 14:43. I enjoyed the map, though it "objectively" sucks. Not sure why... strong-1443.zip
  11. Finished Oracle by Jim Flynn and Scott Harper. Not sure who did what. Map03 is super ugly and forgettable, I'll only talk about Map02. A few areas look nicer than your standard Flynn Titan etc. level, the rest is just ugly. However, using the custom sky was a nice touch and helped forgetting about how badly designed it was. Then it just like Titan's: super confusing, plenty of rockets, you press all the switches but you miss that important one for ages... Never_Again's demos helped. I discovered the red key was not necessary, Never_Again had discovered that, too. The map kept me entertained for about 2 hours. Only the Strong by Sascha Mueller. Play mueller03 first! This map (strong.wad) looks mega amateurish and has plenty of mapping errors. But it is large, difficult and somehow fascinating. Not that far from Flynn when it comes to surprises and discovering new things constantly. Non-linear but the ammo is sufficient only if you know where to go first... The backpack is extremely important. One design highlight was a switch, when you press it you may go past the switch, weird but I loved it. And also the cyber <-> masterming battle as you may release some minor monsters or arachnotrons while they fight which is very fun. Still don't know how to get one secret (ramparts).
  12. Suspended in Dusk MAP02 UV Max 7:00 sid2-700.zip
  13. In case I didn't make myself clear, it is a heavily expanded "cover" of Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Why not give it a listen?
  14. @RUSH: Van der Graaf Generator, uh oh. Anyway, here's what I think is the best of the best: Vivaldi by Canarios. If you survive the cacophonic intro, be ready for +1 hour of delight. The guitars may resemble Oldfield or Hackett at times, the keyboards - Moraz, but the whole think is unlike anything.
  15. Luck-based this map may be, but no way I could get 1:52, so well done! And it could have been faster still (easy to say, but it's risky). Once you had arch-vile busy attacking the manc, you could've let them the loose and just concentrate on the revs in the meantime ;)