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  1. Sigvatr

    Why original Doom doesn't support mouselook?

    The engine only draws vertical scanlike like thingies. They go from the bottom of the screen up. They cannot rotate. It's kind of complicated but transformations are applied to 3d renders by matrices, which are usually 4x4 arrays. There are multiple kinds of transformations you can apply while 3d rendering, including scaling, rotation, displacement (transformation), skewing and other advanced stuff if you know how to fuck with matrices. All of these matrices are multipled together before being applied to, say, a model, or a triangle, whatever. It determines how they are displayed (if at all) on the screen. Doom has almost nothing in common with modern 3d engines. To determine if it needs to render a wall, it will see if the pixel on the floor it begins at is within your field of view, and if it is, draw a column of pixels there. Then it gets kind of complicated juggling around all the other shit that display on screen too, like sprites, floors and other walls. The Doom engine is basically a highly optimized way of drawing columns of pixels and it was a triumph of computing performance at the time it was released. True 3d engines like quake, before the rasterization crap begins, interpret the game, data and world completely differently. As a true 3d engine, it uses matrices and fancy mathematical shit. It is approximately 26345 times more complicated than rendering a column of pixels. Basically if you got in a time machine with a copy of quake and went to someone's house that can run Doom just fine, you will get quake to run at about 2 frames per second on their computer. Doom and Quake didn't so much come out at the times they did because John Carmack is a smarty man, but because the timing was just right. Or, John Carmack jumped on it at just the right time. The up and down looking you see in Doom source ports works within the realm of Doom's weird column rendering engine. There's nothing 3d about it, it just sort of distorts the columns of pixels, their projections and positions.
  2. Sigvatr

    Shitty connection?

    Took me about an hour to make it.
  3. I think we need a thread where people can pitch their community project ideas instead of making a new thread every time.
  4. Sigvatr

    Doom in Everyday Life

    I have a Doom shirt for every monster, and also a BFG shirt.
  5. Sigvatr

    Shitty connection?

    I would have noticed this, but I wouldn't put it past certain foes.
  6. Sigvatr

    Shitty connection?

    Chrome 100%. It's like what Firefox was like when it first started doing the rounds. Now Firefox is slow as shit and has eight billion extensions to slow it down even more.
  7. Sigvatr

    Shitty connection?

    Has Doomworld been really slow to load for anyone else lately? I think someone mentioned it in #zdoom too.
  8. Sigvatr

    funny bones

    I think the dog gets broken and they try to put him back together and fuck it up really badly because they are retarded.
  9. Sigvatr

    funny bones

    FUNNY BONES A ZDoom compatible patch wad the replaces all monster attacks with the lost soul charging attack. The effect is complete and utter insanity. You get two choices of flavors; No Gravy (monsters can't fly) or With Gravy (monsters can fly). NO GRAVY: http://www.braindamage.vg/doom/funnybones.wad WITH GRAVY: http://www.braindamage.vg/doom/funnybones_with_gravy.wad I will record a video when I get home, screenshots won't do it justice. In the meantime it would be great if someone else could make a video! Enjoy.
  10. Sigvatr

    How often do you use the BFG?

    I have never, ever made a chaingun/plasma rifle comparison before. Now that thinking about it, my brain is about to explode.
  11. Sigvatr

    Compiling XWE's source code

    If there was better documentation for Slade's source code, then I think we could branch it off to make an XWE 2. I'm interested in that.
  12. Sigvatr

    Hell Superior

    STATUS REPORT Graphical Resources: 98% Music: 5% MAP01: 100% MAP02: 75%
  13. Sigvatr

    Doom Builder 64 Released (Updated 9/25/11)

    Now we have to get used to it all over again!
  14. Sigvatr

    How often do you use the BFG?

    Yeah, wading through tides of monsters while blasting out 600 cells of BFG is cool, like, the first time you play Doom. After that there is nothing novel about it. And it's pretty unfortunate that people continue to make wads that are ENTIRELY BASED AROUND THIS GAMEPLAY MECHANIC.
  15. Throw in Cyber Subzero just for shits and giggles.