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  1. Aside from working on the Last Man on Earth megawad, I have a few other websites / projects I am working on. NWS warning on some of these.

    [and let's get rid of this link too] (sort of NWS)
    The Competitive Spree Killing Organization. This is a statistical analysis of spree killings worldwide and also a place where I sell T-Shirts. It is satirical in nature so don't get preachy on me.

    Link-Dead is a 2d sidescrolling multiplayer game I am making graphics for and codesigning. The programmer is Michal Marcinkowski, who created the game Soldat if any of you have heard of or played it.

    This is my personal blog which usually is used to talk about and show pictures for games and projects I am working on. There are some pictures of Link-Dead on it.

    Doom interview mainly. I think most people have probably read these.

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    2. YMB


      Danarchy said:

      Get help.

      Use3D said:

      Congratulations on your effort of making the most offensive comic, which I'm sure takes just as much effort as making the best looking comic, or the one with the best story or characters. Kudos, you're truly an inspiration to everyone.

      Imp said:

      Yeah the fuck is wrong with you man. That comic wasn't even offensive just stupid and gross. Learn how to make better comics. And try making them at LEAST funny for a change. The whole point of a comic is to provide some source of entertainment.

      ...and this is why it's generally not a good idea to share your personal little "projects" here.

    3. leileilol


      You're no Hyena. Stop trying.

    4. Danarchy


      ...and I never thought Hyena's comics were that funny either.

      His fanfics, on the other hand...