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Everything posted by Wills

  1. Wills

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    well thats nice all you guys but the melvins are the greatest band in the history of music
  2. Thanks for judging, guys. I'm not sure whether to feel ashamed or proud of my map.
  3. I just submitted a map. The official title is too long to post here so if you want to put it as "AASHITTY: ..." PROCRASTINATORS UNITE
  4. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #349

    stop being a dick entryway
  5. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #347

    Imageshack has an auto-resizer. As for people complaining about the reviews: Welcome to the world of /newstuff!
  6. Wills

    H1N1 "Moderate" Pandemic

    oh no, H1N1! AKA Bird Flu 2.0! AKA SARS 3.0! uh...
  7. Wills

    Map thief/slandering bastard at it again

    Wait, what? It's already been established that Corey was not plagiarizing these maps.
  8. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #344

    What the hell are you talking about? When you're talking about a map that is made of two rooms connected by a door, of course some reviews will be very similar. Stop flattering yourself.
  9. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #341

    it wasn't funny the first time
  10. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #340

    Yeah, but playing as the Cyberdemon, it's a lot more obvious - your rocket hand points to the right but the rocket shoots forward. It's only a minor complaint.
  11. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #340

    I was sorely disappointed by the lack of succubus-on-succubus action in Demonic Limbo.
  12. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #339

    I just voted it back down to 3 1/2 to piss you off.
  13. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #339

    oh no
  14. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #338

    I laughed when I saw the two screenshots for The unnamed base were both of ads.
  15. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #337

    What kind of internet filter lets you onto Doomworld but not a website to download Winzip?
  16. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #337

    Send them in a zip file via email to bloodshedder@doomworld.com
  17. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #337

    I thought the par times thing was amusing.
  18. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #333

    Only when all the obese people in the world armed with fireball launchers die first.
  19. Wills

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    Exactly. Because you can only go with "You get the keys and shoot the monsters, but it looks really nice" for so long.
  20. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #331

    Challenj.wad may not be the worst wad on the archives but it's one of the worst wads I've ever played, seeing that I don't like to spend my time downloading and playing bad levels.
  21. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #330

    I thought BC was pretty cool, nothing particularly special, although certainly not for everyone. It's obviously a joke, so I doubt it'll get Worst Wad of the Year.
  22. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #326

    That map wasn't too bad... I was pointing out not only the dead imps but also the sudden cutoff of the slime, which you see a lot in really old wads, instead of a horizon effect.
  23. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #325

    "This level is a bunch of brown corridors with some Hellknights"? How insightful. I made it quite obvious in the review I did post that the level was shit. You're taking this too seriously.
  24. Wills

    The /newstuff Chronicles #325

    I never said we should ban him, or anyone, from the archives. Some people genuinely enjoy his maps for some reason. I myself find them a waste of time and in my opinion he is just churning out endless bad maps for attention.