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  1. Carcass

    Wad Generator

    What was the name of that program that generates it's own wads? I'd like to try it out. And by the way, I did my speedrun of Doom II yesterday in 18:02. It still could have been better though.
  2. Ok I found out how to open the jdoom.cfg file and I added this to it: bind +c "recorddemo 1" bind +p "pausedemo" bind +s "stopdemo" bind +l "playdemo 1" I can now record demos but they are not working. They seem to only record the first couple of seconds, I can't see/hear my weapon firing, and it spins around whenever I turn slightly. This is the link to me screwing around, can anybody watch it or something? http://www.2shared.com/file/2885127/fa1a8a86/speedrun.html
  3. I actually want to record it in Doomsday because I want to jump, and the graphics are screwed up in PrBoom (scroll up, I posted a picture). I found this: http://forums.newdoom.com/archive/index.php/t-25600.html Which tells you how to record demos in Doomsday. Unfortunately, there is no .cfg for the Mac version. Is there anyway to fix this? Or else I'll just have to do it on a friend's computer.
  4. Ok I found the command line to record the .lmp, and sorry to be such a noob, but how do I use it in PrBoom? Is it supposed to be typed into some console that can be brought up during the game?
  5. Ok here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do an I'm Too Young To Die speedrun with mouselook, jump, autoaim is off, and I'm going to meet or break my off-the-record time of 22:15. No permanent strafe50 and no slowmotion. No speed tools or special effects. Mouselook doesn't really make it faster, it's just a preference. In fact, by slightly moving the mouse while strafing it could cancel stafe50 because it only works if you're strafing in a perfectly straight line, right? But I need to video record it because I don't understand how .lmp's work. Now all I have to do is find out how to record it.
  6. Ok sure the speed tricks are neat, should I do it as it is? In real-time?
  7. I don't think I have it. Under "Compatibility Level" I have: default, Doom v1.2, Doom v1.666, Doom v1.9/Doom II, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Dos Doom, TAS Doom, Boom Compatibillity, Boom v2.01, MBF, PrBoom v2.03 Beta, PrBoom v2.1.0, PrBoom v2.1.2, PrBoom v2.3.x, PrBoom v2.4.0, and PrBoom Current. I still don't know how to record .lmps though.
  8. That's the one I downloaded, PrBoom+. And I made a mistake. It's actually 22 minutes 15 seconds 42 miliseconds, that's including the time in between each level.
  9. MacOSX. Looking through the "Compatibility Level" in the PrBoom Launcher, I don't see Hah, you wish. 21 minutes 42 seconds 14 miliseconds. I used the stopwatch on my cell phone and I didn't stop the timer in between levels so I was smashing the space bar trying to skip the scores. I also didn't realize you could alter the game's speed so I was running into enemies all over and getting stuck because I couldn't dodge them fast enough. But now that I'm aware of .lmps and all of these little secrets and I'm ready to break a record.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. As it turns out, you can slow down the game speed and I guess play the .lmp at regular speed. Smart! I have a couple more questions regarding PrBoom now. Although these options don't seem to be present, I need a crossair, I need to disable auto-aim, and I need to jump. And how exactly do I record .lmps with PrBoom? Sorry to be a total noob but I'm new to these new ports of Doom. And finally, please take a look at this picture and tell me what's wrong with my graphics:
  11. Hi, I want to break Andrey Budko's record for fastest tool assisted speedrun of Doom II. I did a speedrun of Doom II in 21:42:14 on I'm Too Young To Die in Doomsday with jumping and mouselook, but I don't have it recorded and I didn't stop the timer in between levels. Now I want to do this for real but I need the help of experts and I want to use every trick in the book. 1: What is "slow motion" and how do I enable it? 2: How do I set Doom to permanent strafe50? 3: Can the speedrun be done on I'm Too Young To Die or does it absolutely have to be on UV? Will it even be considered if it is on I'm Too Young To Die? 4: Will jumping and mouselook compromise the credibility of my speedrun? 5: I have no experience with .lmps or with programming in Doom. How do I record my .lmp? Can I use Doomsday to record my .lmp? Will it play .lmps? (I use the ministart instead of the frontend) 6: Can I use some kind of screen recording program to record my speedrun instead of using .lmps? 7: How do I use save states? If I save/load during a speedrun, will it screw up the .lmp? 8: What are some of the tricks and glitches I can use to improve my speedrun? 9: In Doomsday, the game will stop for about 2 seconds every once in a while. Also, sometimes I go so fast that I when I run into an enemy we coalesce to eachother and I can't move. How do I fix these problems? Will I have to use another port? (Keep in mind I want to use mouselook/jumping) 10: Does anybody care anymore? All of the links for speedran .lmps I found are broken and the last news entry for Compet-N was in 2005. Thanks
  12. Carcass

    Deathmatch me!

    They don't have either of them for Mac
  13. Carcass

    Deathmatch me!

    Well duh what the hel was I even talking about. At the time I was trying to play with my PC friend using... an early version of Doomsday entitled "Ministart"? But it's still worth a try.
  14. Carcass

    Deathmatch me!

    I was born in 1989, I've been playing doom since 1994 when I was 4 years old. I've speedran Doom 2 in 23 min 58.6 sec. If anybody thinks they can take me on in deathmatch, lets go! I have a Mac though so I'm not sure if it will work with PC IP addresses (it hasn't before).