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  1. I played like shit but I got the red key. You gotta set achievable goals, right?
  2. Upvote for your avatar!

  3. ;_________________________________;
  4. Please don't use swear words until you have your mother's written permission
  5. When you're 20+ and drunk or high or whatever and reminiscing over your first foray into internet forums, you'll know I was just trying to help
  6. If you are literally 8 years old please stop posting on any internet forum for 5 years. It will benefit all of us, but especially you, and even then you will look back to things you said when you were 13 and be embarrassed. Feel free to lurk, but really seriously don't post for 5 years
  7. it's still may somewhere e: double map05 deaths
  8. Local punk practices mapset before declaring Ironman run, does well:
  9. oh balls it's the end of march already this won't take long, probably: e: it did not take long. map04, blue key room. Probably should've practiced more than the first two maps!
  10. Gonna grab some water and prepare to die. It'll probably be pretty quickly, I'm going into this entirely blind. e: :toot: Cleared the mapset, no secret level. In fact I don't think I found a single secret at all! Dunno what my time was, if I'm the one who's supposed to record that lemme know~ e2: highlight link
  11. It's on /idgames! And with that I'll let the damn thread die already. I'm sure Alfonzo is eager to make a thread about CGI2 :v
  12. Aaaand that's it! I'm calling it a wrap. It's done. It's donion rings. It's uploaded to /idgames and I'll check on that in a bit. :toot:
  13. Okay. I think this is the one. Honestly I do. Release candidate four might be the one to be actually released. This should work 100% in Zandronum. I can't really claim that for ZDaemon, what with the hub map and Jimmylight Projectile Hell and the Corn Syruppuku easter egg, but all the ASHWALL skies should be gone, all the music should work, everything important for playing and enjoying the maps should be there. Just don't go to BUNKER or MAP98 in ZDaemon, it will crash. MAP90 is playable but half of the stands are filled with <!>s instead of cute widdle slimes. Oh well. I'm gonna go make that text file and prepare for /idgames. Claim error with the wad now or forever hold your silence (or just yell at me for being an idiot forever). e: fixed some broken animations, thanks for pointing those out, essel!
  14. That's really good to hear! I think the final step to wrapping this thing up will be fixing the skies and other issues for ZDaemon, because good lord this shit isn't gonna work in Odamex. It'll load and play, sure, but it's buggy in some really bizarre ways that I can't reproduce in any other source port. Thus: Rest in peace, Odamex support for Countergoat Initiative Duelset #1 (2015-2015). We hardly knew ye.