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  1. hawklord

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    Sometimes I still like doing a run-thru of the original doom from e1m1 thru e1m8. The rest of my doom time is spent on wads that require plutonia/tnt
  2. Aaah, yes, so that was the missing link! Yay, thanx for that info. All went well, and we were fragging away within a few minutes. We did a 3-hour test! One thing puzzled me: seeing the blood-splattered and weapon-splattered walls. That effect never used to happen. Anyway, cheers for the prompt assist.
  3. I can't believe this has never been asked before, but I can't find it anywhere. Apologies if I haven't looked hard enough. Do I need something more than zdoom to be able to have fragfests with a friend over a wireless network? In the olden days we'd run doom95 on Windows 98 and select "DOS Doom over Modem" and thus tie up our phone lines for an hour or 2! Now we want some 21st century DMs and I can't figure how to do it. TYIA
  4. hawklord

    WAD design and playability

    Hiya folks... i'm still working on my spaceship wad. anyway, forget that for now. I've seen loads of thread answers advising on texture improvement but I don't think I've ever seen a response saying something like "I think this wad would be more user-friendly if an extra box of shells was put near the first slime pit." (for example.) So, what about playability? I know professionals diversify (ie teams) but I wondered if it also happens at the amateur build level. Say, someone designs a wad and someone else places the oppo and ammo, and then others roadtest it. Does that happen at all?
  5. i just wondered if there's any records anywhere of the best runthru time of doom1 (if that's the right name). I mean the IWAD that's just called 'DOOM', when you're using doom95.exe. i've made it from e1m1 ('Hanger') thru to e1m8 ('Phobos Anomoly') in under an hour, going via the 'secret' military level - on the UV level. i'm not particularly good at doom and so there must be people who can do far better. Probably on nightmare! anyway, i think i muddled through in 57 mins (UV). i wonder if there's a hall of fame for times taken?
  6. mmmmm. i guess the oppo are all fascists, then, since they all behave the same way towards me... ie, try to kill me asap. lol... i looked that one up, and i gather Randians think that Man needs three things: reason, purpose, and self-esteem. cacodemons have improved on that. they think that Man needs four things: reason, purpose, self-esteem... and dripping fangs driven deep into their torso.
  7. sorry; i missed that question until today. i'm a child of the Cold War, so yes, in my book, BADDIES and COMMIES are pretty interchangable. commies are such an out-of-date group now that i'd never actually specify them as being the people to splat and slaughter. when i play doom i don't worry about the political orientation of a cacodemon when i meet one! i guess the oppo is whoever you want it to be. having said that, i suppose if a member of al qaeda played doom, he might regard his character as a freedom fighter and the oppo as westerners. i don't like that thought. but then, it's probably unlikely that al qaeda supporters play doom.
  8. alrite, i'll give that a bit more thought. yeah good point. i suppose an interstellar ramjet might need to be made of solid concrete, but damn, it's not the image i had in mind for my sleek and threatening battle cruiser!! wow i'm glad i didn't rush into sumbitting this wad to a doomwad download site.
  9. yeah thanx for the feedback; i'd agree with all of them. regarding point 3 (claustrophobic corridors) that was intentional so although i agree, i'm not gonna change it :D i'll deal with the other things, though. i'm going on a special mission later - a mission to find the Blood flat that you mentioned! yesterday i started playing with DoomBuilder. it looks like it'll be a big help. tx again
  10. hawklord

    Phobos Reloaded E1M1

    it won't run, i just get an error, saying 'missing texture in BRNBIGC'.
  11. Thanx for all the positive feedback. Now let's see what happens if you actually try the wad :D it's not ready to be published to gamers.org (lots of rooms are empty and there's not much other decoration.) So i've put it somewhere else: http://www.lifeprobe.co.uk/doom/starship-TEST.zip if your arrival on the spaceship ends in instant bloodshed then use a different part of the teleport platform. there's some back-tracking to throw switches.
  12. if i can figure out how to do that then cool... --------- yeah alright yomoneyboat, i'll try an upload of the wad but it's a 'work in progress' thing at present. it's not shiny!
  13. hiya folks yeah you don't know me but i've been creating wads for about 5 years now. i did a wad based on the scenario that a freedom fighter had to transport onto an orbital spaceship (a ship controlling the planet), and trash the oppo, then make his escape via the ship's transporter in the cargo bay. a friend played it and said the objective in attacking a ship should be to take over the bridge. (sort of like chess, where you capture the king.) in my wad, the bridge raid happens halfway thru and then you have to battle your way onwards to the cargo bay. so... i wonder what people think of that criticism of his.