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  1. unidenti7ied

    So, how old are you ?

    Iam 31 and today I thought: Hey, I have not spent doomword.com a visit in a long time. And here I am, wondering and confused about the new look o.O Way too old for 'modern' Internet, I think ;)
  2. unidenti7ied


    I like this very much! Thank you for this epic megawad :) 5/5
  3. unidenti7ied

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    - Japanese Community Project - Ancient Aliens - Bloody Rust (even though it's a bit short) EDIT: -Bloodstain (Thanks to the Newstuff-Section btw., never heard of this project before..)
  4. unidenti7ied

    Japanese Community Project

    A must-have for everyone who plays DooM imo. I enjoyed this very much. Superb music, excellent gameplay and architecture. Definitely deserves a 2016-Cacoward :) ps.: as you play through this, make sure to enable automap in map 8! ;)
  5. unidenti7ied

    What is your favorite game besides Doom?

    My personal 'All-Time-Classics' besides DooM: -Diablo 2 (HC-Ladder only) -Resident Evil 1-3 (PSX) -Quake 1-2 -Final Fantasy 1-9 (PSX) -Harvest Moon - Back To Nature (PSX) -and last but not least the Serious Sam Series ;) Just can't get enough of all these Games :)
  6. unidenti7ied

    Ten Years of Cacowards

    A big thanks for the 2013 Cacowards :) Every year it's the same: When november ends and the snow begins to fall, there is this special "DooM feeling", you know what I mean? Ok, I am sure, everybody here knows it: The Cacowards are almost there! Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Ribbik's Stardate 20X6, my personal favourite this year :) And I like the new "Lifetime Achievement" category, it's amazing. "Suspended in Dusk" by Esa "Espi" Repo is a legendary masterpiece btw, every DooMer should have played through it! It's a fascinating fact, that it's designed for Vanilla DooM <3 p.s.: "beloved demon killing simulator" -kmxexii XXDD
  7. unidenti7ied

    MediEvil - A PSX third-person series from 1998/2000

    MediEvil.. So many memories. I loved this game. It was the second game I bought for my PS 1 (Biohazard 2 was the first one), and I played through it ever and ever again. The atmosphere of ME1 was amazing. Even today, playing this via emulator, I can see how much love was put in the creation of this game. There are so many nice details in ME1. ME1 is surely one of the best action adventures ever released. ME2 sadly failed imo. Crash Team Racing? Well,Iam playing this almost every weekend with friends on PC via emulator. 4 Controllers, Splitscreen, it is a lot of fun. I think its way better than Mario Cart 64.
  8. unidenti7ied

    [Bioshock Infinite] Booker deWitt and his debts

    Finally, I found it! When you enter the AirShip the first time with Liz (that's where you have to use the electro-vigor), a small conversation starts and Liz is asking Booker about Anna. Booker doesn't want to talk about Anna but he admits his compulsive gambling.
  9. unidenti7ied

    Other old-school FPS games you've played and love

    -Quake 1/2/3 -Heretic -Soldier Of Fortune 1 -System Shock 1&2 -Deus Ex 1 -Serious Sam 1st and 2nd Encounter -Blood 1 with Plasma Pack -Half Life 1 -Unreal 1 + Addon -Unreal Tournament 1999 -DN3D -NOLF 1 EDIT: Sorry, Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 1&2 aren't oldschool-shooters ;-)
  10. unidenti7ied

    [Bioshock Infinite] Booker deWitt and his debts

    Hey, thanks for the fast reply. This was my first site (the link you posted), but I am still confused. This option may be right, because of the things you can see all over Booker's desk. (horse-race bets,the pistol,alcohol,etc...) But like I said, I am not sure about that. I mean, he give his little baby away? 'Only' because of debts? How hopeless a situation can be that a man can do such things? Ok, Booker tries to take Anna back from Comstock shortly after his fault. (As you can see, BioShock Infinite has taken over my mind^^) Maybe I can find some hidden voxophones with info's about Bookers fall.
  11. Dear beloved DooM - Community, I have an unusual question to ask and I hope that somebody can help me out. Well, you guys are my last hope ;-) To make things short: After years and years (13)of playing DooM and countless pWads, I finally managed to play another great game which keeps me trapped in front of my monitor: BioShock Infinite. So, after playing through this jewel several times to get the full point of the story, there is only one final question: Booker deWitt has debts, or at least a single huge one because he gave his child Anna away, a very brutal 'last hope' decision, I think. But what are these debts?? I spent hours searching the www, but nobody seems to have an answer, maybe because people are not interested in that question or there really isn't any answer because the game itself doesn't tell. Maybe one of you know the answer? Thanks in advance, have a peachy day and be well ;-)
  12. unidenti7ied

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Coffee Break +1
  13. unidenti7ied

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Oh, I love the Cacowards! Thanks so much. Happy Birthday DooM! Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations to skillsaw for being mapper of the year! I really love vanguard.wad and lunatic.wad I like the new award for Best Gameplay Mod. Was about time^^
  14. unidenti7ied

    Vanguard.wad - now on idgames!

    Love it! Looks great, plays great. It's freaking amazing;-) Thanks for this one!
  15. unidenti7ied

    Weird starting problem with GZDooM

    Thanks a lot, that worked just fine.