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  1. unidenti7ied

    Gman's review

    Isn't this mysterious 'Gman' the guy on youtube with the pre-pubertal '-your mom, -your girlfriend' jokes all the time?
  2. unidenti7ied

    Can't Come Up With Any Ideas

    I can fully agree with that. Try to give yourself mapping-limitations such as 'I can only use 50 sectors' or 'I can only use 10 Textures' etc.. Never thought about that, I'll definitely try it out later :)
  3. unidenti7ied

    Labyrinth of the Aku (17 levels) updated

    May I ask if this is a boom compatible .wad? There is no .txt file though..
  4. Well, from this perspective, yes. I wasn't sure but I took this as a given thing. In that case, I want to mention another equally important thing if not more important imo. And that is mouselook. I mean 'normal' mouselook, without that weird moving-thing you know what I mean? In the original DOS-Version you could play around with the setup but you could not get rid of this moving-thing. (Is it called mouse turning?) EDIT: In the infamous Doom 3 BFG Edition for the PC ID included the classic Doom 1 and 2. And despite the flaws in/of this versions they took over the control scheme from your personal settings from Doom 3. And I liked that.
  5. You mean aside from the things they already have? Or do you mean a new thing/feature?
  6. unidenti7ied

    ColdPal - A new palette for Doom/Doom2 [On idgames]

    Great work, thank you :)
  7. unidenti7ied

    Who Else Agrees That This is the Scariest Moment in the Game?

    Oh dear, I remember that as well.. The Tick crawled out from behind that computer-terminal when you were done switching/clicking through the different camera-views on the interactive terminal/console, as far as I remember correctly. It was in the original Doom 3 campaign, in the level where you have to find a new door-panel in order to, well, open the door. Can't remember the name of the level though..
  8. unidenti7ied

    Who Else Agrees That This is the Scariest Moment in the Game?

    I could never forget that. btw: remember the Hell Knight who tries to break through a door when you step in front of it and try to open it? Or the poor guy who is, ahem, 'nailed' to the ceiling and cries just before a ton of those freaking monsters with the long tongue and yellow-glowing eyes appear? (I think they're called 'maggots'..)
  9. unidenti7ied

    Assistance in upgrading my video hardware

    Glad you purchased a GTX 750ti :) Are you sure that the PCIe-Slot on your board is 1.0? But it is still fastened at 16x, right? Also, a Core2Duo E8600 is pretty fast, even today, if perfectly configured. Combined with a GTX 750ti still a decent system imo. You can still upgrade to a new mainboard (which I recommend), there are dozillions used ones over at ebay, with any luck you can find cheap new ones. There was this pretty short 'BTX-time' in the middle-2000's, slightly bigger mainboards which unfortunately no one but Fujitsu, Foxconn or Intel cared about. These boards mostly could be found in Fujitsu's Esprimo-Desktop-Series, an now can be purchased easily on eBay. Till I switched over to pure Laptop-usage roughly 1 year ago, my main computer system was such an Esprimo, powered by a Core2Duo E6700 combined with a Zotac GTX 750. I was able to run Bioshock Infinite at 1920x1080 in/at medium details/settings and 4xAA enabled through the nvidia-driver. Also Serious Sam 3 was perfectly playable in high settings with 4xAA enabled. Doom 3 ran in Ultra-Settings of course ;)
  10. unidenti7ied

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    And I thought I was the only one who thinks that the Slayer-Whatever-2016-Guy looks like a molten mishmash of the Master Chief and a somewhat Doomguy... Not to mention this bizarre red plastic-sword the Slayer-Whatever-2016-Guy wields to stop demonic invasions or whatever.
  11. unidenti7ied

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    I think that the Quake 3: Arena Doomguy is the most accurate 3D-interpretation of the classic Doomguy. Just imagine a Q3A-Engine based DooM-Game made with this character-model.
  12. unidenti7ied

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Same here ;)
  13. unidenti7ied

    Assistance in upgrading my video hardware

    I would recommend an used nvidia GTX 750 or 750ti. If you're playing a lot in 1920x1080 resolution, a GTX 750ti is the better choice because of the 2GB video memory instead of 'only' 1GB.
  14. unidenti7ied

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    I always try to avoid chainsaw- or backpack-pickups. EDIT: as long as possible