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  1. unidenti7ied

    Where should I put the iwads on Linux?

    You mentioned 'apt-get', respectively 'apt', so you use either debian or a debian-based distribution. - A launcher is not (yet) available in the official repositories but there is a program called 'Super Shotgun Launcher', or SSGL in short available on Github: Super Shotgun Launcher ยท GitHub available as a .deb package. EDIT: I forgot to mention that prboom+ is available in the official repositories.
  2. SILENCE.WAD (incl. S_MUSIC.WAD) by Wilster Wonkels.
  3. unidenti7ied

    Reloading or no reloading?

    Reloading if it's a Doom 1 Mod, even when its a kind of Slaughtermap /mapset and you are planning to do a (G)ZDoom Wad. It depends on the people you'll like to play your wad/map/s. No Reloading of course for a boom/vanilla compatible .wad/mod.
  4. unidenti7ied

    A wild megawad appears

    I played till map06 via prboom+, and as mentioned here before, sadly there is a fatal bug in map06, 2 doors (blue and yellow) cannot be opened. The yellow one appears to be the door to a secret area, as the corresponding yellow keycard was hidden inside a secret. In the readme file the author wrote that this .wad was playtested via gzdoom due to the MAPINFO lump but can/may be played with other engines, too. I wonder in which format the maps itself were build? As some may suggest, I did like playing through the first five levels, the visuals and architecture are impressive, considering that only D2 vanilla textures were used. The gameplay was quite challenging too, I really enjoyed it. Maybe there will be a version 1.1 'out of nowhwere' in the near future? ;)
  5. unidenti7ied

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Not even close, hm? Serious Sam 2 puts the whole Serious Sam Experience to an even more comedic-absurdish level, just like Doom Eternal the Doom-Franchise. In Doom Eternal there are things like: 1: Every time you manage to archive a headshot, there is this very weird 'plop' sound (in SS2 it's the bowling-pin sound) 2: Also a weird sound when a cacodemon is melee-killed (I'm trying to avoid this G...Kill word) 3: Extra Lives just like in SS2 4: Netrisca = Vega 'Stand Alone Absurdism' in Doom Eternal: 'Fortress of Doom', 'Ripatorium', Toy-Pickups, LP-Pickups, Cheat-Pickups, "All mortally challenged personnel please be advised", Zombies are ammo containers, Doomguy - sorry, Doom Slayer - speaks (of course he does), The Rocket Launcher looks like, well I don't know.. etc, etc.. Don't get me wrong, I don't 'hate' Doom Eternal or something like that, I think I am way too old to feel hate on Video-games ;) It's a fun game and I like it (well, sort of). Serious Sam 3 BFE, for me, feels more Doomish: Earth, overrun by hordes of demons/aliens, lies in ruins, all looks desperate and there is no hope left. Well, there is one hope: You, Sam Stone. "Against all the evil that Hell can conjure (...), we will send unto them... only you" fits to SS3 just as good as it fits to Doom Eternal, I think. If you disable the voice quotes in SS3, and swap the Sam Stone player model to the Doom Slayer one (I bet someone has already done that), it's Doom. G.. Kills are also included ;)
  6. unidenti7ied

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    - Doom Eternal feels like Serious Sam 2 (no, not The Second Encounter). - Serious Sam 3 BFE is the better modern Doom experience. There, I said it. Someone had to, right?
  7. unidenti7ied

    Gman's review

    Isn't this mysterious 'Gman' the guy on youtube with the pre-pubertal '-your mom, -your girlfriend' jokes all the time?
  8. unidenti7ied

    Can't Come Up With Any Ideas

    I can fully agree with that. Try to give yourself mapping-limitations such as 'I can only use 50 sectors' or 'I can only use 10 Textures' etc.. Never thought about that, I'll definitely try it out later :)
  9. May I ask if this is a boom compatible .wad? There is no .txt file though..
  10. Well, from this perspective, yes. I wasn't sure but I took this as a given thing. In that case, I want to mention another equally important thing if not more important imo. And that is mouselook. I mean 'normal' mouselook, without that weird moving-thing you know what I mean? In the original DOS-Version you could play around with the setup but you could not get rid of this moving-thing. (Is it called mouse turning?) EDIT: In the infamous Doom 3 BFG Edition for the PC ID included the classic Doom 1 and 2. And despite the flaws in/of this versions they took over the control scheme from your personal settings from Doom 3. And I liked that.
  11. You mean aside from the things they already have? Or do you mean a new thing/feature?
  12. Oh dear, I remember that as well.. The Tick crawled out from behind that computer-terminal when you were done switching/clicking through the different camera-views on the interactive terminal/console, as far as I remember correctly. It was in the original Doom 3 campaign, in the level where you have to find a new door-panel in order to, well, open the door. Can't remember the name of the level though..
  13. I could never forget that. btw: remember the Hell Knight who tries to break through a door when you step in front of it and try to open it? Or the poor guy who is, ahem, 'nailed' to the ceiling and cries just before a ton of those freaking monsters with the long tongue and yellow-glowing eyes appear? (I think they're called 'maggots'..)