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  1. unidenti7ied

    [Bioshock Infinite] Booker deWitt and his debts

    Finally, I found it! When you enter the AirShip the first time with Liz (that's where you have to use the electro-vigor), a small conversation starts and Liz is asking Booker about Anna. Booker doesn't want to talk about Anna but he admits his compulsive gambling.
  2. Dear beloved DooM - Community, I have an unusual question to ask and I hope that somebody can help me out. Well, you guys are my last hope ;-) To make things short: After years and years (13)of playing DooM and countless pWads, I finally managed to play another great game which keeps me trapped in front of my monitor: BioShock Infinite. So, after playing through this jewel several times to get the full point of the story, there is only one final question: Booker deWitt has debts, or at least a single huge one because he gave his child Anna away, a very brutal 'last hope' decision, I think. But what are these debts?? I spent hours searching the www, but nobody seems to have an answer, maybe because people are not interested in that question or there really isn't any answer because the game itself doesn't tell. Maybe one of you know the answer? Thanks in advance, have a peachy day and be well ;-)
  3. unidenti7ied

    Other old-school FPS games you've played and love

    -Quake 1/2/3 -Heretic -Soldier Of Fortune 1 -System Shock 1&2 -Deus Ex 1 -Serious Sam 1st and 2nd Encounter -Blood 1 with Plasma Pack -Half Life 1 -Unreal 1 + Addon -Unreal Tournament 1999 -DN3D -NOLF 1 EDIT: Sorry, Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 1&2 aren't oldschool-shooters ;-)
  4. unidenti7ied

    [Bioshock Infinite] Booker deWitt and his debts

    Hey, thanks for the fast reply. This was my first site (the link you posted), but I am still confused. This option may be right, because of the things you can see all over Booker's desk. (horse-race bets,the pistol,alcohol,etc...) But like I said, I am not sure about that. I mean, he give his little baby away? 'Only' because of debts? How hopeless a situation can be that a man can do such things? Ok, Booker tries to take Anna back from Comstock shortly after his fault. (As you can see, BioShock Infinite has taken over my mind^^) Maybe I can find some hidden voxophones with info's about Bookers fall.
  5. unidenti7ied

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Coffee Break +1
  6. unidenti7ied

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Oh, I love the Cacowards! Thanks so much. Happy Birthday DooM! Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations to skillsaw for being mapper of the year! I really love vanguard.wad and lunatic.wad I like the new award for Best Gameplay Mod. Was about time^^
  7. unidenti7ied

    Vanguard.wad - now on idgames!

    Love it! Looks great, plays great. It's freaking amazing;-) Thanks for this one!
  8. unidenti7ied

    Weird starting problem with GZDooM

    Hi@all. Got a crazy problem with GZDooM/Skulltag here, hope anybody can help me out. I downloaded the new ATi Catalyst Drivers (v.10.4/WinXP32) for my Radeon HD 5770 and installed it. So I wanted to start GZDooM 1.4.3. But yeah, nothing happens. Same problem with skulltag. So I uninstalled the new driver, changed back to the old one. (v.10.1). Nothing happens, same problem. I tried out the new GZDooM 1.4.8. Same problem. I tried out other openGL Games(DooM3), no problems there, everything works just fine. In Catalyst Control Center, I made a few changes, but nothing happens. GZDooM and Skulltag won't start. When I start GZDooM.exe/skulltag.exe, my monitor runs black for 5 seconds and switches back to the desktop. wtf happens there?? Thanks alot for all help.
  9. unidenti7ied

    Weird starting problem with GZDooM

    Thanks a lot, that worked just fine.
  10. unidenti7ied

    Changing Pistol Sound via DECORATE

    Thx for the help, works just fine^^
  11. unidenti7ied

    Changing Pistol Sound via DECORATE

    Hey everybody. Hope someone can help me out with this problem^^. I want to change the sound of the standard pistol in DooM2. ZDooM Wiki says I have to create a SNDINFO.lump and a DECORATE.lump. So I did that. The code in DECORATE is as follows: ACTOR UAC9mmStandardPistol : Pistol replaces Pistol { AttackSound "weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire" } In SNDINFO i've created a line: weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire SAFIRE I've created a simple test map in DooMBuilder(ZDooM in Hexen Format), opened the .wad file with xwe and loaded in the two .txt files and a new sound file called 'SAFIRE'. Then I started the map, but yeah, nothing happened. I copied the whole original 'Pistol-Code', and added the line: AttackSound "weapons/UAC9mmStandardPistol/fire" Nothing happens, the pistol sounds like always. What did I wrong? THX for any help EDIT: Yeah I know, that I can simply change the pistol sound by replace the original DSPISTOL sound with another. But the chaingun uses the same sound.
  12. Hey everybody. Just a simple question: I added some textures in my pwad, anything works fine and all, but I wonder, if it is important to add an extra 'F_START' and 'F_END' marker, for the new floor and ceiling textures? In older versions of some DooM ports, when u add a normal 'patch' file into your levels on the floor or ceiling, there was an error and the floor and ceiling textures did not appear. THX for any help, unidenti7ied
  13. unidenti7ied

    a simple question about floor and ceiling textures

    Thx for the help! But there is another 'strange' thing about this 'F_START', 'F_END', 'P_START' and 'P_END' markers. Some people say, that it is also important to name this markers 'FF_START', 'FF_END', or 'PP_START' and 'PP_END'. Why could this be important?
  14. unidenti7ied

    NewDoom Community Project 2 Released

    omg. can't find the right word for this .wad....perfect maybe... I swear, it was the first time I died because of the wonderful architecture! Every single room looks so nice, there are so many wonderful used sectors and lines. I saw and played many, many, many .wads, and I have to say, that this is my favourite one! Really great and perfect job!
  15. unidenti7ied

    Automatic Weapon Reload

    Hey guys. First, thx alot for all the help, you gave me on previous problems. But now, here's a very special question. I couldnt find an answer or tutorial, etc.., so I hope, anyone can help me out^^: I know, that the following IS possible, but I have no idea, how to realize that: We all know the Duke Nukem3D pistol, and that it reloads automtic after 12 shots are fired. How can I make this for the DooM-pistol? I want to do this for the shotgun, the rocket launcher and the plasma rifle, too. The extra-sprite and sound question is no problem, I could just lower the sprites for the 'reload-time', and put a 'reload-sound' in. I'am not so familiar with whacked or dhacked, but I'am sure that this is important to realize that. thx for any help
  16. unidenti7ied

    Problem with secrets in ZDooM/GZDooM

    Hey, thx for help. I solved this problem now. I simply used XWE and deleted the '1024' effect in all 'infected' sectors. That was too easy:-) Thx again for help.
  17. unidenti7ied

    Problem with secrets in ZDooM/GZDooM

    Hi there. I hope, anyone can help me with this problem, i searched the whole forum, but couldn't find an answer:-( So, here it is: I've created a MAP01, for example. Now, i load this map/.wad with the doom2 .wad in ZDooM or GZDooM or any other port. The Status in game tells me, that there are 5 secrets to find, but i didn't put any secret in my map(sector effect 1024). I've tried to solve this problem, so i build 5 secrets in my map. And now the status in game tells me, that there are 10 secrets to find. So i deleted the 5 secrets, but the hud/status tells me, that there are still 10 secrets to find. What have I done wrong? Hope, somebody can find an answer,thx. Btw: I use Doombuilder
  18. unidenti7ied

    Doom 2 in a Nutshell

    5/5 - it's a lot of fun to play through this shrunken maps. Nice concept and very good usage of those 'only-decoration'-ar eas, I think. Would be nice to see some other shrunken iWad-maps ;-)