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  1. Zeku

    Summer Activities In Question

    preferred sex? Surely Doomers, people who don't feel the need to flock to whatever the newest subrate rehash game is, are also mature enough to not buy into the media's superior accept-every-freak-and-malefactor morality. Just say 'opposite sex,' and let an angry queers identify themselves. ...I feel my grip on my forum priveleges slipping away...
  2. Zeku


    Don't announce things until they're done. Fun projects become hard work the moment you are obligated to work on them.
  3. Zeku

    The /newstuff Chronicles #69

    100% fullbright is cool.
  4. Zeku

    The /newstuff Chronicles #66

    I made a poopie !@?
  5. Zeku


    Turn off all Java and Javascript, it's useless and a huge security and anonimity risk. Use Netscape 3.04 or compile your own version of it. Some fluff pages won't display properly. It's usually enough to simply report a browser other than what you actually have by using a proxy. Use something like Proxomitron to mask your browser type, OS, and where you're linking from. To get rid of regular ads, put a hosts list in your windows directory. Here's a decent one I've added to myself: http://www.geocities.com/caco1413/hosts.txt You have to remove the .txt extension and place it in /windows
  6. Zeku

    Alien Vendetta Released

    It's fun. But to get the wad I had to unzip it while patting myself on the stomach 3 times, then run the program to unzip another program to patch an iwad which I copied to another directory while pulling down my pants and then closing the dos box, I brushed my teeth and then deleted some other files while spinning in place and doing the Arsenio whoop while the computer froze up for a while at which time I copied some things so zdoom didnt crash, and deleted some other stuff that I didn't understand and then after the counter got to 100 I was kind of tired so I thought I'll just play this later. But it's great.
  7. Zeku

    Earthbound Mod Beta

    It was called 'Because I believe in you." Im just gonna experiment and see if I can embed a link here. <a href=http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/nes/mother_pollyanna.mid>Reindeer</a> I was going to offer you a 'sample' of some of the music, but it doesn't seem like a good idea. Best thing to do is get the nsfs or spcs or play the games.
  8. Zeku

    Earthbound Mod Beta

    It's always fun to talk about games you like. The basic gameplay is exactly like Dragon Warrior. You buy/find equipment and items, learn 'spells,' and fight enemies in a turn based system. The map is mostly continuous, and you can see and avoid the monsters most of the time if you want. The artistic element is what makes the game stand out. The theme is roughly equivalent to a 50s era American horror film. It's a little bit spooky and bizarre, but mostly it's just funny and silly. The main character can only be described as Charlie Brown with psychic powers. The other difference is that he's not a sadsack like Chuck. You start in your well-adjusted Americana homestead, complete with doggy and loving mom. (Mommy's initially absent in the original Mother.) Dad also seems to have a LOT of cash stashed away somewhere. :) The things you encounter include meteorites, zombies, hippies, robots, aliens, sea monsters, dinosaurs, FBI agents, hotel clerks, mummies, dungeon designers, arcade thugs, nerdy friends, trains, UFOs, pizza delivery men, and of course, traveling musicians. Naturally, what makes a game like this truly memorable is the music and sound effects. In a FF or DW game the music attempts to be both thematic and appealing, but the Mother music generally seems to be focused entirely on setting a mood. There might not be much of the sort of music you would listen to on its own, but everything enhances the game incredibly well. In fact, one song from the original Mother is essentially my favorite VG song, which is saying alot. I think it's called 'Because I love you.' It's the song for the town of Reindeer, and also the theme song for the girl. You should play both if you can tolerate turn based RPGs.
  9. Zeku

    Earthbound Mod Beta

    Mother/Mother2 are some of the greatest. It's one of those ultimate games that only a few people seem to know about, like Master of Magic or the quest mode on Genesis Gauntlet4. The only thing that gave me pause was the revolting anime face I saw where "Paula's" mug was supposed to be. Whatever the original emphasis or nature of the Mother series was, to me it was always- Charlie Brown with psychic powers and his All-American-Alien-Asswhooping team. The 'chick' doesn't have be homely, but she should be beautiful in a simple and humble way, not a pedophile-lust demon-eyes way. And she certainly shouldn't be the main character! Good luck with this however. You're obviously doing more work than me. I would humbly suggest that you draw at least as much content or inspiration from the original Mother as well. Earthbound was fantastic, but it was still a slight bastardization of the original. (Kind of the like the SNES metroid/contra/square games, etc.)
  10. Zeku

    Mellow Redesign

    ...by using netscape 3.04, or your own build of that version. Who gives a flip about bells and whistles, or sites that use them? It may seem like an elitist attitude, but it's grounded in the fact that real content doesn't require any fancy crap. I play video games when I want pretty lights and sounds.
  11. Zeku

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    Some congressman blames Doom and not mapping like that? Just what kind of adults are the members of the JeffK generation going to produce? Thankless, brute, undisciplined, rebellious savages. That map is your glimpse into the apocalyptic future of humanity, an ironic twist of Doom's avowed intent. I'm not overreacting. I am a little nauseous, though.
  12. Zeku

    Phobos Labs Unveiled

    Even BluesNews has become a bloated piece of crap. Is it just my familiarity with a particular site that causes me to prefer it? Or is there something more, something I lack the wit to spell out in clear terms? Instinct tells me that it's the former, but I tend to steer clear of any excess personality or cheerfulness. It seems that everyone, especially newscasters, think that being a source of information entitles them to add their own spin to the facts. It does, but a true journalist, a true leader, a true LIBRA, knows that their greatest responsibility is to the people. The truth is in fact secondary, but it is only by the complete and unmodified truth that you can help others people. Besides, who really needs another f-ing doom site. The ones that were here before Doom3 was announced have far more credibility.
  13. Zeku

    The /newstuff Chronicles #58

    Just fyi, Unofficial Wad Designers Handbook is no longer hosted on newdoom? Their link points back to doomworld.
  14. Zeku

    Weeks In A Wad

    I spoke too soon. Almost all of these maps kick my ass on UV. This is why I don't like difficulty settings. I like to complete a level without having to save. When the creator decides to make the higher settings stupidly hard, it's almost impossible to get satisfaction out of it. Sure, you can beat it, but so what? When you're facing a pack of shotgun guys with little cover, or a pack of big uglies without much open space, luck becomes a significant factor. You're also left with the question, what is the intended difficulty setting, and which is just for the people who like to try their luck against 50 revenants at once? I dont care about settings at all, since if I have no chance of beating UV on one go, I won't play the level. But I would definitely play the other settings if they were simply a complete revamp of the item placements, without the intention of making it easier or harder.
  15. Zeku

    Weeks In A Wad

    Haven't looked at map11 yet, but Ive found map2 on UV to be stupidly hard. I find a way to -survive- the crate area, then I worm my way through the hell area behind the red door, (which is cool) only to find the crate area re-populated with more wonderful shotgun guys. Hard. Neat maps tho.