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  1. Shadowman

    Hellfire: School

    Hello! Hellfire: School - my new wad, it contains 4 maps. The story tells how the monsters occupied Doomer's native school. Your task is to get into the school and eliminate the demons until they have finally managed to bully the brains of the younger generation. I recommend Prboom-plus, complevel 9. Direct link: http://www.darkwatcher.narod.ru/DoomWads/Boom/HFSchool/hfschool.zip Have a nice game!
  2. Shadowman

    Light of the Seven

    A small map for gzdoom, made on speedmapping session (August 13, 2017). The secret of the map is ... try to guess it yourself. Unfortunately, because of the music, the map is not located on the idgames archive, but is available on my site: http://www.darkwatcher.narod.ru/DoomWads/GZDoom/7lights/7lights.zip A screenshot: Have a nice game!
  3. Shadowman

    Russian Speedmapping Contest #18 - Results

    scifista42 said: "I like this texture (A_HELL04):" This is my own texture :) I firstly created it in Hellfire.wad (see map 22 for example)
  4. Shadowman

    Mogor's Winter

    The wad was updated, added another 5 maps. So, it contains 11 maps now. Links and screenshots in the first post have been updated too. The wad was put in 'incoming' directory. New maps are: maps 4,5, 9-11. Have a nice game!
  5. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    General Rainbow Bacon You need to find a frozen key. And a teleport leading to the locked grate to the north. Are you fully explored the northeastern part of the level? Levers behind grates are parts of the task, but they also give an increase in your attributes (compare your stats until you press the lever and after).
  6. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    Explore the large cruciform hall with columns. There are 4 grates - 2 of them require keys - the skeleton key and the frozen key. (Frozen key is required also for a door located in a long corridor leading to this Hall). You must open all of the grates in the Hall and perform necessary actions there.
  7. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    Dex improves not only the damage from crossbow attacks (and probability for critical shots), but also the probability to dodge in close combat.
  8. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    "BigMemka has amazing maps in terms of layout and architecture" It is interesting how did you guess, what levels of Big Mehmka did, and what - am I? Unfortunately, lags may be on slower computers. Alas, this increases the difficulty of the game, yes.
  9. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    The wad is now placed on 'idgames': https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/inqstr3e This version contains only the English version of the wad and the compressed resources, which we were forced to make in order to stay within limits. One music track has been replaced by the midi music. Music in the forest (map 03 - The wilderness) has been replaced by a similar (but smaller in size) track. The full version that contains English and Russian versions of the wad and uncompressed resources still available on my website at the link in the 1-st post.
  10. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    "because stuck in the cemetery :u" Did you climb on the roof of the ruins? )
  11. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    "I am very much hoping, however, that there will be no "Easter Eggs" in the vein of Inquisitor I." When we create a third Inquisitor, the experience of negative perceptions of candidates for torture in the first Inquisitor was taken into account :))
  12. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    The wad was put into 'incoming' directory. Temporal links: https://yadi.sk/d/IQ9PJmwY322nv2 http://www.megafileupload.com/cdL5/inqstr3.zip By default, J button - quest journal, P - to show hero's characteristics, R - choose the answer in dialogues or a defensive spell, T - to say a chosen answer in dialogues or to cast chosen defensive spell. You can customize hotkeys for 8 most important things in your inventory (healing potions, artifacts that restore mana, items that damage monsters). Also you can find a detailed description of the world of "The Inquisitor III" in the attached pdf-file 'Inquisitor-III-ENG.pdf' (English version) or 'Inquisitor-III-RUS.pdf' (Russian version). Command line for playing the English version is: gzdoom.exe -file inq3res.pk3 inqstr3e.wad Command line for playing the Russian version is: gzdoom.exe -file inq3res.pk3 inqstr3r.wad Have a nice game!
  13. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    And here is a short movie recorded by BETEPAH[iddqd]. https://youtu.be/m3fwyZ3AWK0
  14. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    Got a question. According to the rules in the 'Incoming' directory the file archive should not exceed 50 MB, and we have it about 110 MB. What should I do in this case? Can I download the file more than 50 MB?
  15. Shadowman

    The Inquisitor III

    Thanks! Crossbow sprites are very good!