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  1. Well I have been going though a long search for online FPS co-op or deathmatch (Or single player) games. There are tones of good-looking games such as cube and alien arena 2k7, but it doesn’t get simple as simple as that. Oh no. I have to be one of those people who just don't have the money to buy new stuff for my computer.

    So far, the only good online games that do somehow work on my crap-tacular PC are UT99, Quake, Half-life and doom (Skulltag).
    So as you can see, my search is either pointless, or the hardest one ever. So I'll continue it.

    Hope I find something soon, I might start going nuts with the lack of being able to fill my hard disk with something. Heh.

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    2. Bucket


      Hehe, I actually have a GeForce2 somewhere around here...

    3. leileilol


      avoid the fx series, it may sound 'good on paper' but it's inferior to the geforce256 in performance, yes in the same games, even inferior in 640x480 quake3.

    4. spank


      Your current video card takes all your choices. You really need to get a new one.

      Your CPU seems to be a slot A Duron, but knowing whether you have an available AGP slot would be essential. I personally would go for anything that supported at least DirectX 8.0. AFAIK the Geforce 3 Ti500 and the Radeon 8500 are at least as fast as the GF2 GTS and will give you shaders. Or perhaps you could get at a cheap price a GF4 Ti4600, which totally eclipsed everything else on the benchmarks.

      Failing that you have an AGP slot, the most recent PCI cards I know of are only DX7 compatible. I'm talking about the GeForce4 MX series, which are pretty fast but will set you back on image quality.

      deathbringer said:

      I think my brother got HL going at a decent rate in software mode on a 450mhz, 128 RAM and 4meg graphics back in 1999. At 640x480, mind. I remember when we got a 32meg card in there and dared to push the resolution all the way to 800x600 and the detail to "medium", dizzy stuff

      Fuck, we played it in 320x240 on a P133 when it came out! HL ran great on my 300MHz K6 with a Voodoo Banshee, as well as Q3. The first game which really took its toll on the computer was Hitman.