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  1. Ry74

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    I still think that assuming it isn't good level design. The BFG9000 was a secret in the original Doom, and it was certainly nice to have, but wasn't necessary for beating the game.
  2. Ry74

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    Necro! Basically, for the first five levels or so, I felt that the WAD worked well enough, especially in seizing elements from the Doom Bible and plonking them down into the new engine. However, once I hit M6 or so, it seemed to take a downturn: The ammo distribution seemed to assume that you had dug out all of the secrets and found the rifle, so there were numerous points where I was totally dry on M7 and M8, especially the latter. I don't really think a WAD should assume secret-finding. As for the backtracking, I didn't really mind... But then again, I'm a huge HeXen fan, too.
  3. Nah, Demons are Randian Objectivists.
  4. Ry74

    why all the kdizd hate?

    My only real problem with KDIZD was that the game assumed that you found the secret weapon, as far as ammo distribution was concerned. The Ammo placement was all right up intil about 1M6-7.