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a demonic lemon

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  1. a demonic lemon

    The Machine Girl..

    all i can say is "hate to piss off that chick
  2. a demonic lemon

    Hi, I'm a Mancubus. And I'm a Pain Elemental

    i remember when i tried sprite comics sucked so bad, i agreed when they said to find my actual talent
  3. a demonic lemon

    Weird Doom dreams.

    i had a dream like doom but the monsters were furbys and one was huge-touching the 9000ft. high castle ceiling. i had a kickbutt chaingun but the rest of the weapons looked the same.
  4. a demonic lemon

    Best game intro/ending

    intro: doom series transformers halo series outro: doom 3 transformers (decepticon outro)http://youtube.com/watch?v=dXmtNFpMwew
  5. a demonic lemon

    What is your favorite fan made wad ever?

    1)psychophobia.wad 2)mock 2: speed of stupid 3)Terminator: Unit 9042 Deluxe Edition 4)simpson doom sprite\music\texure replacement 5)the ultimate torment and torture 6)action doom and 7)KDiZD