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  1. Only thing you need now is the soothing tones of DETHTOLL.MID running in the background and I'm pretty sure we could trigger some vile repressed memories. On that note I'm pretty amused D_RUNNIN hasn't been ruined forever for me. I actually kind of like the song still.
  2. The guns are interesting, the paint details look pretty much the same across the two models, but they're flipped on the new one, which definitely indicates its a different model (incorporating the same guns). I wouldn't be surprised if it is a newer model made for display, incorporating some parts from the old one.
  3. kind of a tossup depending on what I need at the moment. I'll use EE or PrBoom+ for playing vanilla/boom/mbf stuff, GZD for more general playing of some things (with relevant compat settings) as well as modding stuff. I don't have particularly strong feelings for or against many ports and I try to use a decent variety of them, at least ones that catch my interest.
  4. It doesn't strike me as super important, at least for Doom. I think for Quake, Water was a pretty big deal, but a lot of that was because the controls were much better suited for it. For what its worth, I also liked the short bits of swimming in Half-Life and Half-Life 2, much different games than Doom. All of these have the nice thing that you move through water reasonably quickly, which I feel helps a lot. In contrast with ZDoom water feels so limiting a lot of the times, since you swim through it relatively slow. So I guess I like water but make it so that you swim through it quickly
  5. I think they're fine when used well, still. Mixing the three together is pretty likely to generate the negative reaction, though. After about a decade, I think I'm cured from seeing ASHWALL2 and CEIL5_2 in this light, the old DB1 defaults.
  6. while i'm busy trying to kick my p&d obsession i'm starting to get that desire to make doom maps inspired by some of the dungeons again.


    the dungeons in game are very basic visually, usually just a straight stretch or a basic hallway, but some carry some character to them and it would be nice to see them expanded into a more fleshed out environment. Like the devilish swamp theme:


  7. well I mean I'm not fully convinced anything I like isn't complete and utter trash. well, except for konosuba. Everyone loves that, so far as I can tell.
  8. in terms of not weeb stuff, with friends we've been watching Babylon 5 and Stargate: SG1 to completion, and I'm enjoying both of them very much. On the side a few of us are also watching King of the Hill here and there, and I'll admit, it took a little bit to get warmed up to that series, but after the first few episodes I've really come to enjoy it. In terms of weeb stuff, I've been going through Toradora, Haganai, and Konosuba as of late.
  9. I kind of feel a sort of silly mobile game's ff collab has better graphics than the official mobile ports of ffv and ffvi. There's even some nice touches, like falling snow that sometimes goes into an all-on blizzard, and you even get to face final boss kefka in a cloudy void with animated sunbeams.
  10. Thankfully I think has a really complete archive of it. Someone should probably download it for extra archival at some point, since while I'm sure the internet archive is better at keeping things archived than some random person on a forum, all it would take is for the current domain owner to slip in a simple robots.txt file to render the site completely inaccessible...
  11. In the forum switchover thread long ago, I think xttl sort of slyly admitted he archived all of Blogs and Post Hell, at least that's what it sounded like. Did Rachael keep an archive of the drdteam files? That would certainly be helpful, since I remember she was responsible for the system in the first place.
  12. out of every little detail you could wonder about doom, this is among the most pointless I've seen in a long time. I feel like these threads are starting to reach postcount++ territory, but obviously I'm not the judge of that.
  13. puzzle and dragons please someone save me from this hell
  14. I know people around here aren't that huge into Tim WIllits and I don't think this is going to help that


    Apparently Carmack's also backed Romero up on this but I lost the link to that.

    1. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Romero's got memory like an elephant, y'all.

    2. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Willits always seemed fake af so this is no surprise. He should lie low and let Marty do the talking from here on out.

    3. InsanityBringer


      Things are getting interesting. Despite Romero, Carmack, and American stepping up to refute his claims, he's now claiming that he actually dug up evidence of these supposed map stubs


      Buuut... Romero's right on the money when he mentions that multiplayer only maps are not an idea came up with during the Quake era. In addition to the numerous examples he mentioned in his post (including our own community making plenty of them before Quake), I can add that Descent shipped with a pretty barebones set of deathmatch maps. You can't even load them in singleplayer out of the box, they were intended for nothing but DM. Romero's been a bit wrong on a bunch of things over the years, but I feel three people countering the claim from that era is enough to cast plenty of doubt on this.