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  1. here's the feature suggestions thread originally talking about them and this thiread has a fair amount of further disussion on them. I believe they need to be turned on in the options first.
  2. Doom doesn't treat cyan as transparent, that's just an ancient editor convention since back in the early days of doom modding formats with true transparency weren't entirely common. Modern editors like SLADE 3 have entirely abandoned this convention, not implicitly converting cyan into transparency, you need to do that manually with the image format converter. This whole cyan=transparent thing has hamstringed efforts to actually use that color in things.
  3. Based on the special definitions in DoomED and some stuff in the Doom source code, I've learned that id apparently was intending to use Buttons (like the green one and the red tall one I presume) as repeatable specials and Switches (the ones with the actual movable lever, like the green/red one, I guess) as actions performed only once, but like most of these things they tried to establish it wasn't actually stuck to at all. Another weird scheme like this is that apparently repeatable keyed doors would say they need a keycard and unrepeatable keyed doors would say they need a skull key in the earliest versions of Doom, but this was revised in later versions, presumably since the designers didn't adhere to this at all, and there was no distinction in the code.
  4. with regards to the texture cache error, there's nothing too remarkable about that error, the game just tried to load too many graphics than what can fit into video memory. Kaiser once told a tale of having to go into the automap when using the BFG on Suburbs since that would frequently cause it. At least I think that's how the story goes...
  5. I remember reading that the Jaguar Wolfenstein port was Carmack's testbed to see if the Jaguar could handle a fast action game like Doom, so it makes sense that it would also test certain Doom code, such as the WAD loading code. Sadly I don't have a source on this and I don't remember where I originally read it
  6. if you're in a decent enough position you can compensate by tapping the fire button rather than holding it down. The first two bullets out of the chaingun when you hit fire are perfectly accurate. Its slower but it can be used to safely exterminate certain far away threats. edit: one thing this forum software would benefit from that's in PHPBB is a "someone posted something while you were writing your post" notification when you hit post. heh
  7. ah crap, EE defaults the skill to ITYTD if you simply go into the console after starting EE and using the map command. Was wondering why BTSX MAP12 was remarkably easy...

    1. galileo31dos01


      What is EE? Eternity something?

    2. InsanityBringer


      EE is the Eternity Engine

  8. doom, age of empires 2, and maybe terraria. if I'm not allowed custom content for these games, I would probably just give up gaming and take up some stupid hobby.
  9. I find it handy for chaingun tapping and mopping up trash. sure PR is great at these things too, but if you have the bullets, you may as well use them.
  10. hmm, one minor issue I'm having with the DW software update is that it does seem to use a lot of bandwidth compared to other sites I visit. Its no problem on PC, but my cellphone is on a shared plan so I'm fairly limited in how much data I can use. Though to be fair I can't fully determine if DW is the culprit or if its these damn "GirlsX Battle" ads, I swear the bandwidth use increases more when one is loaded

  11. how much easier is BTSX E1 on HMP? I've been playing through it on HMP pistol starts since it sounds like it gets difficult and I'm not great at doom, but overall the first crop of maps hasn't been too bad. And yet so many of the DWIronman deaths were within this first crop. hmm

    1. galileo31dos01


      When I tested the first two (or three maybe) maps, same skill as you but continuous, at some point in the second map I run out of rockets, shells and bullets, and to be honest I wasn't wasting my ammo with unnecessary minorities, but yeah I'm sure that's part of the idea of the wad, to think of strategies to make the most of your limited available arsenal. No idea how much harder would be on UV. 

    2. GarrettChan


      I tried to use IDDQD to get through first 6 maps to see the difference. Honestly, except for the SSG trap on Map01, most changes are kind of subtle. Sometimes they remove like 1~2 monsters, or sometimes they change Chaingunner into a Shotgunner. Then, on the supplies side, there's 1 extra Plasma gun (none in UV) and 1 extra Soulsphere (1 in UV inside a secret) on Map04. There's a Megasphere (none in UV, but there are a Megaarmor and a Soulsphere in 2 different secrets) on Map06. Judging only from this, I guess they just think what if you don't want to look for a secret.


      Besides this, whether doing single segment may have heavy influence to this. The difficulty level doesn't reach the point you can't even solve the problem by scumbag saving/loading. By the way, sometimes doing pistol start may be easier because players like me has some "must save ammo for next level / must have 100 health to exit" BS OCD to deal with. If you make good use of the supplies in the level, it should be fine. Can't say for the later long levels though.

    3. GarrettChan


      Well... the wrong propositions of "in UV" bug me a lot... but I can't fix it. Sorry for this stupid post.

  12. I suspect strings aren't valid in this context, since they're highly limited in ACS in general. If you want something to call from scripts, you can try making it a function, but I don't think its possible to call a script with custom string parameters in a map even in udmf. Also that terminate; is superfluous, it'll terminate automatically.
  13. RTCW MP was overall pretty fun but I dunno if it would work out as well with TNO's mechanics. I think it could, but I really do get the impression that the time is better spent on working with the SP campaign.
  14. I remember a map where you entered a hallway, an alarm started ringing and a door at the end of it closed after some time, and it never opened up again, and you didn't die or anything. The level author stated this was intentional, so yeah I would believe people doing it intentionally. This did get changed when the map was officially released I believe though. I can't remember what it was in.