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  1. InsanityBringer

    John Bain (TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit) Dead at 33

    so, I've heard a tale that when he slipped into his final coma he was still talking about his fortnite review even in his sleep. Is there a source for this story? I'd honestly believe it, given how damn stubborn he was about continuing to work through all of this. Took his willingness to work to the grave, that's pretty admirable. You'll be missed, man. R.I.P.
  2. InsanityBringer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    I feel most RTS xpacks are pretty good. Brood war's a huge boost to starcraft, likewise its almost impossible to imagine Age of Empires 2 without Conquerors, or Warcraft 3 without frozen throne, and so on. Games tend to get better with iteration, and most of these are first party, so its not too surprising. I guess blizz has a good track record with first party xpacks also. FPS games have been more hit or miss with me, and the majority of fps xpacks for the games I've played at least are almost always third party affairs. I guess I liked the HL1 ones to some degree, opposing force has enough fun content and blue shift is just basically a level pack so it didn't bug me that much. Beyond that not too much jumps out on the fps xpack front.
  3. InsanityBringer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    So there's a thread about "the floor is lava" which vaguely inspired me. Cue a little inspiration from Worms Armageddon, and i've thrown this mess together. At 10 second intervals, the lava rises from the bottom of the map evenly, 8 MU at a time. When the lava rises up, the floor becomes damaging and in a version taken after this it also goes fullbright for effect. Fun. I feel I should try to make a gamemode or something that revolves around this...
  4. InsanityBringer

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    bugfixes, i guess. as usual there's not a lot that mechanically annoys me. i guess if i wanted to be picky I could point at things like shells being generally better per unit than bullets, or how the bfg stomps on the plasma rifle using the same ammo, but i mean, we've all gotten along with these things fairly fine. hell i mean we even get along fine with all the bugs, but i find them more annoying than most of the weirder bits of the gameplay oddities. and then if you start squashing some bugs speedrunning becomes a bit less interesting, so any would-be time travelers, be sure to figure out how much of an impact they'd have before sneaking your cool bugfix into the game's code, heh.
  5. Guess this is gonna cap up the con related status updates, i'll return to normal doom shit after this, but with the convention done i'm kinda really happy because it was very good this year. between the fhána concert, kenichi sonoda's big project reveal, live draws from vofan and rosuuri, playing the battletech pods, and just being able to see folk I've had a really fun time this year, i'm honestly really sad its over since most of the people I know aren't going next year. oh well.

  6. At the convention are these large Battletech tesla pods which fully simulate a mech cockpit and have all sorts of really fun features. This was among one of the most fun things I've gotten to play with in a long time, I kind of wish there was still more demand for this sort of thing. It's really lovely.

    1. KVELLER


      Man, I'm jealous! Those things must be awesome. Hell, the whole convention must be awesome.

  7. InsanityBringer

    your favourite game, with a twist

    - What's your favourite game that has no lead protagonist? puzzle and dragons - What's your favourite game that has only a limited amount of bloodshed, or no violence at all? stardew valley - What's your favourite game with no human characters in it? worms armageddon - What's your favourite game with a currency stat? this seems like the "what is your favorite rpg" question so i'll go with ff6. - What's your favourite game that contains a cool as hell vehicle that you don't get to control? this is really hard, honestly. i always wanted to drive that tank in RTCW. or maybe some of the giant imperial vessels of valkyria chronicles? I also always kinda wanted to drive HL2 APCs - What's your favourite game that you don't feel compelled to max or collect all the points items? doomactually probably duke3d since i usually put effort in trying to max levels in doom. - What's your favourite game that you can play without a computer, phone or console? i don't have a lot of experience with meatspace games, for now maybe something like sushi go. something quick to set up and play
  8. seems mozilla's finally given up on supporting the old "tiles" new tab page in firefox and is now forcing you to use the shitty activity stream thing.



    1. riderr3


      Some addons is also screwed.

  9. InsanityBringer


    if you really want your fill, the twitch video is currently available at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/261931572, and you can go to 2:17:00 or so to see it. I like how the very first comment from joel is "was this approved," which is a very good sign. also i'm slowly dying as i watch this i'm probably going to be dead at the end. was nice knowing you guys, was a good run.
  10. InsanityBringer

    Why did GBA Doom include 'green' blood?

    Nintendo was definitely a lot more open to this kind of stuff by the GBA era on their normal consoles, but with the game boy line in america they definitely were trying to push a more kid friendly image, so I believe it was cut down to try to obtain a T rating. I think only a relatively small amount of GBA games ended up with M ratings.
  11. InsanityBringer

    How to DeHacked.

    you can modify anything to have the projectile flags, but the problem is that nothing is going to shoot them correctly outside of the projectile attack functions. spawn cubes will always be aimed at the spawn spots, so its not possible to make them into a normal attack. MBF adds a paramertized A_Spawn function, but I don't know if it handles missiles properly.
  12. InsanityBringer

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    I can't recall anything that does it being developed outside of this, but it feels like they have all the information they need. maps defining what's playable space vs. void, maps defining sector heights, maps defining triggers, maps defining things, etc. It seems like it would be possible to do.
  13. InsanityBringer

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    One odd thing I noticed looking at the example wad provided is that each wall is divided up into a bunch of small segments, I wonder if this is a sign of how they're getting this output. Take the line image and generate lines from each pixel of it, fill in heights with the heightmap images, and so on. I guess we'll see if they upload the source onto that github repo.
  14. InsanityBringer

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    hmm, the claim I'm seeing is that the thing isn't producing actual levels, but the conclusion does seem to talk about "playing" the levels as if they were loading them up in game and checking them out. I'd figure maybe they'd show screenshots of that to demonstrate the presence of height, though? Part of the paper does seem to be about filling out heights and the like.
  15. InsanityBringer

    Favorite Source Port?

    all of the arguments earlier are why i'm really designating a spread of 4 engines my "favorite". there's overlap with all of them, but each one is developed into a specific niche. GZDoom is perfect for all the super complicated fancy levels with all the scripting and custom objects and whatnot, but it is no good at vanilla compat, and I'm fine with that. When its time to play the latest vanilla (or boom, really) compatible megawad, I can load up prboom+, play with complevels (relying on magic numbers for complevels is a little annoying, but its there at least). EE's niche is a bit weirder, but its still been established so far with crazy portals, which have been used in vaporware demo and mothership (I really wish I could throw in more examples here, agh), and Mordeth sounds like he's doing a pretty good job beating everything possible out of it. EE tends to also be a solid choice for some levelsets like AA since it supports a blend of MAPINFO that allows breaking the maps up into episodes without having to informally do it with death exits only. And then chocolate is there to be absolutely pedantic that any map developed will run in vanilla.