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  1. Since I hate myself I decided to watch further with the multiplier cranked up even higher. You know, I think this guy actually deserves a medal. Taking nearly an hour to clear the crusher room (while actively trying to clear the room the entire time. Your time doesn't count if you stand in a place where absolutely nothing can be accomplished) is a record of itself.
  2. so I had to download the demo and check it out. I had to seriously increase the game speed in PRBoom+ in order to figure out what the hell was going on. it starts normal enough, guy gets the secret, goes through the portal. Instantly upon going in, he wakes up the monsters, shoots one of them, and then goes through the teleporter and waits. For probably over 5 minutes, I can't tell for certain, I had the game speed up so high. It seems he was trying to get them to bunch up here and then once he felt like the time was right, he'd go in, camp around the corner into the slime room, wait for the imp to come on screen, and then shoot him. Do this until the four (repeat: four. fucking. monsters.) are all dead, and its even better since he misses once. You remember how ZeroMaster's impressive pacifist run of Doom 2's MAP02 had him forced into a corner for ages on end to get zombies to kill themselves with barrels and to get guys into favorable positions? Well, that's this entire demo in a nutshell, but instead of doing it to avoid dangerous monsters he does it on individual imps that could never pose a threat ever. He then backs to the wall and slowly slides in. And I mean slowly, it was cosmically slow despite hammering the kp+ key several times to make this go faster. Once a monster saw him, he'd duck around to the corner, wait for them to come, and then shoot them. Then its time to fight a demon. He gets on the lift, looks out, and punches the air. Fighting a demon is hard, man so he stands still and snipes it when it comes into view from up there. And then I lost all interest, holy shit. These demos are absolutely fucking useless and I think they should be purged from the wiki. While I don't think grabbing the latest UV-Max record is a good way of demonstrating casually where all the monsters, items, and secrets are, if the wiki is going to have instructional demos like this, they should be actually informative and not a demonstration of someone playing so carefully they deserve the slowrunning medal. They must have the patience of a million saints, holy shit.
  3. is this a problem? I don't understand your concern.
  4. I have never perceived that there is a song playing in Doom 2's MAP30. I can roughly remember the details of e1m5's song, e2m4's song, D_DOOM, but I literally had no idea what MAP30's song was like until I listened to it outside of the game. I can't even hear it at all under normal circumstances due to my hearing issues, unless I'm using headphones low sounds are hard for me. On the other hand Into the Beast's Belly is definitely the loudest that comes to mind, heh.
  5. Extended doom mechanics do occasionally lend to fun moments, sometimes. Playing a map in a port where live monsters can be pushed off dropoffs, a chaingunner pissed off a rev and the rev proceeds to run up to him and punch him off the ledge. heh

  6. I think Starlight Sanctuary is the first map where I've used almost every monster from the Doom bestiary. only ones not in there are the zombieman, spectre, and spider mastermind. Oh, and perhaps the most glaring omission, the wolfenstein ss.

  7. I'll confess I'm a serial rev/chaingunner abuser (I retooled a number of encounters in Starlight Sanctuary lately to use more monsters, which I like), though I do hold off on the archviles (usually I try to keep one or two encounters on a large map.), so I guess I'll provide at least my feedback from a newbie mapper. I definitely use them a lot because I really do perceive them as a more "generally" useful threat, with chaingunners having a constant stream of damage and revenants attacking more frequently while still going down with little effort. A lot of the other monsters always feel a lot more difficult for me to use, since they need a lot environmental work in order to actually feel effective, stuff I'm not entirely familiar with. The constant screaming is grating on me at this point and I'm trying to expand my toolbox, but its always a fight to resist the easy way out. I just find it so hard to put a imp or hellknight to use, since (at least it feels like it to me) you practically need to be constrained or seriously swarmed in order to actually get hit. I have an encounter I like in Starlight Sanctuary where you drop into a room with two Mancs and a bunch of elevated imps and a knight or two are there to add a bit of additional challenge to throw more stuff onto the field and provide a bit of additional threat, but at the same time I think I could have gotten similar challenge by simply throwing in archviles or revenants with no other monsters to support them. In this case, for the mancs to have any threat at all the environment needs to constrain the player suitably, maybe catch the player in a bad position between them, or in my case, to toss in additional threats to limit the player Another encounter has a number of monsters flooding into an area from three doors. The main encounter is a escalation of imps, demons, revs, with a PE or two as the cherry on top, but I also have some hell knights relegated to a really boring duty of denying a couple of hiding spots. I can't comfortably find a way to make them a main threat without massing, which would be very annoying to fight through even with RL or PG (I've never put a BFG on my maps since there has never been a situation that warrants it). Even in this case, imps feel like they're easier to put on the front line because while their projectile is much weaker, it's about the same speed in the player's perspective and the imp is more comfortably massed since they have very low HP. (an alternative option, I feel, would be shotgunners but they might infight too much. Infighting is good. Battles that instantly devolve into a mess of infighting with no risk to the player feel like a different case..) Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel about it. I definitely use revs and chaingunners a lot because they're relatively easy to turn into a threat, whereas a lot of monsters need more interesting work... Which is probably for the best, I feel.
  8. crap, I have no idea what song I want to use for the map I'm working on


    I looked for a transcription of the song from the game the map is inspired from, but I couldn't find one. I don't want to use the song as is since the contest sort of discourages that, but I have no idea what other midis to use.

  9. I suppose maybe its time to bump this. There hasn't been any update on the fundraser lately, which is a little annoying, but Bobby Prince recently got another new post out on his blog which does mention his health a little bit, and he's also mentioned he's planning on auctioning off some of his music equipment in the near future, including a guitar he's used while working out soundtracks for many of the games he's worked on (with quite a lot of backstory to it). Very cool. Also very cool to see that he seems to be doing reasonably well and is working on new music.
  10. i'm still not very good at this "making large areas" thing, but I'm trying.
  11. In addition to that the name was given to a character in Doom 3, the lady in the scene introducing the Lost Soul. I think Doom 3 based a lot of character names after actual people but in this case its used as-is. Weird.
  12. Honestly, while id didn't seem to care a lot about story, they did at least seem to care a lot about the setting. I'm not really sure how much you can equate the two, but for all the thin story doom, wolf3d, and quake had, they at least are pretty consistent in setting. I've recently read Masters of Doom and it very much seems that the guys liked creating worlds, especially Carmack, the guy with the famous quote involving game story, but they weren't really into writing novels on them in their games. I feel this approach worked well, it gives the world a good, consistent feel, but doesn't really get in the way of the gameplay. That said I am way too far in the territory of "I care too much about the story," holy fuck. Even if I don't really write novels for my maps, I'm adding some minor storytelling elements into my maps here and there. An area that you're in for five seconds with some simple gameplay that establishes the setting. The fact that Revenant100 recently revealed that Sandyman was including some minor storytelling in his own maps for the original Doom was pretty amazing.
  13. I think they're able to get unstuck because they take a step that's bigger than the amount they're stuck in the pillar. They take 8 map unit steps but are only embedded 4 units into the pillar, so when they take a step Doom realizes they aren't touching anything at the new location and lets it go. On the other hand, the infamous MAP02 shotgunner is embedded deeper than 8 units and trying to move in any direction means they'd still be touching the wall at the new position, so it gets rejected.
  14. You can set a SpawnID on the new monsters (I don't think that pack has them set though), but honestly you'll probably just want to use SpawnSpotFacing since you can just use their classname rather than having to set SpawnIDs.
  15. rdwpa, there's definitely a lot to be learned from there, and I'll put some of it into practice as I do more tweaking with the map. I definitely have trouble "deleting" things and I find that one of my flaws at the moment is that I do try to keep things too solid once I get them to a point where I'm not entirely displeased with them. To be honest about one thing, I am really uncomfortable with doing larger spaces (and well, smaller spaces connected in a more open way), I feel they always degrade into a clusterfuck than any interesting gameplay, but I think I might try combining the rooms together a lot more like that. From what I do know I think I might be able to tame the gameplay in a relatively interesting manner, and everything I have in that area I'm reasonably pleased with, but its definitely a bit of room by room scenario. Still days left on this event so I have plenty of time to adjust.