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  1. Just out of curiosity, what map formats are supported? I'm very impressed by this tool, its an idea I'm sure's been floating around for a while, nice to see it actually brought into existence.
  2. I kind of hope someone actually does it, since it could maybe result in some neat maps. If not, I'm sure there will be a "use the things from an IWAD map to make an entirely new map" community project within a few weeks.
  3. Doom Classic is the official iOS port of Doom, though confusingly that name is also applied to the port used for some of the console editions and Doom 3 BFG Edition, which is an entirely different codebase derived from the original rather than prboom.
  4. If lilith were to get a different award category (and I seriously don't think it should), machaward is without question where it'd go. But I feel it deserves a normal award, since its a full on serious project with a unique glitchy aesthetic. ed: fuck that makes it sound like the current machaward winner isn't deserving of a normal award. fuck, that's not what I mean.
  5. the true solution is to build everything from source, do a deep code review on all projects to ensure there is for certain no malicious code, be sure to build your own libraries, again doing the code review, and be sure that the same has been done for the kernel you're running it on. And don't forget to profile the hardware for issues, and build every part of it yourself. Maybe then Herzon will feel somewhat less paranoid about EE (alternatively I guess EE could be signed? I dunno what that would entail but it'd probably shut up smartscreen. probably not that worth it though)
  6. some of the raw wood patches were in the art dump, so why not do this: its not 100% perfect but its pretty nice. I didn't just want to shift the skull overlay since it has a pretty nice shadow that would be hard to move. Instead I moved the wood over some and filled in the missing details.
  7. floating out in the void lies a 48 wide sector, intended solely to make the first fight of a vanilla/boom map not as painful by moving a blockmap line off of the first monster.


    vanilla/boom mapping is fun

  8. working on that brownmap I started ages ago. I'm trying to channel what stands out to me about early-mid doom 2, but I'm not fully sure I've actually met that. It is very brown though i feel filthy having made an 8mu border for the first time in ages
  9. it's something I've been working on over the past few months. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.
  10. Wow, this really has fixed all of the brownness problems I've ever had with doom. It's amazing!
  11. Just out of curiosity, is there a way to use this out of the game at the moment? I grabbed the latest foo_midi, but looking at the changelog its still using an older version of DMXOPL 2. Would be nice to be able to listen to stuff without having to load it into game. So far, though, from what I have loaded up I'm very pleased with the changes you've made over the past many versions. ed: so, I've given quite a few tracks a listen so far. Much of the nonsense I've thrown at it comes out sounding pretty damn great, including of course the Doom soundtracks, but the Descent music continues to baffle me and produce questionable results. I've been using the "normal" versions of most of these songs, figuring that the OPL versions were designed for the specific instrument sets rather than a more general instrument set, so I'd figure that something like this which is relatively general would accept them, but seeing your complaint about midis doing things like using 0-1 tick notes causing trouble, I'm wondering if the OPL versions actually do something that's better for the synth overall. They tend to sound better. hmm
  12. pfft, everyone knows this is as original as it gets: if I ever made a doom bible mapset if you went back to the very first room right before going up against the bruiser brothers a portal will have opened that takes you into this map
  13. Scale only affects the sprite, it does not affect the bounding box. so I guess you could scale the rev to fit in its given bounding box, but that would be kind of dumb looking. Peeking at the code a little further ProjectilePassHeight might work in ZD at least, since projectiles use different collision detection. It doesn't need to be smaller than the normal bounding box. I'll double check the EE side of stuff but I have no reason to suspect its that much different.
  14. it can even animate in game for zdoom based ports
  15. Hmm, now I'm curious. Both Eternity and ZDoom support a separate bounding box height solely for collision purposes. The main reason both ports implemented this is to allow for both z-clipping of things to be implemented while letting projectiles travel above the original tiny bounding boxes of decorations. The bounding box for other things had to be made taller since otherwise you could simply step on top of all decorations. Due to this being the primary use, I always long assumed that missile height had to be lower than the normal actor's height, but thinking about it, there's literally nothing that says this is the case that I'm aware of at least. So you might be able to simply increase the height used for projectiles to the right value, and everything else should be fine.