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  1. I wanted to go to a point where I could see it in total but that isn't happening sadly. I'll be stuck at home when it happens without any eyeball protection so I can't see it. I'd figure my dad might try to photograph it but I dunno if he has the right hardware. Its pretty likely I will not be able to see it myself.
  2. The redeemer might win in one regard: The BFG can only ever hit 41 things, with 1 ball and 40 traces. If there were 41 zombiemen lined up just right so that every one would get hit by a shot, they'd all die, but the moment a 42nd zombieman was added, he could walk out unscathed. With the redeemer or any really big rocket, something taking damage doesn't prevent something else from taking damage, so you might be able to pack in more than 41 things that would die to it. Of course, the Redeemer can only ever have one rocket packed inside of it. The BFG on the other hand will have another ball out in a jiffy to take care of that 42nd zombieman with a smug expression on their face.
  3. I think one of prBoom+'s claims to fame is that it could run Nuts fairly well, since it is actually fairly efficient. More complex ports, though, its still a bit of a nightmare though. I remember nuts was one of the things Randi was using to test the garbage collector in zdoom, and it increased the performance of simulating all the objects considerably (but rendering was still bad), but even with it there's still lots to be desired in ZD.
  4. can I ask why you repeatedly ask for rule exemptions or try to find loopholes like this (my kill percent is 100%, honest! It says in the intermission screen!) just because something gets too hard for you? Excepting the cases where there are real reasons for them to be made, like not needing 100% kills in Doom1 E1M8 or Plutonia MAP11, doesn't this kind of outright defeat the purpose of the exercise? Maybe you should try something that isn't chillax, if this is becoming a problem? I dunno
  5. Heh, so that's War. Well, tells you how long its been since I last played. Almost none of the bosses stood out to me in the slightest if I'm honest, they were pretty boring.
  6. With regards to the homing projectiles, the medusa was annoying as sin but I didn't think Famine to be that bad. I don't know if plain old running is faster, but straferunning is definitely faster than those axes, so the battle for me ended up just being a big test of endurance, since they eventually time out after a while. There also seems to be an oddity that rapidly reversing the direction of your strafe makes you go really fast, but I haven't actually done any measurements to see if its any faster or slower than plain old straferunning.
  7. Ok, here we go, here's my attempt: I think I have the wall textures right, but the floors and ceilings leave much to be desired. Shape is also off, especially outdoors. EDIT: Fuck I just forgot to make the grate impassible redownload.
  8. I have no doubts that there are some folk out there who use TAS tools mainly for cheating purposes or compensating for a lack of skill, but proper TASes from someone who, most importantly, knows what they are doing with the tools and how exactly to apply them, are pretty amazing. I do wonder when we'll reach the lowest possible time. Obviously any map takes some time in order to complete, since you need to physically get from the beginning to the end switch, but with new tricks being found to this day, we still have time before we get a record that will never be beaten.
  9. The tanky monsters were definitely really annoying, and the goddamned medusa was thwarted only by me having a key bound to using the disc of repulsion on hand at all times when they were around. Perseus made fighting the medusa seem so easy... I guess I liked the game, but the combat was a bit on the weaker side.
  10. Zombiemen and Mancubi calls it every four ticks, Pinkies, Spectres, Revenants, and Arch-Viles call it every two ticks. This means Zombiemen and Mancubi will change their targets after ~11.43 seconds of roaming, and pinkies and revs will change after ~5.71 seconds of roaming. I guess "Most monsters" is actually wrong there, heh.
  11. Yeah I just noticed that page was utterly wrong. I've submitted a correction to the threshold section clarifying that its reduced per step, not per tick. (I wish there would be more effort to correcting that rather than just going "its wrong"...) Since the cyberdemon calls A_Chase every three ticks, like most monsters, this means it takes 300 ticks, or about 8.57 seconds of roaming (and it must be roaming, this timer is "suspended" when the cyberdemon fires, goes into pain flinch, etc) before it will decide to take another target. EDIT: So I was digging into the source a bit further, and it seems the "Three seconds" confusion is actually the fault of Carmack, as the BASETHRESHOLD constant is commented "// follow a player exlusively for 3 seconds". Its there in the jaguar, heretic, and hexen source so its likely a carmack comment and not added in during the source cleanup.
  12. I've vaguely wanted to make puzzles and doom for zdoom for the longest time, using doom monsters and marines with various weapons as your collectable monsters. maybe i should, but i have no idea how to lay out the five elements and how to even assign decent stats and skills to the monsters and marines.
  13. More stuff from Bobby Prince: Some stuff on the boss sounds of Duke3D and other general details about working on it. At the end he includes a collection of various sounds that were intended for the bosses.

  14. I own two dogs. Here's a photo of them sleeping on the floor
  15. The fundraiser page hasn't been updated since the last update in may, but today a new post made it to BPMusic: Its a little weird nothing more has been written in the fundraiser, so I'm just going to guess that things have gone well enough for him to at least get back to work. EDIT: he's still at it! This time he's revealed some stuff about the Duke Nukem 3D boss sounds, including the set of potential sounds, as well as a bit of other details about the Duke3D sound effects and working on sounds back then.