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  1. The progression won't work right out of the box outside of GZDoom due to the split maps, so there's now 34 maps. It might be possible to merge them using a teleporter to make them work in any port though. Someone could also write up an EMAPINFO to allow it to be played in EE. ed: also, based on the results of almost every "what is your least favorite iwad map" thread here, I think there's one thing in the GBA Doom II mapset that will appeal to many people here:
  2. Even in Doom microprops remain everyone's arch-nemesis, it seems.
  3. I'd be willing to take a look at porting them. I extracted all the graphics ages ago so I have them on hand. The engine has some really strange oddities, both DNA and Ice-Nine have all their flats named the same as Doom and Doom 2 for whatever reason, which is confusing. I wonder if they used a Doom editor as a basis that had some weird limitations. I dunno.
  4. Yeah, they're both using the Southpaw engine, which was designed for GBA specifically, which is why I had mentioned DNA. I think DNA was the first game out. There's one other, Ice Nine, I've taken a cursory glance at it as well as ripped its graphics, I have no reason to suspect its much different.
  5. I was hoping the block of text at 0xDBB800 would shed any light on the subject of Grosse's opening, but it seems not. The similar block in the DNA rom has some scripting commands here and there, but all the block for Grosse has is the normal key messages, secret message, and those four weird numbers which are 6:66 in most of the later maps. I'm guessing the keens are super hardcoded in a different manner, or there's another scripting block somewhere. If I can get a chance I'd like to retool this to work with DNA's maps, could be fun to see how they compare.
  6. I use the tools GZDB and Slade 3 because I don't have any other choices for the most part. Its a simple world.
  7. I was way too young to remember, but asking my parents about it they suggest the likely candidates are wolf3d or doom (released the year I was born, though I was born at the middle of the year) i somehow turned out alright, I think.
  8. I have a hunch the pointer table is at 0x10FF08 within the ROM I have. The table contains 34 elements with four 32-bit values each, presumably. Its then padded out with a pattern of FFFFFFFF 00000000 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF to fill out the entire table (64 entries, if I recall correctly). Similar looking data in the Duke Nukem Advance rom has much less than 34 entries, the same as the amount of maps in that game. Would be neat to see if this tool works on those maps...
  9. Doing a port of Doom 2 GBA would be neat if only because the game is so different compared to the original, but that grunt work is the biggest obstacle. There's been folk trying to figure out the formats, someone's gotten the graphics modded to be identical to the PC version, but I don't know if maps have been figured out. I have a lead on where they are (there's a 34 element pointer table, consistent with the amount of maps in Doom II with the split industrial zone and chasm. The table is shorter and matches the amount of maps in Duke Nukem Advance's rom), but I haven't figured anything more out, and frankly just having the formats doesn't help anyone. (Could be used to make a reconstruction in ZD or something though) GBA Doom 1 support in Calico would definitely be the more viable option, even if its less interesting.
  10. my new case sits on some racks I had alongside my desk unlike my last one which sat under the desk on the floor.


    not having to worry about kicking my computer anymore is nice. Also makes it much easier to access usb ports, headphone jacks, and the like. Also, it has front headphone jacks which means alongside my ear surgery I can actually use headphones with my computer now, which is very nice.

  11. Much of the fondness for the PSX port comes from the atmosphere created with the new colored lighting, and the new soundtrack, which are definitely the main standout features for this port. I would definitely love to see a PSX Doom EX type thing since the game really is pretty neat but I can't stand the gamepad controls it has. The GZD based TC just doesn't feel right, honestly.
  12. tea kettle new case (coolermaster haf xb evo, I didn't select it, was my dad's choice) some japanese materials a may'n album from my sister the autobiography of james t. kirk from my older sister nice over the ear sennheiser portable headphones, now that i have semi-functioning ears. my old pair was a mess of duct tape that I bought for 20 dollars over two years ago. Also my ears were broken a fuckton of money a fuckton of steam games was fun.
  13. as an extra oddity, based on the file modified dates, it seems that the misaligned one is the original, and someone later on went ahead and fixed it up to be aligned. And then promptly forgot to actually re-run lumpy to grab the new one, since the one in the ceils.wad file is still misaligned (and the date is before the image's modified date) That annoys me a bit more than it reasonably should. As an additional thing I found out, while looking at the work folder for flats there's a "rfloor1.lbm" image that contains what appears to be asphalt. Between this, the nice looking bushes, and the window textures, I kind of wonder if there was an initial desire to make Doom 2's cities look a bit more like a city. Also with regards to hosting this stuff, here's ling's gallery and the raw data was put on Github by Fraggle.
  14. sure but they're entirely divorced from the original Doom engine at this point, which was quite clearly what was being talked about. (I say this, but I'm sure the moment RAGE is open-sourced, someone will find the NewChaseDir function buried somewhere in there)
  15. geez, I didn't think plutonia was this loathed, though I can understand the people who find it too easy. it's definitely a product of its time in that regard. Anyways, its definitely my favorite of the IWADs, I honestly had more fun playing it than any other doom game (not that they were unfun, though). The levels are a bit of a blur, I admit, but I feel that way about a lot of games I loved. I loved Doom IV but I barely remember any of the maps, for example.