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  1. Most favorite level from Episode 2

    weirdly enough e2m1 in recent months has become the one that stands out the most to me, though e2m2, e2m4, and e2m7 are close contenders. e2m1 is basically what I think about when I think e2, it looks pretty normal for the most part, like a UAC techbase but everything's getting fucked over by the demons as you go through further. Minor details like that weird reality-bending window you see showing the eerie red sky of hell really bring it alive and the song on that map is just way too damned catchy. I swear, I'll finish an e2 themed map one of these days...
  2. with regards to the pistol starting in the iwad stuff, while it doesn't exactly change the past Sandy Petersen has mentioned in one interview that he regretted the decision to ship with continuous play after testing all the maps with pistol starting, and I can definitely agree with that. It would have been nice if they did anything to deal with the relatively annoying trait of continuous players being at a huge advantage and getting a much easier experience. I do worry that if they tweaked the spider to deal better with the BFG it'd make an already niche monster even more niche, short of doing something like reducing or disabling tracer damage. the BFG honestly feels like an anomaly in Doom 1, its a extremely great weapon that I love but it just doesn't feel like Doom 1 throws anything at you that even warrants it ever. I'm wondering if they were designing it as a "panic button" or something
  3. What are you listening to?

    please get out of my head song edit: add this to the list of things I can't purge from my head tonight. I've been listening to it for well over an hour fuck
  4. it just struck me I could reuse the Starlight Sanctuary assets to gyp yet another concept from PAD: Legendary Sea of Stars. Would be a bit irrational, but imagine an aquatic themed level sitting at the bottom of a massive ocean full of coral, sea plants, and the like all shrouded by a huge field of stars.


    would be pretty nice

  5. Hardcoded behaviors for Doom objects for DEHACKED

    Thanks for the responses, guys. As per Girl of Satan's post, I have amended it to specify that on death behaviors are triggered by calling A_BossDeath. Normally I would have just excluded those mentions entirely like A_KeenDeath, but the ultimate doom engine branch did hardcode what can do what which was inherited by some ports (though disableable through compat options in most of them), and in any case I think Doom 2 was always relying on mancubi and arachnotrons for the special action. I also corrected a few typos (arachnotron special uses lower texture not midtexture, baron shot projectile is 15 outside of NM, not 10).
  6. I'm sure this has been done before, but I tried searching the forums for a full list of hardcoded behaviors, but I didn't see anything. I kind of wanted a document that described the hardcoded behaviors Doom did to various object types based on their object IDs, so I decided to write this up. Hopefully its of use to someone doing fancy dehacked work Hardcoded by object ID: 0: MT_PLAYER: Can be harmed by projectiles from other MT_PLAYER. 1: MT_POSSESSED: Spawns MT_CLIP on death. 2: MT_SHOTGUY: Spawns MT_SHOTGUN on death. 3: MT_VILE: Cannot attack if target is greater than 896 units away, will instantly change target whenever hurt, cannot be targeted by other monsters. 4: MT_FIRE: No special behavior. 5: MT_UNDEAD: Attacks more frequently at range, will not do ranged attack within 196 units (except as retaliation). 6: MT_TRACER: No special behavior, but only normal projectile that can use A_Tracer (no other sets tracer field). 7: MT_SMOKE: No special behavior. 8: MT_FATSO: On MAP07, on calling A_BossDeath, sectors tagged 666 lower to lowest when all are dead. 9: MT_FATSHOT: No special behavior. 10: MT_CHAINGUY: Spawns MT_CHAINGUN on death. 11: MT_TROOP: No special behavior. 12: MT_SERGEANT: No special behavior. 13: MT_SHADOWS: No special behavior. 14: MT_HEAD: No special behavior. 15: MT_BRUISER: On E1M8, on calling A_BossDeath, sectors tagged 666 lower to lowest when all are dead, cannot harm or be harmed from MT_KNIGHT projectiles. 16: MT_BRUISERSHOT: Speed set to 20 on nightmare, or 15 if moving to a lower skill, Cannot trigger walkover specials. 17: MT_KNIGHT: Cannot harm or be harmed from MT_BRUISER projectiles. 18: MT_SKULL: More likely to attack at range, does not lose MF_NOGRAVITY flag on death. 19: MT_SPIDER: More likely to attack at range, plays sight and death sounds at full volume, ends game when all are dead on calling A_BossDeath on E3M8, causes sectors tagged 666 to lower to lowest on calling A_BossDeath when all are dead on E4M8, cannot be harmed by explosions. 20: MT_BABY: On MAP07, on calling A_BossDeath, causes sectors tagged 667 to raise by the height of their lower texture. 21: MT_CYBORG: More likely to attack at range, has higher overall chance of attacking (95 out of 255 chance vs 55 out of 255 chance per step at greatest range), plays sight and death sounds at full volume, ends game when all are dead on calling A_BossDeath on E2M8, causes doors tagged 666 to open on calling A_BossDeath on E4M6, cannot be harmed by explosions. 22: MT_PAIN: No special behavior. 23: MT_WOLFSS: Spawns MT_CLIP on death. 24: MT_KEEN: No special behavior. 25: MT_BOSSBRAIN: No special behavior. 26: MT_BOSSSPIT: No special behavior. 27: MT_BOSSTARGET: Counted as target for MT_BOSSSPIT. 28: MT_SPAWNSHOT: No special behavior. 29: MT_SPAWNFIRE: No special behavior. 30: MT_BARREL: No special behavior. 31: MT_TROOPSHOT: Speed set to 20 on nightmare, or 10 moving to a lower skill, cannot trigger walkover specials. 32: MT_HEADSHOT: Speed set to 20 on nightmare, or 10 moving to a lower skill, cannot trigger walkover specials. 33: MT_ROCKET: Cannot trigger walkover specials. 34: MT_PLASMA: Cannot trigger walkover specials. 35: MT_BFG: Cannot trigger walkover specials. 36: MT_ARACHPLAZ: No special behavior. 37: MT_PUFF: No special behavior. 38: MT_BLOOD: No special behavior. 39: MT_TFOG: No special behavior. 40: MT_IFOG: No special behavior. 41: MT_TELEPORTMAN: Scanned for in a sector when teleported to. 42: MT_EXTRABFG: No special behavior. 43: MT_MISC0: No special behavior. 44: MT_MISC1: No special behavior. 45: MT_MISC2: No special behavior. 46: MT_MISC3: No special behavior. 47: MT_MISC4: No special behavior. 48: MT_MISC5: No special behavior. 49: MT_MISC6: No special behavior. 50: MT_MISC7: No special behavior. 51: MT_MISC8: No special behavior. 52: MT_MISC9: No special behavior. 53: MT_MISC10: No special behavior. 54: MT_MISC11: No special behavior. 55: MT_MISC12: No special behavior. 56: MT_INV: Never respawns if picked up. 57: MT_MISC13: No special behavior. 58: MT_INS: Never respawns if picked up. Nothing beyond has any special behavior to the best of my knowledge. Side note: In versions of doom before The Ultimate Doom and in ports with the right compat options, all monsters calling A_BossDeath can trigger map specials on E1M8, E2M8, E3M8, E4M6, and E4M8. Even in earlier versions MAP07 only works with MT_FATSO and MT_BABY though. Hardcoded by DoomED Number: 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 71, 84, 88, and 89 cannot be used if the game is Doom 1. Hardcoded state behaviors: 0: S_NULL: Will delete the actor at the end of the tic. 475-489 (Demon states): Duration halved on nightmare skill, doubled when changing back. I don't know of an easy way to check for state hardcoding, so I'm not aware of any beyond this.
  7. Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    if that's posing a problem for you, you can turn it off in the options. I kind of like having it on though, if it does take some getting used to.
  8. I feel vaguely tempted to remaster some of my old shit maps like zpack e2m2 but I really wonder if there's anything i can do to untangle that travesty and turn it into a sane map.


    would be a fun experiment to see if I could make it not shit

    1. InsanityBringer


      I mean, I probably can't, its too far gone and shit, but it'd be interesting. Thinking on this a little more, I kind of wonder if I can even get away with N5 at this point, while I like the style it definitely was overplayed and fuck man, its pretty obvious I was simply trying to emulate kdizd. I'd really love to try to turn it into a nicer aesthetic that has a lot less cruft over the years from kdizd emulators (and frankly kdizd itself)

    2. mrthejoshmon


      I do things like this sometimes (go back and tinker with old maps), it is a fun exercise and can surprise you with the results, I recommend doing it just to see the outcome as even slight texture differences can completely change a map.

  9. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    i vageuly remember carlos stuff getting purged at some point, I'm assuming that's why its gone.
  10. Deimos Anomaly

    I dunno, I thought Romero had said in the past that the player was killed and went to hell, but I dunno for certain. He did later say otherwise, that you did get back into the action. I mean of course no one dies though because the floor type literally does not allow you to die. heh ed: I have to place blame on this thread for getting "I Sawed the Demons" stuck in my head. fuck e2m1 is my favorite episode starter map
  11. I'm replaying kdizd for some reason and while its still a guilty pleasure of mine I'm fairly certain the person who made z1m3 had absolutely no respect for their players at all

    1. leodoom85


      Can't remember who did that map mostly, because I'm sure that it was made with a group of mappers...

  12. I actually like e3m8 to some degree, just so long as you start it from scratch. Ammo's tight and you have a constant hitscan hail bearing down on you frequently. Could be more interesting, but its nicer than e2m8 at least. I don't remember much of e4m8 which kind of indicates that it was uninteresting to me, and fuck map30. id was really creative with Doom 2 in many ways, but I just find the IoS frustrating rather than interesting. I kind of liked D2TWID's take on the IoS (at least I think it was d2twid? its been a while since I played that) where the game positions you correctly but instead has a different timing aspect to it.
  13. What did it felt like when you guys started mapping?

    I really enjoyed the experience while making some of the worst maps ever. I'm really fond of those memories, even if the maps it produced weren't good at all. It was this new period where I could make new doom levels and put whatever the crap I want in them.
  14. Its not the most impressive thing in the IWADs, but I swear Doom 2's MAP04 was American's lighting playground.
  15. I've mentioned before I find Doom 2 to be close to mechanically perfect and I tend to play most mapsets vanilla style, but I'm also busy making making a 6DOF space shooter for GZDoom and want to work on a pretty different gameplay mod for it.


    where do i fit on the purist scale this is so confusing.

    1. KVELLER


      6DOF? Count me in! I'm really eager to see that :)