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  1. InsanityBringer

    AnDoomEdit WIP (Android Doom Level Editor)

    Yeah, the individual implementing this was uh, kind of an interesting individual, and its very unlikely anything they did ever actually was finished. I still can't imagine level editing on a phone being all that fun, phone screens just aren't precise enough in my experience. It'd take forever to do anything...
  2. InsanityBringer

    PNAMES/TEXTURE1/2 sucks.

    hmm, this is a good discussion. Honestly I find that bare textures floating in a textures directory (TX_START/END for wads, and an actual textures directory for the engines that support archive formats like .zip. bonus points if they can support subdirectories in textures (I think all can?)). I feel like texture composition is used rarely enough to the point where it's more of a pain to set it up for all your textures than anything (and fuck, even id stopped using it for the most part in Doom 2). The majority of games I've worked with usually have bare textures, or have a material file that describes a texture, using multiple images. Whether or not it's in some bigass archive like the id games or segemented into various packages like unreal tends to vary, but almost invariably the individual textures are stored in a relatively straightforward manner. You can drop the texture or material files into the archive and the game would see them. From this I'm fairly sold on the idea of dumping textures into some sort of package in a straightforward manner, with attached scripts if they need additional information. I feel decals in ZDoom would be a pretty great way to add some details to walls, but for the longest time they've been an absolute pain in the dick to set up and place in maps. I wonder if GZDB improves that experience any, since if they can make it easy to do it might be worthwhile to use. With that you can then stick a sign, pipe, screen, or whatever (repeated details would be painful under this, so a one time splotch of dirt or an oil stain might work, but a dirty wall would be better as a separate texture, and most people do that already) onto a wall and not have to worry about sticking a line 1mu away from the wall or having to load up the texture to composite them. ED: I also feel I'd have a lot less loathing for texture1 over the years if Doom could load multiple ones, but I get that it was a thing id wasn't really expecting. It does bug me that I think a lot of engines don't accept appending multiple texture1 lumps though, as they do with flat and sprite namespaces.
  3. https://reverb.com/shop/bobby-princes-historic-gear


    Bobby Prince started the auctions for his old music gear mid last month. The prices are pretty steep, but hopefully some collector's gonna want to get their hands on this, considering what the money's going to.

  4. Okay, while this legit worries me, and I seriously hope some action is taken against it, how the everloving fuck do they even plan on enforcing this? How do they check if a site isn't following the proper procedure for testing if content is in the copyright database? How do they manage the copyright database? Are they going to rely entirely on volunteer reports or the like? I'm getting this feeling like they don't realize how big of a job enforcing this would be. I guess we'll wait and see. I hope for the best, seriously...
  5. InsanityBringer

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    The new system is still very much a work in progress, from what I understand. Ling's mentioned full replacement's been slower than anticipated due to things like the forum software advertising that they can support searching on any field for a file but didn't actually have that capability, but hopefully as time goes on the kinks will be ironed out and it'll be easier to browse.
  6. InsanityBringer

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    because its the old, legacy system that's intended to be replaced by the new one when all the kinks are ironed out and a system to redirect the old urls can be established.
  7. InsanityBringer

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    I'm like, 99.9% sure that's intentional, and has been this way for over a year now.
  8. InsanityBringer

    I think John Carmack was wrong in regards to a story in video games.

    you make it sound like that this has solidly been his opinion for the last two decades and a half. I'm fairly certain someone can change their opinion given two decades and a half of the game landscape changing hell I'm pretty sure he acknowledged said changes on his twitter once, but good luck finding that again ugh. ed: all that said i still prefer story-light action games. I love jrpgs but for things like first person shooters i'd rather the focus be on the first person shooting. give me a cool story to establish the setting, though.
  9. InsanityBringer

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    the uac facilities looked realistic, I'd say. They had all the elements you would expect a real place to have, and there's even things like toilet areas and the like in some areas. But how they're laid out? Yeah, that's absurd. There's places where it feels the only way to work at the space is to be able to do a pullup. Other games provide fiction for that, like collapsed stairs or damaged catwalks, but there wasn't a lot of that. The overall layouts didn't make much sense either, with things kinda crammed around to make for interesting gameplay arenas, and there's an area before samuel hayden's office I belive that has some ridiculous height variation for such a space. It all makes for very fun levels to play and navigate in, but I wouldn't call it realistic.
  10. InsanityBringer

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    with regards to the level design, Doom IV was kinda absurd as all hell, and I remember game designers mentioning that they were going for a really abstract layout (with more identifiable elements compared to classic doom), and I see no reason why they're going to abandon all of that in Doom V. I mean hell, the cityscape we've seen is kinda too far gone at this point, it probably doesn't even resemble a city on the ground anymore. heh
  11. InsanityBringer

    The big thread of what E3 announcements interest you!

    uh... tales of vesperia and doom v. I have to go through announcements again to be sure on that, but if you ask me right now that's what comes to mind first.
  12. InsanityBringer

    Further E3 Teaser Breakdown

    What's surprising me about that marine is that their armor looks pretty bulky, not near the levels of starcraft or its marine inspiration warhammer 40k, but definitely much bulkier than anything we've seen in doom before.
  13. InsanityBringer

    Command and Conquer: Rivals

    But but Doom Eternal got an entire forum category for it! More seriously most of the games shown probably just aren't of interest to this community. On the other hand with a lot of oldschool gaming fans here, seeing someone shit on a beloved franchise this hard really gets people upset.
  14. InsanityBringer

    Command and Conquer: Rivals

    one of my favorite parts of playing RTS games is having intense amounts of tension because of huge swaths of the map being shrouded in fog of war, with all enemy movements and base building completely unknown to you. Another fun part of RTS games that I love is efficient base building, from fun things like Protoss FE walls in Starcraft letting you slow down an enemy enough to fight them, or subtly placing houses to block persian douches in 1v1 arabia vs. Persians in AoE2. It's also fun to manage motion of your large armies, as your army expands well beyond what one sane man can actually move without unlimited select. Most RTS games also incorporate terrain as a mechanic. Use higher elevation in AoE2 to gain a damage bonus. Put your units in Starcraft at the top of a cliff, and they can fire down upon things below while the things below can't see up and are disadvantaged in attacking. None of these things exist here. You have one base, it has a completely unified health pool, the primary way to fight it is to control a super cannon that does exactly half its hp, presumably it can't be repaired, is there any base management at all? The map is empty, boring, with no elevation changes or cliffs or any fucking obstacles whatsoever, with no terrain whatsoever to make the whole thing any interesting. There is LOS, but there's not much to hide and the players had very strong visibility at all times. The playing field is uneven because all units can be boosted in persistent upgrades, which can be paid for. I'm sorry, Mr. EA spokesperson, but I can go into this knowing full well it won't be any fun for me. heh. It's not like strat even needs to suck on mobile, there's been some convincing efforts over the years. But this is shitting on a very well known franchise and its not implemented in a particularly interesting manner. Controlling a super cannon is pretty fucking boring.
  15. InsanityBringer

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    i'm curious how the doomworld traffic spike of this announcement compares to the amount that doomworld got when Doom 4 was officially announced. Everywhere I go, everyone looks pretty hyped. And it certainly looks pretty cool, hoping that given their experience with Doom 4, they don't mess up the gameplay