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  1. I suppose maybe its time to bump this. There hasn't been any update on the fundraser lately, which is a little annoying, but Bobby Prince recently got another new post out on his blog which does mention his health a little bit, and he's also mentioned he's planning on auctioning off some of his music equipment in the near future, including a guitar he's used while working out soundtracks for many of the games he's worked on (with quite a lot of backstory to it). Very cool. Also very cool to see that he seems to be doing reasonably well and is working on new music.
  2. i'm still not very good at this "making large areas" thing, but I'm trying.
  3. In addition to that the name was given to a character in Doom 3, the lady in the scene introducing the Lost Soul. I think Doom 3 based a lot of character names after actual people but in this case its used as-is. Weird.
  4. Honestly, while id didn't seem to care a lot about story, they did at least seem to care a lot about the setting. I'm not really sure how much you can equate the two, but for all the thin story doom, wolf3d, and quake had, they at least are pretty consistent in setting. I've recently read Masters of Doom and it very much seems that the guys liked creating worlds, especially Carmack, the guy with the famous quote involving game story, but they weren't really into writing novels on them in their games. I feel this approach worked well, it gives the world a good, consistent feel, but doesn't really get in the way of the gameplay. That said I am way too far in the territory of "I care too much about the story," holy fuck. Even if I don't really write novels for my maps, I'm adding some minor storytelling elements into my maps here and there. An area that you're in for five seconds with some simple gameplay that establishes the setting. The fact that Revenant100 recently revealed that Sandyman was including some minor storytelling in his own maps for the original Doom was pretty amazing.
  5. I think they're able to get unstuck because they take a step that's bigger than the amount they're stuck in the pillar. They take 8 map unit steps but are only embedded 4 units into the pillar, so when they take a step Doom realizes they aren't touching anything at the new location and lets it go. On the other hand, the infamous MAP02 shotgunner is embedded deeper than 8 units and trying to move in any direction means they'd still be touching the wall at the new position, so it gets rejected.
  6. You can set a SpawnID on the new monsters (I don't think that pack has them set though), but honestly you'll probably just want to use SpawnSpotFacing since you can just use their classname rather than having to set SpawnIDs.
  7. rdwpa, there's definitely a lot to be learned from there, and I'll put some of it into practice as I do more tweaking with the map. I definitely have trouble "deleting" things and I find that one of my flaws at the moment is that I do try to keep things too solid once I get them to a point where I'm not entirely displeased with them. To be honest about one thing, I am really uncomfortable with doing larger spaces (and well, smaller spaces connected in a more open way), I feel they always degrade into a clusterfuck than any interesting gameplay, but I think I might try combining the rooms together a lot more like that. From what I do know I think I might be able to tame the gameplay in a relatively interesting manner, and everything I have in that area I'm reasonably pleased with, but its definitely a bit of room by room scenario. Still days left on this event so I have plenty of time to adjust.
  8. I like this theme but I feel I'm not doing enough with it. eh.
  9. Excepting some intentionally seizure-inducing type stuff, the only time I have ever felt sick after playing a Doom mod is with an experimental thing I've been working on for GZD: I've literally felt dizzy and sick after extensive playtesting of it in the past, since the game has no drag on rotation or motion, so you continue turning or moving in a given direction until you do a counter-motion to stop yourself. I added brakes recently, which improves things dramatically.
  10. Yeah, I really should practice doing that. I haven't played a huge amount of WADs to be completely honest, but I've played a wide variety of different ones, so there's a lot to learn about making things actually join together and look nice. I did, however, try a simplistic encounter I have never done before Enter a room, basic supplies, 3 doors, and a switch that opens them all at once. You get as much time to look at the monsters and figure out how you're going to deal with them before you unleash them and they flood into the room, surrounding you if you aren't careful. Nothing too special, but there's been nothing like this in any of my older maps. and another image from the beginning i've fucking done it i've converted a puzzle and dragons dungeon into a fucking doom map
  11. A concept for joel's mapping contest: I swear all my map layouts look fucking identical. A bunch of twisty rooms not really connected to one another very interesting, forced height variation by dividing up all the rooms and adding some stairs shoved off to the side. Everything I try, my maps revert just back to this and its starting to grate on me.
  12. I guess you can toss me on the preliminary list, I have an idea I'm gonna push into production over the next couple of days.
  13. when i was a little kid my parents apparently didn't have any trouble with their children playing violent shooter games. A bit amusing to me, since my parents are relatively conservative, but that doesn't really instantly mean they think video games are the devil. I was too young to remember the specifics, though. All I can remember is that I never really found Doom that scary.
  14. Do you seriously have to repeatedly repeat yourself about your sheer hatred of maps like The Pit, Downtown, etc, Cacodemon345? I swear half your posts in this thread include a slightly different reworded rant about all those maps.
  15. Chocolate Hexen likely can't write to Program Files due to the protected nature of the folder. You'll likely have to use -config to point it to a configuration file outside of the Program Files dir, somewhere where you normally have permissions to write files. You could also run chocolate hexen briefly as administrator to set up a configuration and then run normally, or copy in a configuration created elsewhere. I wouldn't advise running as admin all the time, but you can use it to at least get something other than the default in there, if you're not going to be spending a lot of time changing options.
  16. without question the biggest game I've gotten to that level with is uh, Puzzle and Dragons. heh. While I'm not "great" at it, solving boards becomes second nature after a while, I feel.
  17. What are these names you speak of? ART files don't have any names, art is referred to entirely by ID. Do you just want the extracted name in a specific format?
  18. I love that shadow blob, but this is one of the places where I feel the results in vanilla get a lot trippier. Sorry, I should have GIFed this one too, but I took it a long time ago.
  19. I don't think ART files are supported as a normal graphics format, you can try loading them in to your archive and using the image name BTILxxxx, but I think they can only be loaded with the -art command line param, which specifies a folder to load ART files from. I'm not sure it supports loading them from archive at all.
  20. Honestly, maybe I'm just weird, but I always see so many people yell at Downtown for not looking like a city at all, but it does enough to at least convince me its supposed to resemble a city. There's a grid of tall, square, brick buildings. That's honestly enough to trick my mind into thinking that. Add a few alleys at the top of the map (which originally were supposed to docks, which looked nicer but presumably ran worse), a few boarded off alleys, and even a small hint of a back area (the secret area in the wide building), it does the job well enough I've mentioned it before, I honestly would love to see a redone version of Downtown that keeps the overall layout but attempts to throw some realistic-ish texturing and the like into there. It still wouldn't make much sense, but it'd be really cool in my mind.
  21. I see a lot of people chewing out folk for putting all their money in bitcoin. Honestly, isn't the real problem there that they're putting all their money in something that can always go down? Would it have been fine if they put all their money in the stock market and made huge losses? I mean I'm not into cryptocurrencies, but isn't the problem here the fact that they invested all their money into something that can't be relied on in the first place?
  22. There's quite a few gotcha moments in the map thinking about it. Enter the big room you're lead right into to see both a spider mastermind and cyberdemon bearing down on you. Find the teleporter into that one brown building to the northwest of the map space, there's a soulsphere you can reveal but there's a teleporter in front of it, which you need to find a way around. The chaingunner out of sight until you enter the building behind the start. The previously mentioned archvile at the end, and a few fun pain elemental positioning. As Xaser mentioned, none of it is really novel these days, but holy fuck every bit of this map stands out, and for years every time I'd play it I'd find something new.
  23. sOQwhTs.png

    we need a doom port that supports mipmapping and we should have the completely accurate doom 2 gba experience. with the extracted colormap even fuzz looks right.

  24. ranked in a rough order of how much fun I had from them: Plutonia Doom 2 Doom 4 Doom 64 Doom 1 Doom 3 TNT I don't think TNT (or Doom 3 for that matter honestly) is garbage but it definitely was the least fun Doom experience for me. eh.
  25. Just as a little note to those trying to play the extracted doom 2 maps, I was poking at them and I discovered suburbs is not 100% correct in any port (though it is completable): I don't think Doom 2 GBA used sound propagation, so the box that holds all the monsters that are supposed to teleport in isn't actually connected anymore. The door open specials are replaced with a new line type that presumably wakes the monsters in the tagged sector, but this obviously doesn't exist in the original or various ports. In order to get things fully functional it'd take a bit of work, though maybe it'd be fun to make a little tc that can do it. I've extracted the palette and colormap before so you can even make it just as ugly as doom 2 gba was.