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  1. InsanityBringer

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    https://imgur.com/a/eYXJH70 I've gathered up a bunch of the TAMAS i've drawn over the past two weeks, and I think as time goes on I'm getting slightly better at drawing them, but I need to start getting some real drawing practice in at some point. This one is my favorite I want to pet suou's head so badly aaaa
  2. InsanityBringer

    Planned Obselecense In gaming?

    there's definitely a lot of planned obsolescence with all the online services, but people moving from doom 4 to pubg multiplayer to fortnite isn't really part of it. It's not like you can't play Doom 4 MP anymore, and it's not like id wants you to go to pubg and fortnite, after all they make no money off these games. They probably do want you to migrate from Doom 4 to Quake Champions because they can't make much money off of Doom 4 anymore (just the upfront cost of buying it) whereas they can try to get a constant stream from you in QC. People moving from game to game is the fault of people being quick to move, not really the intentions of the devs (they probably want you to move, but to their newer product, not someone else's product). streaming games is the worst idea i have heard of in a long time though and i seriously hope it dies in a dumpster fire before it even starts happening. Centralized servers for otherwise single player games is frustrating enough (and i'll admit the irony of saying this while having an avatar of a character from a mostly SP mobile game, oh well)
  3. InsanityBringer


    so let me get this straight, joel should, for a few weeks, abandon every other viewer of his and cater just to a subset and do the same thing and play nothing but doom wads until they're all ground out? Sounds like a perfect way to burn out. I'll take a weekly stream if I'm honest. 2 weeks was pushing it, and the lack of any consistency for the first contest was extremely frustrating, but overall I like one stream a week. it means there's still a decent stream of doom shit while every other one of joel's audiences can still be catered to.
  4. InsanityBringer

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    one of the designers on the game is an extremely devout morman. just worth noting.
  5. InsanityBringer


    honestly I'm mostly just looking forward to chocolate. There's not too much else around here to interest me regarding halloween, which is kinda sad. it's a fun time.
  6. InsanityBringer

    Pre-Alpha Doom Crucible?

    the colors are messed up on it since id reorganized the palette but didn't regenerate the sprites to use the new palettes, it's supposed to be a gold dagger. it's the demonic dagger treasure item mentioned in the doom bible. i think it's fairly safe to assume that most of the story concepts in Doom 2016 didn't come into existence until that project entered life, even if it did draw inspiration from the older media.
  7. InsanityBringer

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    i'm drawing TAMADRA for some reason. it's fun i guess? not sure I'm learning anything from this, honestly, but I think each one comes out a bit better than the last
  8. InsanityBringer


    i actually have never heard 32x e1m1 before in my life until now and i actually lost my shit listening to it. I wasn't expecting something THIS bad, holy crap. the parody was top notch, also. I'll be frank and admit everything I have heard about the 32x port is enough that I could have believed something that bad would be the music. I am not a smart individual, heh.
  9. InsanityBringer

    Doom 64 in vr

    Doom 64 EX doesn't support this feature, sadly, so you're out of luck. The closest you could achieve, I think, is running Doom 64 Retribution in the fork of GZDoom that supports VR. It won't be a perfect experience, but it'll at least resemble the original game better than Brutal Doom 64.
  10. InsanityBringer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It really doesn't feel like a mistake, if only because there's a comment saying "Spawn a BFG explosion on every monster in view." The comment remains in the Jaguar and 3DO sources so it isn't the result of Bernd's cleanup. The cone of rays matches the player's FOV (90) which is consistent with this. Besides, if they were emitted from the ball, it would be entirely useless on a miss, or the effect significantly dampened on a direct hit with a cyberdemon. The cyberdemon would almost certainly die, but it would have soaked a lot of the rays. So essentially there's no longer anything involved in one-shotting a cyberdemon other than aiming at a big guy who frequently stops for a fair amount of time.
  11. InsanityBringer

    Doom 64 Community Project Poll.

    Hmm, I am vaguely interested in making a Doom 64 map, though at the same time I also don't really want to fight with the somewhat finicky DB2 mod for it. I kinda wonder if I can get away with blocking out the map in SLADE and then doing scripting and lighting with the DB2 fork. I'd be more comfortable that way, I think.
  12. InsanityBringer

    The Romero Tricks

    i'd love to know what video this is because i've been seeing that idea pop up here and there and it basically completely contradicts everything we know about Doom's development. In particular e2 and e3 were all the work of sandy petersen, and a fair number of those maps were started very early in the project as e1 maps. One thing Romero has said for certain, in one of the videos where he plays co-op with someone (IGN and double fine have done these videos, trying to remember which one, it's one of the two...) is that E1M1 was one of the last levels created, but he didn't imply he started from the later levels and went down. hmm ed: this is a little redundant with pegleg but the question of where this come from still stands. I hope it isn't something colossally stupid like the "doom isn't 3d" video
  13. InsanityBringer

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    i dunno what kind of games are you even looking for? if you're just looking at the big fps games you're going to have a bad time if they aren't your cup of tea. but there's much more to modern than a bunch of military fps games. i can't comment on music, i basically listen to nothing relevant, but games are all over the place now and many are very good.
  14. InsanityBringer

    What are you listening to?

    please send help i'm getting into things like five years after they were popular
  15. Xc2HD8O.png

    is this ranger's helmet? it seriously feels like it but i just can't feel 100% sure

  16. InsanityBringer

    Is this an og 3.5 copy? I never seen this box before

    the ITEM field and the like in the hud is because they just reproduced some of the screenshots that were released around the time of the Doom press release beta. Odd, but i guess it works...
  17. more or less doom doesn't handle them at all. Normal interactions between two objects (projectiles are the only exception here in Doom) are done in two dimensions, so effectively all monsters are infinitely tall. Flying monsters can't fly above any other monster. Raven attempted to change this for Heretic, but there are some bugs in their implementation.
  18. InsanityBringer

    Serious Sam Vs Doomguy

    the two buddy up as saviors of humanity and become best friends as they stomp legions of vile monsters doomguy's gotta have respect for humanity's heroes and would probably be willing to work with them. why do fictional characters gotta fight all the time
  19. InsanityBringer

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    I'd be fine with holograms showing the meager resistance trying to fight back and getting slaughtered, I guess. The phobos segment did have a lot of live humans, including soldiers, but I suspect we won't be seeing them in action. It's just really not the Doom way, especially with the way Doom 4 worked, where it's focused so heavily on your capabilities more than anything. Human allies always feel like they're tricky, since there's a balance that needs to be hit where they aren't stealing all your fun, while not appearing utterly useless. They have to avoid getting in your way, while being able to keep up with you as you progress, which in a mobility heavy game would probably be an utter nightmare... If there's any human soldiers shown fighting I can't imagine it being anything beyond a setpiece where they just get killed quickly.

    I didn't quite want to derail the relatively technical discussion in the visplane thread, but while visplanes are in everyone's thoughts again I always remember this tweet, it really does give a fairly good impression of what's going on with visplanes. I wonder what it'd look like with merging...

  21. InsanityBringer

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    all it really means is that you can compile C code into ACS bytecode. the main upside of this, more than anything, is just having a very clean full featured programming language to work with. Standard library support is fully there, but it doesn't introduce any magical new capabilities to ACS, so some functions just fail in the most minimal way allowed by standards. There's enough though that with adaption, I believe it would be possible to compile a modified version of the Doom source for it.
  22. InsanityBringer

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    my layout is pretty dumb, but here goes doom/choco: hey you probably can't guess what lies in here doom/dev: stuff being worked on, stuff being tested. full of a million little test wads doom/dev/res: resources for all sorts of crap. in subfolders as needed doom/doom64: doom 64 stuff, includes rom and doom 64 ex doom/eternity: this one's pretty tricky, you probably won't find out doom/freedoom: loose assets from freedoom for reasons, including some historic versions for testing pruposes doom/gzd: a complete mystery. contains 2.1.1 and the latest devbuild also. doom/iwads: you know what sucks? having twenty DOOM2.WAD files on your drive. heh. doom/historic: contains historic doom things. has the doom alphas, romero's dev dumps, scanned assets, old editors, and the like doom/prboom: i tried looking in there and i couldn't figure it out doom/src: reference source code mostly. linuxdoom source, heretic, hexen sources, jaguar doom sources, and the like. When I work with the GZD source it's usually elsewhere with other active deve projects doom/stupid: where i haul stupid jokewads and really dumb things i've made doom/vanilla: holds the vanilla doom distributions, as well as heretic/hexen/strife. doom/wads: The heart of this all. All projects are cordoned off into their own directories with wads, text file, and any other included assets for reference. Works out fairly conveniently. All needed documentation can be inferred from text files when complevels are needed and the like doom/zdoom: contains the last stable release of zdoom, if needed. I pretty much never run anything directly, instead good old qzdl is used to launch everything except for vanilla. This makes managing iwads easy (don't need to mess around with DOOMWADDIR), and it makes running things across directories easy.
  23. InsanityBringer

    What are you listening to?

    a friend sent me this song and i've had it stuck in my head for a bit. rip
  24. InsanityBringer

    Rule 666: If it exists, someone made it in Doom

    ever since DavidPH's developed an ACS compiler that can accept C as an input language, it's kind of been my dream to get a minimal doom port working in GZD or EE. i mean it will probably never happen since there are so many better things I can do but it's a fun dream.
  25. InsanityBringer

    Has anyone managed to compile Vanilla Linux Doom on Linux?

    all i can say for certain is that i've compiled it before on a ~2008ish ubuntu distribution, I can't comment on what's changed in 10 years but it's probably gotten worse. I could never actually run it though since my linux knowledge was lacking and it requires an 8-bit display in order to run in the first place. I was just mostly interested in seeing what the official doom port on linux was like, honestly, but it's probably nothing special. Probably not worth going through the pain to make it work.