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  1. SaladBadger


    It's coming, it would appear. edit: It appears he attempted tonight, but his internet continued to be bad so he wasn't able to do it. He'll try again tomorrow, hopefully his net will stop being terrible.
  2. SaladBadger

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I'd imagine you also have to climb a million towers in order to progress further in the environment.
  3. SaladBadger

    Doom Eternal coming to Google's Stadia platform

    streaming game services can bite it. Early tests of stadia are indicating 150-200ms ping times for input, which is completely unacceptable. maybe they'll make it faster, but I don't hold my breath, especially considering the amount of bandwidth that would need to be thrown around. i might be able to survive the beth launcher if I have to, but streaming game services are an absolute no for me. I'm already paranoid enough about services like Netflix as is, given that it's a service where things routinely disappear due to licensing shit, I can't imagine streaming gaming being even better. This sort of thing is already a problem for gaming, but at least stores occasionally let you keep stuff that's removed from the storefront... (until it's patched like the licensed music in gta)
  4. SaladBadger

    Dissecting Doom's Inferno depiciton - Help

    As a variation of Quasar's idea, I've actually really wanted a level where some shrine was built around the giant cacodemon, and the marine stumbles upon it, and it rises out of the ground and proceeds to attack, being able to destroy parts of the structure containing it, and you have to figure out how to fight it without getting instantly slaughtered by its giant lightning balls. that would be annoying to implement in any doom engine...
  5. SaladBadger

    Wolf 3d game in 2019

    I can safely say I have zero doubt that tile-based FPS games can be interesting, but I just don't feel most of the current crop of these games do a good job. Shadow of the Wool Ball is definitely a nice example of something that works pretty well.
  6. SaladBadger

    Compare your first map to your latest!

    My earliest map. for ZD. the "do not noclip" sector has a bunch of "actor enters sector" things that cause instant death if you enter it because i thought the idea of anyone cheating in my maps was utterly reprehensible and shouldn't be done ever. Even though I did it all the time. Who knows. My first released map, that I remember. I was suffering from a pretty severe case of "worshipping t667-itis" at the time so I made this piece of trash with way too many borders and shit. it didn't do very well, and I would always tell people to just skip it. My most recently released map, Starlight Sanctuary. why does it feel like my mapping never improved...
  7. if your question is "does anyone prefer to play in <any oldschool fashion>" on Doomworld, the answer is invariably "yes" I like doing it sometimes, since it is indeed what I used to experience long ago as a kid.
  8. SaladBadger

    Doom and Quake weapons: Which are better?

    Quake's rocket launcher is definitely my favorite rocket launcher. it feels powerful, it sounds powerful, the rockets travel fast with a then-cool trail. Doom's rocket launcher is pretty good, but I don't find myself as attached to it. Beyond that I don't really find most of the quake weapons anything super special, but they have nice sounds and get the job done well in their own game.
  9. SaladBadger

    Crouching: What exactly is going on?

    No, there's no morph. I don't remember if this is recent or not, but the vast majority of the crouch code is scripted at this point. Gist of it I can determine: Tick(), as part of its usual thinking for the player, overrides the player Height property. crouchfactor is a measure of how "crouched" the player is at the moment. CrouchMove(int direction) is responsible for making you more or less crouched, and it is what regulates uncrouching when you're in a space that's too short to stand up. CheckCrouch(bool totallyfrozen) actually kicks off crouching, reading the input for it. The sprite changes, on the other hand, appear to be native and aren't set in the script. You'll have to find some way to simulate it I guess.
  10. SaladBadger

    Wolf 3d game in 2019

    I don't think much of the dislike is Wolf3d itself, but instead the numerous games made in its image that are frankly, not that good. Intrude comes to mind as one of the worst offenders if only because it was highly hyped up, but ultimately the game was a fairly short romp through 15 relatively small levels with very little enemy variety (Wolf3d might have only had five enemies, but they at least all had distinct looks and sounds, and even though four of them carry guns they use them differently enough to add some interest: An SS guard gets your blood rushing because if he opens fire, he can easily kill you. Brown guards are dangerous, but you're also generally more confident you can take a shot with them. Compare this to Intrude, where the enemies look mostly the same and make the same sounds). I remember a friend being really excited to try it only to be so. utterly. disappointed when he actually played it. And he loved wolf3d!
  11. I think the trouble is that "retro FPS" games are dime-a-dozen at this point, so people can afford to be a lot more picky and selective. I guess I'll mention my main criticism is that I just don't like this modern style of pixel art much. Even the cartooniest, drawn from scratch things in Doom tended to have a lot more detail, and looked nicer, I feel.
  12. SaladBadger

    Things about Doom you just found out

    all of them are specifically from Sound Ideas, a fairly well known sound library. much easier in practice to buy a precollected library of animal sounds, industrial machine sounds, etc so lots of places go for libraries like Sound Ideas.
  13. SaladBadger

    How to guess the game engine a WAD was made for?

    You can detect hexen format specifically by looking for the BEHAVIOR lump, all hexen/zdoom in hexen format maps must have it even if they don't have any scripts (in that case the lump is empty). Beyond that, there's not much you can do. Some heuristics on the editor numbers and line specials in the maps maybe? In practice, every editor produced that supports multiple games has required the user to fill in information about what game it's for, since guessing is too much effort and won't always work, especially when you consider EE or ZDoom maps that can have any number of new objects with editor numbers that might conflict with these other games (in EE's case, this is less of a problem since they define a "safe" range of user-supported editor numbers)
  14. SaladBadger

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I like how most of the artifacts are either just relatively mundane things (torch, quartz flask) or magical artifacts forged by legendary smiths, but the shadowsphere falls in the mundane category with no name associated with them. clearly in the deep serpent riders lore, Shadowspheres are just a common part of reality, or perhaps even just some strange natural artifact that folk have learned how to exploit.
  15. SaladBadger

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    I'm not going to even pretend to show any support for what the asshats do when they get upset over something stupid, but I'm certainly not going to suddenly start thawing my opinion of the movie over it. At the end of the day, my feelings are mostly that a bad first impression has been left, not much more. I feel when id themselves is disowning it, something isn't quite right.