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  1. SaladBadger

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    not trying to defend this crap of course, but (especially with fixed point, floating point should be more stable I'm confused here) continually doing multiplications to an orientation matrix can slightly distort it, and since the orientation matrix controls both the object's orientation and scale, it's understandable why it starts distorting. Now, let's start asking the questions... Descent had this problem (made worse by the use of fixed point arithmetic), but before any public release occurred, the devs implemented a simple solution which recomputes the matrix on a moving object to ensure it's not distorted. Pretty easy to do, strictly speaking a little expensive but nothing unmanageable. I'm told this bug existed in the original, so I'm surprised it existed back then, but in the process of being ported to UE4, apparently had absolutely no changes made to it to improve it. Honestly, I'm not even sure why the effects are so pronounced, it feels like it should be so much more subtle. Maybe I'm missing something.
  2. I mean, these guys have collected 7500 (as mentioned by Kinsie, weighing in at 50GB) samples of all sorts of things all over the world. Animal sounds. Machinery sounds of all different kinds. Vehicles of all sorts. Nature sounds. I can't imagine that was anything less than a staggering amount of work. It's also aimed at professionals, where $500 is probably just a tiny drop in the budget of things it's being used in, including something like Doom.
  3. SaladBadger

    Explain to me what the deal with Skyline Chili is

    I like the stuff, but I basically only make it at home, and I use about an 8th of the cheese of some of these pictures, if not less.
  4. SaladBadger

    Windows 11 - anyone taken the plunge?

    Reading up on things, it seems like there's efforts to try to fix some of the weird UI changes but becoming reliant on these things bothers me. Almost certainly Microsoft is going to make changes that end up breaking them, and who knows if those working on them will be interested in fixing them. Ugh. Other things like needing pro versions to even use local user accounts not tied to MS ones are also.. ugh. I haven't tied a Microsoft account to my W10 account ever. Maybe I'll try Linux, but I suspect I'm going to have to submit at some point. It's not like things in these operating systems are ever going to stop changing for reasons that are hard for me to comprehend, and I guess I just need to learn how to live with it. (Honestly, I'm the kinda person who hates change, and I wish I could get over that since it's always happening)
  5. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    Okay, just to be sure of something, how were you playing Descent? Did you use DXX-Rebirth? or did you use vanilla? If you used vanilla, things may have been harder since there's a bug where homing missiles do not scale properly on higher framerates. Around 50-60 it becomes almost impossible to avoid. DXX-Rebirth, and heck even D2X-XL fix this (and my Chocolate Descent works around it by limiting the framerate).
  6. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    Chaff isn't some miracle solution to homing missiles TBH. It's pretty limited in supply and the "stinger" bots vomit out missiles like no tomorrow. The upside is that the missiles are easier to avoid in general and they do only a little damage. The downside is that stingers are super maneuverable and can be difficult to hit. Actually almost everything in the game can be a colossal pain in the ass to even hit in the first place since they're so much maneuverable than the previous games. For whatever it's worth, homing missile bots do exist in Descent 2, but unlike Descent 1 where supermechs appear in 23 of the game's 27 levels (+2 of the secret levels), lou guards only appear in 12 of the game's 24 levels.
  7. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    The bug was fixed in Descent 2, so it doesn't apply there. The bug is a weird mistake, it tries to check if you have lasers selected but they messed up and it instead checks if you're firing the blue laser some robots shoot, which you can't.
  8. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    Fusion can be good, due to its penetration ability. It's a bit tricky to aim and shoot right due to how large the projectiles it shoots are, but it can be great for clumped monsters, such as those out of a matcen. Plasma is polarizing, some say it's alright, some find no need. I really can't tell. Missiles are interesting. In general I find the place I use mega missiles the most is when trying to destroy supermechs (the red guys) in tricky locations, since a direct hit will always kill one, and if they're close together it'll weaken the others. Homing missiles are also perfect against class 1 drillers.
  9. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    Honestly quad laser level 4 in the original descent is completely broken, partially due to a bug. Quad lasers are supposed to only do 1.5x damage compared to normal lasers, but a bug introduced in I think version 1.4 makes them do a full 2x damage. This bug is emulated in more recent dev builds of Rebirth. Weapons like spreadfire tend to only really shine when playing fresh starts, due to this. Spreadfire's fast projectiles and decent damage makes them competitive with non-quad lasers if the quad laser powerup isn't available. Weapon balance in the Descent series is pretty sketchy tbh, I think in part due to almost all of the game's weapons using the same "ammo" type. Descent 2 made it worse, deliberately weakening weapons like the fusion to near-uselessness in order to make the already ridiculously powerful new weapons shine even more I guess. A lot of big levelsets these days like Plutonian Shores will actually go out of their way to undo some of these changes just to make the weapon balance that much better. I also don't think Descent 2 was helped by the pace at which you get weapons, since the 3 level demo has 7 of the 10 weapons, you get 70% of the game's arsenal within 12.5% of the game's main levels. Ugh.
  10. SaladBadger

    From Doom to Descent

    I think Descent 1 is most unforgiving to new players who haven't learned where all the supermechs and driller spots are heh. I've played the game many times, on hotshot, on ace, and on both skills with laser starts on all levels (though for me Ace is suffering under those circumstances) and it doesn't feel that bad anymore, but I realize I have a rough idea of where all the danger lives, and how to deal with it. I don't know if I've just settled into some sort of masochism, but I honestly really enjoy Descent 1, rough edges and all. Descent 2 is probably better overall, but I have such a soft spot for Descent 1. Descent 3... I spent a lot of time trying to make a program to make it less dumpy but it's still easily my least favorite game in the series.
  11. SaladBadger

    Let's talk palettes

    To be fair, Descent 2 has 6 palettes, one for each world. That one's optimized for the water world, hence all the teals. If you look at the lava world, there's more reds. And brighter cyans for some reason. Oddly the fire palette is the only one which feels like it had any human intervention in, but it's still eh. The rest look very much like they were machine generated by sampling the textures used in each level and picking a palette, but the machine doesn't know what kind of optimizations a human would do.
  12. SaladBadger

    Let's talk palettes

    Here's a palette I have some mixed feelings about. Descent 1. It feels like it could be so good, having a reasonably wide selection of ranges, but what's with the weird seemingly random contents of the first 3 rows? (it almost looks like it's generated from the colors used by the cockpit graphic). Two rows of grays, and then a varied selection of different colors. 2 purples, 2 blues, 3 greens, 3 yellows, two reds and an orange, and that kinda weird tanish color. The problem I see is that due to those 3 rows being wasted by the cockpit colors, many of the ranges get crunched pretty tight, leading to some messy fades in the colormap. Though for all it's faults, at least it's about 10x better than the highly redundant, unordered, machine generated palettes that plague Descent II: The first 6 rows for all Descent 2 palettes are the same, but the color choices are so weird. Why is there no true grayscale range? Why are even the colors common across all palettes unordered and machine generated? Why is an almost entire row taken up by dark colors that are almost impossible to perceive? why does the water palette have so many colors that are basically black? The game probably would have looked tons better if more care was put into making the individual palettes.
  13. SaladBadger

    Quake Remastered

    Port support for the new models will be interesting, since they're using Doom 3's MD5 format instead of the original. I do hope some ports implement support for it.
  14. since ff2 has been brought up, I'll admit I've never ground the conventional way in that. In general my battle plan was to always beef up evasion with equipment and magic use, and simply avoid all damage rather than beef myself up to take it on. This strategy has worked wonderfully, though it does still involve grinding for spells like Blink, and it always comes as a shock to people when I show up to the last boss with half my team <1000 health. (I don't actually recommend that, though, it's resulted in some hairy fights) The GBA version automatically advances your health as you fight battles, though, so you'll usually end up with >1000 just by playing.
  15. I guess it depends on when you ask me. This video is 11 years old according to youtube, from back when I was a high school student. Free time wasn't in short supply during this time and I spent much of it playing games. I stumbled upon this by accident one time when playing ff6 for like the 10th time, and decided to see if I could pull it off since me from 11 years ago felt that was fun. I ground games like no tomorrow since I felt it was fun enough to fill that free time. Nowadays? I guess it depends on how invested I am in the game. Some RPGs are still fun enough that I like to build my characters to be as strong as they can be to get more out of it, but other things are eh. At some point, things like the novelty of grinding out all 31 IVs, maxed EV shiny pokemon has completely gone away for me.