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  1. SaladBadger

    Is centering maps important?

    I've actually not used any of the newer DB2 forks in a long time so I can't comment if things changed, but in the past if you needed to move geometry and things you had to select them in their separate modes, and then use the edit selection mode bound to e by default to move them both at once. This might still apply in the forks.
  2. SaladBadger

    Half-Life: Alyx - Valve flagship VR game

    it's hard to get really good animation with just two points being tracked (the controllers). Normal IK rigs for animation usually have controls for elbow facing, to allow for additional flexibility. if you had full-on kinect-like body tracking it would be more reasonable, though I'd rather take the controllers so you can like, actually have controls in the first place... ed: also has it been explained how locomotion works in this game? I'm assuming it's not normal FPS like locomotion (it has a bad tendency to induce motion sickness in many), but I feel the usual teleportation solution wouldn't fit the world that well here...
  3. SaladBadger

    An Avatar Conundrum

    but what happens if there's two individuals in your avatar
  4. In the ending of Doom E1, you die and go to hell. Is Doom an isekai?

  5. I've often heard that another reason is that it advances the random seed by two (there's two calls to P_Random to pick an aim angle, and the damage done is calculated before checking for a hit), which given the way Doom's PRNG works, can potentially have a visible effect.
  6. SaladBadger

    reception of doom when it came out

    With the way gamesmaster challenges were fixed, I assume the PC doom footage was recorded well in advance and (really fucking poorly) cut up and fixed and the kid wasn't actually playing anything.
  7. SaladBadger

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    walking through walls works since Doom's collision detection is super simple. It checks if the object's bounding box after the move would be touching anything, and responds if it is. Since the bounding box has a radius of 0 when the monster becomes a ghost, the chance of a move causing an intersection with a blocking thing is extremely low, possibly even impossible based on how things are implemented.
  8. SaladBadger

    Not even sure what to call this derail

    My favorite part of all of this is how at this point MaxRideWizardLord has spent the last week or two doing nothing on this fora but writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of nonsense of subjects he knows absolutely nothing about. That's dedication. I admire the balls you gotta have to tell a game programmer why they're wrong about game development, or tell active high level players about how everything they know is wrong.
  9. SaladBadger

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I really don't understand why people argue against the whole concept of the player character being a demon-slaughtering machine. Yes, that bit of text in the game's manual says you're just some ordinary marine with a slightly higher than average sense of justice, not a mythical or legendary hero. But the game doesn't agree. There's a huge disconnect when the game encourages you to move fast and slaughter great amounts of demons. What sort of ordinary marine would be able to do this and keep it up despite constant wounds and literally fucking going to hell? I'm not the greatest fan of Doom 2016's story (thank goodness though you can just set it aside and play the game!) but I think the Doom Slayer really works because instead of standing in contrast to what the player does in game, he instead works with it. Would this work in a tense movie like this one? I dunno. I watched the movie last night and our main character sure did get involved in a lot of demon shooting. Even faced with what lies beyond the portals, a swarm of demons, and the big bad demon explaining everything to her, she's still able to just slaughter all the demons present. So maybe it could.
  10. I'll confess that yeah, to my musically untrained ear, it doesn't sound similar, but if those who are more musically inclined say it is... I don't have a good argument there. can't wait for this to be completely and utterly rejected by another 5 paragraph essay of a post ed: actually to throw a little fuel on the fire in the other direction, Sandy Petersen, even way back when, was well read, and he was also familiar with some Russian media (he mentions Alexander Nevsky a lot), but I do find the idea of say, Sandy showing office mates a Russian adaption of Sherlock Holmes, that he had said thing on hand, and that it musically inspired Bobby Prince to be slightly absurd.
  11. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    All things considered, 320x100 is probably the best resolution for a video game.
  12. UrdaWOR.png

    Kinda cool to see that those infoboxes on Google are actually drawing information from doomwiki.org instead of the doom wikia.

  13. have we not had enough ironic dating sim VNs yet? this is starting to get just a little painful tbh
  14. descent 2, released 1996, can play back 640x480 fmvs at 24 fps, so uh... (okay they're not quite 640x480 since they're letterboxed, but they're still fairly high resolution). Also, both Strife and Chex Quest had videos that played before the game started... I guess potentially the relatively low quality of Quake 2's FMVs was due to slowness when uploading frames as textures to OpenGL? I dunno I'm grasping for straws here... It feels like other games at the time were able to do much better. I can't get a good feel for what their resolutions are, but the original Starcraft FMVs run at a higher framerate.
  15. A minor frustration I've run into with Chocolate Descent: I've encountered a bug where the game can go into an infinite loop if certain strange conditions are met when killing the level 7 boss. Unlike an algorithm bug, where something doesn't work 100% as expected in the game world, or a static limit or similar where the game exits with a given error message (like visplane overflows in doom), this kinda bug seems like a frustrating screw to the user, requiring them to mess around with the Task Manager or similar process management tools. With most bugs I can keep them as is, but this kind of bug makes me wonder what I should do. Should I fix it? Should I change it to an explicit game-ending error? Or should I just have the player muck about with task manager? I mean I guess that last option is comparable to what people would have to do if they encountered said bug back in the day...