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  1. If it goes above 22, it simply stops checking for other adjacent sectors. It's entirely possible that the first 22 lines checked contained the "correct" answer when it had only 40 lines in it.
  2. As grazza's log indicates, the issue isn't adjacent sectors directly, it's the amount of 2s lines that lead into other sectors. The code loops through all the lines in the sectors, checks if they're 2s, and if so, stores the height of the sector its joined to in an array, the heightlist mentioned in the log. This means the amount of sectors its joined to isn't important, but the amount of lines joining to other sectors (whether they're the same or different sectors) is. Basically you can only have 20 2s lines in a sector that's going to move. Technically speaking you can have 22, since the check was implemented wrongly, and ports will handle this gracefully, emulating the overflow.
  3. SaladBadger

    What are you listening to?

    L R L R STOP & Dash & UP↑ & TALK B B A B S(tart)
  4. SaladBadger

    Can you make episodes like Doom 1 in Doom 2?

    With vanilla, no, you can't have direct episodes. A very common workaround is to make a bunch of maps as usual and end the "episode end" maps with a death exit, which clears the player's inventory, so progression is basically the same as progressing across episodes in Doom 1. If you're mapping for ports, you have some options. A new version of prboom+ with a lump named UMAPINFO allows you to define new episodes freely, and these will work in zdoom and eternity and probably other ports. EE and ZDoom and its derivatives also have their own lumps that allow defining episodes, if you're aiming specifically at one of them.
  5. SaladBadger

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The Doom door sound is based off of a 3-phase generator starting up, mixed in with a couple of other mechanical sounds to give it its distinct sound. This article also explains the origins of a couple of the other sounds, which is pretty cool.
  6. SaladBadger

    Midtexture won't appear in Vanilla

    It would help if we could see the texture definition, since the error is most likely there. (Though you could rule out problems with offsets and lower unpegged by using another texture that's known to work) Another potential option (if you have a patch that's larger than the texture itself, perhaps) is a negative offset getting clamped.
  7. having the meatier Doom 2 monsters in doom 1 would be pretty interesting. Certainly there's other weapons to fight them, but I think I'd find myself missing the SSG if you needed to save rockets or cells for something a bit more involved. Of course this is going to depend entirely on the level balance, so it can easily be a non-factor depending on how many rockets and cells the mapper puts in. I like the SSG though because it picks up the slack that the bullet weapons have in terms of power, even if it's not actually near as beefy as the heavier weapons. dumb idea if I time traveled to when Doom 2 was in development: augment the chaingun with a minigun to also pick up the slack for the bullet weapons. Less accurate, no sniping, maybe fires 3 bullets per ammo point or something like thatnah it's a dumb idea.
  8. bugfixes and optimizations, mostly. I'd just bring solutions ports developed to some things that don't work 100% right in the original game. Beyond things like fixing some hitscan bugs, I don't think the scope of it would be too great. Optimizations definitely interest me, since fastdoom and similar projects have demonstrated that the game isn't quite as fast as it could be. I know everyone's going to bitch about how bad the game would be if hitscans didn't just randomly go through targets based on where they are on the blockmap, or if punching was more difficult than it needs to be, but at the same time, I can't imagine anyone going on the newly created timeline "gee, this doom game sure would be better if hit checking was shittier"
  9. SaladBadger

    Tech Idea: Cross-Port Intermediate Demo Format

    I think I like the idea most for inter-port compatibility, since that is a big problem with things like ZDoom or heck even Eternity I believe. The difficulty is there, but if it could be overcome it might assist in making zdoom demomaking at least somewhat feasible.
  10. SaladBadger

    Something like YY-CHR but for Mac OS

    That looks like tilemolester, an old Java program.
  11. SaladBadger

    Something like YY-CHR but for Mac OS

    isn't the current version of YY-CHR using the .NET framework? Might be able to coax that working in macOS with Mono or the like
  12. SaladBadger

    Nintendo's biggest data leak ever (aka GigaLeak)

    I don't really feel bad for nintendo given reasons mentioned (and hey, it's very cool from an archival standpoint to have all this old work visible, people will find lots of cool things and come to enjoy these games even more), but I also don't think this is a catastrophic event that's going to destory the company. I'm confident they'll survive. Meanwhile we get lots of cool things to look at now.
  13. SaladBadger

    Interesting context about the Doom 3 shotgun

    the shotgun was pretty frustrating tbh. the cone's angle was 22 degrees. This is on par with the spread of a zombie in the original doom, but it's also worse since can also be in any direction, not just horizontally. It sucked a lot of fun out of the weapon, and as mentioned I found myself more fond of the game's other weapons. For reference, the pistol has no spread, the machinegun has a 1 degree cone, and the chaingun has a 5 degree cone. Fun fact: the RoE SSG has a tighter spread (vertically, at least) than the normal shotgun.
  14. SaladBadger

    Worms Takes a Controversial Direction

    not really much skin off my nose, I'll just continue playing Armageddon. I do suspect it's going to end in failure, though, if only due to the oversaturation of the market. Will it really appeal to those who actually want to play a realtime battle royale game?
  15. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    It looks like, for whatever reason (mipmapping maybe?), vkquake2 still has the resampling code of the original game which downsamples textures to make their dimensions powers of 2, so that's probably why its worse looking than usual. It would look like that in the original game's GL renderer. Basically all ports for many years now have allowed NPO2 textures since almost every model skin is NPO2, so I have no idea what's up with vkquake2 on that front.
  16. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    hrm, actually, you're right, it's definitely more pixel-y. If I had to take a guess, that's actually the old GL renderer, which had to downsample non-power of 2 textures, since OpenGL didn't support it at the time. Most models textures are non-power of 2 dimensions, so they suffer the worst.
  17. SaladBadger

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    I dunno, on the other hand, I doubt that if Half-Life had better sounds, we'd all be sitting here going "man, wouldn't half-life have more personality if the sounds were shittier?", though we could possibly lose the "xxx but with half life sounds" since some of them are distinct for their uh, quality. I really get the feeling sometimes valve wasn't that good at sound mixing and editing, given that there are some strange choices, especially with Half-Life 2 where we have those famous zombie sounds at 11025hz for.. some reason?
  18. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    it's pretty normal, honestly. the rocket launcher's texture is pretty low-res in general. The top of the hangar doors there are also pretty pixelated due to the texture being scaled up by quite a bit.
  19. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    it's possible to get that secret by doing careful rampslides off of the building. You crazy move physics abusers!
  20. SaladBadger

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    On a whim I wrote a mod that changes the handedness thing in Quake 2 to make the weapon aim at the crosshair, using a concept inspired from Team Fortress 2 where the shot is aimed at a trace fired from the player's eyes. Like the TF2 implementation, it also turns off and fires perfectly straight if the crosshair is too close to a wall, still allowing you to fire around corners. It's been quite fun to play with, even if it does cause some of that nonsense where projectiles can veer off course if aimed at something that move
  21. I wonder if there's a good archive of Quake 2 levelsets. I've had some fun playing the fan made level sets even if the base game isn't as fun anymore, but unlike Doom where sites like Doomworld have lived for such a long time, PlanetQuake eventually kicked the bucket, so it's hard to tell where to go for that.

  22. SaladBadger

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    This is hard. Quake 2 is kind of dull. So freaking dull. You spend so much time fighting solo encounters that aren't particularly threatening. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I went through the game again on Hard recently and didn't even come close to dying once. But it's theme, the enemy visual designs, the weapons, and so on are all so great. It's a game with great potential. Half-life out of the box is more involved. Enemies tend to be lighter on the HP, but can dish out more. Plus, they're frequently used in ways that make much more sense, and tend to be more interesting. The game on a whole just works better. But I'm also not all that for its hitscan-heavy combat. I've felt like Half-Life, at least for my play style, is strange in that when you're fighting aliens, it's not that hard, but it becomes a lot harder when fighting the marines since they're so unforgiving. The aesthetics of Black Mesa are pretty nice, though, and even Xen doesn't piss me off that much (though it could be much better, of course). One thing I definitely do miss in HL are the big enemies. Whenever there are big enemies in the half life series, they're usually special, but I did like that Quake 2 has bigass cyborgs that take a lot to go down. Now if only it could actually use them in interesting manners and make them somewhat threatening...
  23. you can buy doom 2 by itself on steam for $5. You don't have to get final doom and master levels, it's part of an entirely separate $15 bundle. You indeed cannot buy Quake 3 on it's own, and I suppose I can sympathize with this viewpoint because Quake 3 is $15 but Quake Live (which lacks that content) is $10, so as much as I want to make a comment about how we're now at the stage of complaining when a game contains more content, I can't because it may actually be bringing up the price.
  24. SaladBadger

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    As part of my Quake playthroughs, I decided to compare and contrast Quake 2, since Quake 1 is still fresh in my mind... God, I honestly love the quake 2 aesthetic and some of its ideas, but each time I play the game, it feels just that much more bland. I put the game on Hard and I don't think I came close to dying once. Nightmare probably wouldn't even be that much worse, I should try it sometime... The Reckoning was short, but it was actually more interesting. Even those damn shielded gladiators weren't near as bad as I remembered, if anything they worked a lot better than the other bullet sponge-y enemies like Tanks because they actually were mobile and put up some level of a threat. I'm now on Ground Zero, which is where I gave up last time. It was so brutally unfun. This time, I decided to be cheesy. I poked at a disassembly of the game's dll file and found where the turret health was stored. I reduced it to 150 (I might play around with it some, 150 makes them vulnerable to a single railgun shot). We'll see if it actually makes things more fun or not.
  25. SaladBadger

    What Do You Think Of Quake's Expansions?

    avoiding the shots aren't too hard, but they do have entirely too much hp. I'm torn on whether or not giving them the power screen (like brains) would have helped. It does allow you to attack them in the back, but frontal attacks would end up being even worse off (reduced to 1/3rd of the damage instead of 2/3rds)