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  1. Oh fuck BTSX E1 MAP19 is actually a nightmare for me. After a bunch of failed runs I had to probe the map out with -nomonsters just to get a feel for where things are. not my most elegant moment with this mapset.

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    2. SaladBadger


      Oh jesus then, if MAP19 is on the lite end of the spectrum, I honestly have no clue what to expect with real slaughtermaps.


      This is going to be a fun adventure.

    3. Fonze


      The lost soul cap is something that should stay in the 90's with concerns about Doom's performance on old DOS machines. Nowadays that cap does nothing but break large maps. Always keep it off.

    4. Marcaek


      Lost soul cap can potentially render some situations unwinnable due to low ammo, keep that in mind.