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  1. My surgery yesterday was to replace a faulty bone in my ear. My hearing's been crap the past few years, one of the causes being that one of the hearing bones wasn't flexing right. The surgery was to replace it and it seems to be working a little now. It'll take time to fully take effect according to the surgeon.

    1. SaladBadger


      side effect: the way they were mucking around with my nerves while doing this has a ~5% chance of causing one half of your tongue to taste like metal for a bit. I was one of those lucky folk. I hope it goes away quickly.

    2. Phade102


      Ah, so from your previous post, I take it they replaced that bone with a piece of metal? I have hearing problems myself, though I doubt from the same issue as yours. Glad it worked out though!

    3. DeathevokatioN


      I'm glad it worked out, and goodluck with your recovery! :)