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  1. I dug the colormaps out of GBA Doom II's rom file. Conveniently it has just enough levels to work in the original game, so have an eyesore:



    I'm still trying to dig out the map data but I'm not having any luck. I have a few potential leads and I'm trying to map out what I can to make it easier to find without falling into unrelated data, but its elusive. I have no idea what format it could be stored in.

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    2. Maisth


      Looks really cool! but it hurts my eyes 

    3. Voros


      What format was the colormap lump in?

      Other than that, it certainly looks way too bright. Although if playing with a resolution similar to a GBA, it wouldn't be that noticeable, would it?

    4. SaladBadger


      the colormap format was the exact same format as the classic doom colormap. Mostly. The invuln and unused entries weren't there, and there's a bunch of extra levels I haven't found the use for, but its just a standard 256x32 byte table.


      I have found some leads to the maps. I think. I've found a table with 34 128-bit entries, which appears to contain three pointers (three 32-bit variables that increase as you get further in the table) and one size variable (it doesn't get larger as you go through the table. It gets larger when its in the index of a larger Doom II map). 34 is the amount of maps in GBA Doom II (since chasm and industrial zone are split), and the table is shorter in Duke Nukem Advance, a game using the same engine with less maps than Doom II. I have found what block of data the size corresponds to, but I can't make any sense of it. I have found what might be vertex positions: This is only a hunch, I'm assuming so because there's a pretty consistent pattern of a (generally increasing, so its stored in a really odd manner...) first byte and then a second byte that remains fairly low (since most Doom maps don't extend too far), but they definitely aren't vertex pairs. Instead it seemed to be just a bunch of potential coordinates. At least, that's what I thought, but overwriting this data did absolutely nothing visible to the map, no matter how much I corrupted. I don't know if I'm hitting the wrong map data or something, or have just misread it entirely, but I'm stumped.


      I can't make any sense of the rest of the data either, and I fear it might be compressed, which would go beyond what little I know how to do. Fuck. I'll keep on poking at this until I can get something to happen.