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  1. Anyone around here done proper monitor calibration? My monitor looks like shit, and while a lot of that's because its a crappy acer branded monitor from 2007, I'd like to beat out at least the best images I can get from it. I found this set of images but I don't know if I can actually trust it. The first contrast test mentions a set of boxes with linearly increasing brightness, mentioning the jump in brightness should be equal across all of them. But that doesn't make any sense, the monitor should be displaying in sRGB which by nature is not linear! Other sources mentioned a program "QuickGamma" which seemed to be somewhat useful but I couldn't get any good results out of it. The rest of the guides at the top of googling looked pretty terrible, honestly.

    1. Linguica


      The lagom test images are excellent for a simple calibration. Do the black level and white saturation tests, then do the gamma calibration, and go back and forth until it seems about as good as you can get it. 

    2. SaladBadger


      Hmm, I'll give those a try, looking at them and based on what I know they do seem to make sense. The contrast one was throwing me off so much since it goes against almost everything I know about computer monitors, I'm wondering if they're intended for monitors that can actually go to a gamma of 1.0 or something.