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  1. Strange and pointless mysteries of the doom code: Here in the doom source is a lengthy description of mobj_t which does not appear in the Heretic, Hexen, or Jaguar Doom source, where mobj_t is defined in doomdef.h, so presumably p_mobj.h was created in a post 1.666 revision, or more likely it was added during Bernd's cleanup of the Doom source for release. But where did this writeup come from? Its extremely detailed, seems to get most details right (a lot of Bernd's comments to the source express some level of confusion, if I'm honest), refers to otherwise lost internal details such as stategen.exe and states.c and states.h (as opposed to info.c/info.h).


    This is one of those things that are kinda pointless, but just the verbosity of the description and the fact that it seems fairly accurate seems pretty unusual for the doom source overall.