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  1. A minor frustration I've run into with Chocolate Descent: I've encountered a bug where the game can go into an infinite loop if certain strange conditions are met when killing the level 7 boss. Unlike an algorithm bug, where something doesn't work 100% as expected in the game world, or a static limit or similar where the game exits with a given error message (like visplane overflows in doom), this kinda bug seems like a frustrating screw to the user, requiring them to mess around with the Task Manager or similar process management tools. With most bugs I can keep them as is, but this kind of bug makes me wonder what I should do. Should I fix it? Should I change it to an explicit game-ending error? Or should I just have the player muck about with task manager? I mean I guess that last option is comparable to what people would have to do if they encountered said bug back in the day...