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  1. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    All things considered, 320x100 is probably the best resolution for a video game.
  2. UrdaWOR.png

    Kinda cool to see that those infoboxes on Google are actually drawing information from doomwiki.org instead of the doom wikia.

  3. have we not had enough ironic dating sim VNs yet? this is starting to get just a little painful tbh
  4. descent 2, released 1996, can play back 640x480 fmvs at 24 fps, so uh... (okay they're not quite 640x480 since they're letterboxed, but they're still fairly high resolution). Also, both Strife and Chex Quest had videos that played before the game started... I guess potentially the relatively low quality of Quake 2's FMVs was due to slowness when uploading frames as textures to OpenGL? I dunno I'm grasping for straws here... It feels like other games at the time were able to do much better. I can't get a good feel for what their resolutions are, but the original Starcraft FMVs run at a higher framerate.
  5. A minor frustration I've run into with Chocolate Descent: I've encountered a bug where the game can go into an infinite loop if certain strange conditions are met when killing the level 7 boss. Unlike an algorithm bug, where something doesn't work 100% as expected in the game world, or a static limit or similar where the game exits with a given error message (like visplane overflows in doom), this kinda bug seems like a frustrating screw to the user, requiring them to mess around with the Task Manager or similar process management tools. With most bugs I can keep them as is, but this kind of bug makes me wonder what I should do. Should I fix it? Should I change it to an explicit game-ending error? Or should I just have the player muck about with task manager? I mean I guess that last option is comparable to what people would have to do if they encountered said bug back in the day...

  6. SaladBadger

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    honestly, I could still see beth trying to go after Doom 64 EX. I mean yeah, it requires a rom to play, and lets not delude ourselves, every last fucking person here knows where that rom is coming from 99.99% of the time. With the examples Ling has cited, it doesn't seem that out of line for bethesda. I'm not super worried, I guess, if only because yeah, whatever we're getting is probably going to be an evolved version of Doom 64 EX, and it could even come with source code released like SVE, but only time will tell on that.
  7. SaladBadger

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Multiplayer would be an extremely intrusive change, it's not something you can do trivially. Given that Night Dive's apparently had a hand in this, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaiser's work is being used here.
  8. SaladBadger

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    I always assumed the soulsphere thing was more or less the artist drawing on top of a circle made with the circle tool. Playing around with Deluxe Paint 2 briefly, it doesn't apply aspect ratio correction in the 320x200 mode when drawing circles. Actually, the circle I drew had the exact same pixel shape as the soul sphere... Why didn't they compensate for it? I dunno, it might have been more work to do so they didn't find worth it. They clearly knew about the problem since their photosourced material compensated for it.
  9. SaladBadger

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    the SS-55 is a physical piece of hardware, not software. GS Wavetable Synth is the software synth MS created that uses samples derived from the SC-55 hardware. You can't get it on android, all you can get is a soundfont that's derived from the SC-55 samples. You can download one in the description of that Youtube video above, or like a million other places online (google "sc55 soundfont" i guess) Strictly speaking it's not really legal to do so but there hasn't been any big efforts to stop it so...
  10. SaladBadger

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    I don't think any id employee's said anything on it, but it's probably after the fact. Jaguar Doom and PSX Doom have separate animations for it.
  11. It's maybe a little disappointing that these video creators always go straight to Brutal Doom when discussing Doom things, but to some degree I understand why, and it's fine when its not really the core focus of the video, I feel. In any case, I actually really liked this video, and AVGN's usually pretty hit-or-miss for me. I guess if anything, it shows how much of a weird exception chex quest was in the world of marketing videogames.
  12. I wonder a little if some of the link spam dropping members who register here are actually people being paid to vaguely pretend to be an actual member, or if its some sort of new elaborate bot tech. I dunno...

  13. SaladBadger

    E1M1 in 8 seconds on Nightmare!?

    hah, my bad on that one. I seemingly remembered monsters on nightmare taking a step right before they shoot, but I loaded it up and checked and yeah they just stand still if they can see you at all. What I suspect I was remembering was that they do briefly face their old facing angle, I guess.
  14. SaladBadger

    E1M1 in 8 seconds on Nightmare!?

    depending on how you look at it, wouldn't nightmare monsters actually move slower in the presence of the player? they're taking single steps and immediately attacking, so unless you're out of sight they aren't moving much at all. Can't comment on how relevant this would actually be to the run, not being an active runner, but I could potentially see it being a factor.
  15. SaladBadger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    i may be writing a "chocolate descent" port
  16. SaladBadger

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    I feel that to a pretty heavy degree tbh. I don't watch a lot of movies, but a lot of the ones I have watched, especially comedies, have fallen short in the comedy department, as I find it really hard to identify or connect with a lot of the jokes being wildly slung around. It just gets annoying after a while, which in a lot of cases can detract from the movie quite a bit.
  17. SaladBadger

    What are you reading now?

    been reading the Toradora, Haruhi, and Konosuba novels lately. they're fun.
  18. SaladBadger

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    i'm going to be completely frank and say its delusional to say that "Starcraft is just Warcraft 2 with yaddayaddayadda." The two games are honestly so different its hard to compare the two directly at all. I dunno, maybe I'm biased, I love starcraft despite sucking at it. I like that the game has the high skill ceiling it does for skirmish play, and I did find the campaign pretty alright.
  19. SaladBadger

    Doom Switch port pages showed up on Nintendo UK website

    yeah. From further spelunking, it seems likely that it's actually a fairly normal port (I wouldn't be surprised if it's based off of the Doom Classic source) wrapped in Unity. It exhibits the properties of Doom's software renderer, so I wouldn't be surprised if Unity is being used as a platform independent framework for it. Now if only the rest of it was actually good...
  20. SaladBadger

    Doom Switch port pages showed up on Nintendo UK website

    So word on the street is that the game is running in Unity. I'm morbidly curious if its a straight up unity conversion or if they're using unity as a framework for Doom Classic. Has anyone gotten screenshots of the invuln effect or the invis fuzz? ed: The drm screenshot floating about shows a bit of O of Destruction. Is this whole thing actually compatible with the original demos?
  21. SaladBadger

    Photos of Doom Clay Models

    the URL seems to suggest either FB or Instagram. I vaguely remember him posting on FB before? but yeah the source of it would be nice.
  22. SaladBadger

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    while i sorta understand the frustration of forced damage floors softlocking, you can "effectively" softlock yourself if you use all the health packs even with no forced damage floors. after all, there's still monsters to contend with, and while in theory "perfect play" in these action games lets you avoid all damage, lets be honest, if you just absorbed every health pack, are you really going to be able to play perfectly against all monster encounters between you and more health?
  23. SaladBadger

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've been exploring the bits of console doom source that have been released, to get a feel for how things are different than the PC version (and partially to also get a bit of a look at the source organization as it was before Bernd happened to it) One amusing thing that stood out is that the 3DO version fixed the "Picked up a medikit you REALLY need!" bug despite not having pickup messages displayed. Heh. In addition, while the invisibility powerup was pretty much entirely stripped out of the Jaguar source, it was reinstated for the 3DO port. Even though I'm pretty sure it's not available there either... I think it's also weirdly neat to note that the 3DO version shot for a 60hz tickrate, whereas most of the other jaguar ones shot for 15hz. Seems maybe a little ridiculous, but I dunno. ed: also, was a lot of the ASM for the jaguar port produced by some sort of compiler? a lot of it is really poorly commented and kinda odd, compared to other parts of it. I vaguely remember something about a compiler being tuned for this project..
  24. was having trouble finding what shows to watch over a upcoming vacation on my tablet, guess I'm gonna load some of the kyoani stuff I've missed in there (how the hell have I not watched Violet Evergarden in 2019???)


    honestly despite being strapped for cash ATM I probably will toss something at the studio. At this point, I'm not even sure how the studio can recover, but I really would like to support the livelihoods and future creative careers for those who have survived.

  25. SaladBadger

    Fire at Kyoto Animation Studio

    man what the fuck. Having watched quite a bit of Kyoani's works (and this entire incident started during a session watching Haruhi with friends, even) I don't think I can put into words just how much this depresses me. Especially with all the gruesome details that have come out over the past few days. Such a horrible and senseless act of violence.