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  1. This might appeal to some who have read some of my posts on why I enjoy IoS maps and how I hope for more monster spawner maps - even if they aren't necessarily ones with a wall.

    TL;DR: I played god mode when I was little, and I reached the IoS which killed me by telefragging and I got scared. Eventually, I became interested in this telefragging mechanic which is almost never used in game except in IoS fights.

    When I was very little, maybe 5, 6, or 7, I played DOOM in the mid 90s. I was afraid of my character dying (as well as the Demon's bite sound) back then. So I figured out, and played with God Mode on. I beat DOOM at my uncle's house in Florida.

    Next came DOOM 2. Yet again I used god mode and made it through the levels and then IT happened. I hit the dreaded Map 30. I did not know what to expect or what to do. The monster made it's sound which to me sounds like gorrrrrrr rehhhh oooo si, jim'bre selve-tay d'je ooze (and yes, I know what the actual sound is).

    The skulls started appearing out of the monsters head, packed with the unholy essence of a demonspawn, eventually turning into a full-fledged demon upon reaching it's destination. As the essence turned into a full-fledged demon, I kept shooting them down, IDFA'ing if ammo ran out. At the time, I thought the skulls would stop and the creature would have a shootable weak point show up - or the wall was shootable itself.

    But then IT happened. Despite having god mode on, I suddenly died. The screen was red. I was horrified. I screamed in terror. I did not know how I died. My character was lying on the ground; his guts being sprawled throughout the deepest depths of hell. I suddenly learned about this monster's ability to kill my God mode character; one of it's skulls landed right on top of where I stood. I was telefragged. It was horrifying.

    As I got older, I started becoming interested in the telefragging mechanics which has the power to kill a god mode character - the only other exception is damaging floors encountered in E1M8 but those finish the level.In the original DOOM series, the only place this mechanic is encountered is the last level of DOOM 2. As a result of my experiences when I was little, I enjoy playing the IoS maps which always bring up those memories.

    I also wonder if it's possible if there could be a way this mechanic could be used without the icon of sin. The interesting aspect is the not knowing when you're up and *BOOM*, death by telefrag. As a programmer, I know it can happen via a simple script. But I'm more interested in if a map could be designed in such a way that it relies on telefragging to be a good map - maybe in the way of suspense.

    1. SaladBadger


      Eris Falling said:

      I really like the idea of a moving boss you constantly have to give way to. I wonder if anything like that would work in a Doom map. Probably not, given that looking backwards constantly would probably be annoying, but hey might be fun to play with

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  2. Lately I've noticed that a significant subset of the Doom community is completely ungraceful about being "outclassed" by a map's difficulty level on UV, even when lower difficulty settings are implemented (which they typically refuse to acknowledge). I've always known these people exist, of course, but I've only recently noticed how prevalent they are, probably 5x-10x as common as I had thought. I have roughly zero respect for this sort of behavior, and I'm kind of sad about it because the Doom community isn't quite as awesome as I thought it was. There are still a lot of awesome people who I'm glad to have met, but idk ... suddenly it feels like I'm on an alien planet.

    1. SaladBadger


      one thing that bugs me about this whole thing is the part where there really isn't a serious difficulty above UV, since NM is generally seen as a less serious difficulty (though I guess there's also UV -fast or UV -respawn, though I don't know how seriously either of those are taken). If UV is toned down so it can reasonably be beaten by a fairly good player on first try, where do the really good players go? I know they can impose challenges on themselves and try speedrunning, but it seems weird since bringing down UV would deny the best players just a more typical challenge.

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  3. I was recently introduced to the ClearType option in Windows. Apparently it's supposed to make fonts look nicer. So far I'm seeing the opposite: instead of letters being crystal clear, they appear sort of blurry, as if my eyes got a little unfocused. I guess I'll try using it for a few days and see if it gets better. So far I don't really get it when it comes to latin symbols, while Japanese symbols seem to be easier to read I think.

    1. SaladBadger


      As a random question, what kind of monitor are you using? From what I understand, cleartype is built to work nicely on LCDs (look at the Subpixel rendering article essel linked) but if you're still using a CRT for whatever reason, I remember reading that font smoothing tends to be pretty bad. If you're not, I'm not sure what to say, I'm not sure where cleartype calibration options lie on pre-7 versions of windows

      (also, with regards to the yen sign thing, I think Windows 8 and above may have started using Unicode in the UI because the slashes remain slashes when I was using japanese encoding, in the Explorer at least)

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  4. gotta new pc and got doombuilder LETS DO THIS!

    ok how the fuck do i use doombuilder... ok ill just stick to eureka or slade

    1. SaladBadger


      Well, to be fair, they did. Its just that they've continued to make more and more posts afterwards.

      (I find it amusing how many people are getting thrown off by that title change, heh)

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  5. Random techno I made.

    This one I made when I was really stoned. I watched Full Metal Jacket, then I listened to the current post hell theme (what the hell is that from anyway?), and somehow ended up with this garbage.

    1. SaladBadger


      gggmork said:

      Modplug is a free simple 16 bit sega genesis and just works.

      so, what you're implying is, that if I download Modplug I'll get a free 16-bit sega genesis out of my printer? Sounds awesome.

      Other than that, I think you're being a bit too vague and incoherent here, really.

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  6. I'm in my final year of a course entitled "Computer Games Software Development" at the University of Bolton. I've got about 4 weeks left to get a game in, and naturally, I've been making a simple FPS. It's got to be in full 3D, got to use a shader and some middleware other than the rendering one. There's obviously a few other points on the project specification, and I'm working to fulfill most of them. My portfolio has a selection of my best work from prior years, and I'm hoping to emulate the relative success I had with Assignment 2: The Game, and then go way above and beyond.

    The linked video shows where I am so far. Information on what is going on and what I'm still planning to do are in the description for the video.

    Whilst this is still very in-development, and quite primitive too, it's a healthy dose of progress for me, so I thought I'd show it off. Models and materials are all stock OGRE stuff ATM. I canned the use of PhysX a month or two ago as it was causing a lot of headaches. The game uses a combination of new code and rewritten code from A2:TG. Once I've got a GUI in, I'll only need to make a couple of more complex levels to already have a better game (from a technical stand-point) than A2:TG, which is all quite exciting for me!

    Anyway, enjoy :)

    1. SaladBadger


      I noticed a stock environment map on the spheres I've seen before. Where does it come from?

      For a pre-alpha, that's looking pretty good for a college assignment. where do you think you'll be taking this thing in the end, style and gameplay wise?

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  7. I think dehacked is un-appreciated, it is very useful.
    It is useful for BOOM, all you need is notepad and a calculator (for speed, width ect.)
    The syntax is so simple! As opposed to what ENJAY said on ZDoom.

    1. SaladBadger


      I have one question:

      Have you ever tried to manipulate states using DeHackEd with nothing but a text editor? (From scratch, meaning you're starting with a blank DeHackEd file)

      If you haven't, go try and tell me if it's still easy or not.

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  8. http://i55.tinypic.com/2qdbtoz.jpg

    Notice something similar about these popular websites? I'm not talking about that Facebook shit, it's annoying too, but the huge amounts of wasted space on the sides. Is this some kind of a trend? Did web designers worldwide suddenly decide widescreen monitors are overpowered for Internet use? And the dead space isn't even used by ads! It's for nothing! At least let me customize the sites myself or I might as well saw the sides off of my monitor because nobody is using it.

    Also, fuck the overuse of Flash. Flash sites run like shit, have no right click functions and look cheap.

    1. SaladBadger


      I used to do restricted columns with my webpage until I realized I hosted nothing of value and took it down. If I ever bring it back up I plan on not doing restricted columns, as I have around 1920 pixels worth of width and I like using them, actually.

      I remember one site randomly adapted (very ugly) sidebars and the owner was actually surprised when I asked what happened -- it was to make the site look more "clean" but I don't think it helped.

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  9. Quite a few years ago (in 2004) I posted here some very basic pics of the moon, but they were really basic and I've done much better since then. So I thought, I might start to share the images here. Astrophotography is my another passion and, with time, I acquired equipment needed to take pics of deep sky objects. My current setup looks like this:

    Except there's a film camera attached, just for demonstration purposes, I actually shoot with digital. Currently I use a modified Canon 550D (T2i) camera.

    I usually tend to shoot the less-known and not so popular objects, but my last picture, taken on Jan. 27th, is the pop - Flame and Horsehead nebulae:

    The temperature was quite cold, -20°C, and there was probably an air current inside the tube, that's why the stars seem to have tails. There are a few other imperfections, but in general, I'm almost satisfied.

    I will post more images when I have them, but don't expect frequent updates, because the right conditions to shoot the sky don't happen very often. Of course, the sky must be clear, with no moon, weekend is highly preferred, because I most often go to a dark sky site with no (or little) light pollution, far from the city lights. And there must be no strong wind. There are many other things that can ruin everything, so sometimes I don't have anything new for months :P

    1. SaladBadger


      That looks awesome. Astrophotography is one of those strange things I take huge interest in and want to do but probably never will.

      It seems like according to that map I don't live anywhere near a dark enough area, but it's hard to tell since the state borders aren't visible on the map. I'm thinking there may be a few places up north that may be decent, though.

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  10. There are no redeeming factors in winter for me. I don't know, if you're in the mainland States or something where snow is all exotic and shit, it might be cool. But here where I live, winter is just overkill. It's cold, there's a shitload of snow, sunlight lasts a few hours, it's cold, the streets are filled with sand, it's dark and cold. Have to dress up warmer, have to turn house temperature up. Also, in school we had to ski every Goddamn winter no matter how much everyone hated doing it.

    Fall sucks too, it's not golden tree leaves everywhere, it's winter junior. Dark and wet, the harbinger of worse times yet to come, autumn is like a good summer gone alcoholic.

    Spring is great, summer at its best is fantastic. Long days and bright nights, it makes me feel fresh and free. There's extra energy to boot, as opposed to winter when I just want to sit in all day and troll forums with varying success.

    1. SaladBadger


      Winter around here is usually bearable, except for times like this year where it can't decide whether it should be raining or snowing.

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  11. http://www.bejiitaswrath.com/maps/root.jpeg

    My Gentoo desktop. Gnome with no Kde stuff in sight and many leagues faster than Linux Mint 9, that I used in a chroot to build Gentoo. I am using Wicd to connect to the house WIFI network and Xawtv to watch SBS. I am very happy indeed, it took about 14 hours to build Gnome, but it was worth it having this much speed, especially with no Mono applications installed, it does not have the overhead of Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

    Darkplaces Quake runs at lightning speed with effects turned on and I am loving it. Sure it took me days to get the system set up, but as I said I consider it to be worth it.

    Nicer screenshot with Compositing.


    1. SaladBadger


      They have screenshot contests? I can't think of anything any more worthless than that.

      Also the transparent terminal background is kind of distracting.

      EDIT: and, in any case the contest results aren't interesting at all. the winner is nothing but black and more black, with a gradient here and there.

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  12. Since using them at work, I can't live without them anymore. I dug out my shitty old Trinitron from my PII box (which is now a "headless" file server pretty much) and hooked it to my secondary DVI out so that I could put IDA Pro on its own screen and then keep Visual Studio maximized on my main screen.

    This will speed up Choco Strife development at least 100% I think ;)

    I'll probably be making a trip to Staples this weekend to see if I can find a replacement flatpanel so I don't have to put up with that Trinitron. Sometimes it freaks out and starts showing screens that look like those monitors in DOOM 3. Gives me nightmares O_O

    1. SaladBadger


      Interestingly enough I set up dual monitors just yesterday, since my graphics card swap gave me a free VGA port which I could plug an old LCD into.

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  13. So as I was browsing through the oh-so-lovely Skulltag Drama Thread on Blogs, I was notified of a trojan by Norton. It "deleted it", and shortly after a message box appeared that read something like this: "Windows has encountered a critical error and will restart in one minute. Save your work.". My computer did not restart, but virtually everything stopped responding. I then proceeded to restart. Upon logging back in I am greeted with a black screen and the same message box. After one minute there was no restart, so I pressed the restart button again. This time there was no Windows startup screen. Instead there was a blue screen. I set a restore point recently, so that was my relief. I wasn't too relieved however after running the Startup Repair twice without it asking me to restore. The third time it had finally asked me to, but all was not well. I was able to log in, but everything was very slow. Norton would not open, USB drives would not work, and explorer.exe would freeze if I right clicked anything. So I restarted in Safe Mode. I was able to run a scan, but it was interrupted. How? A loose power cable on my computer. I removed my external hard drive to see if it still worked on another computer, and in the process of doing so I bumped the cable and my computer shut off. At this point nine tracking cookies had been found, so I decided to boot normally without any internet connection. Norton now worked, but the other problems were still present. I ran a full system scan, which picked up eight more tracking cookies, and a "Heuristic Virus"(Which is Norton's way of saying 'I'm guessing this is a virus.'), which was a 'Suspicious.MH690.A'. I believed that was a false positive, but I let it go. Explorer.exe now works perfectly, and I am currently typing this from the said computer that was infected. My final thoughts are: COINCIDENCE????

    tl;dr version:

    Got a trojan while looking through the Skulltag Drama thread, which caused hours of frustration.

    1. SaladBadger


      When I had to set up my neighbor's machine, I set them up with microsoft security essentials. They wanted norton, but I wasn't entirely impressed with it when my dad tried to run it on his machine, and my friend had recommended security essentials in the first place (he was over there earlier looking at their hard drive, which had gone bad from all of our looks at the thing). (plus they also didn't know any of their comcast account information so I kind of couldn't install it). In any case, they didn't complain and the thing is sitting there keeping them safe.

      I also run security essentials on my laptop. I can say it's a good product.

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  14. I turned 14 today.
    On another note, I beat Plutonia on nightmare today.

    For my birthday I got--
    A Nintendo DSi
    Nirvana-"Bleach" Deluxe Edition
    Nirvana- Unplugged
    Nirvana- In Utero
    Megadeth- Greatest Hits
    Some Ramones compilation album
    The WarCraft archive book
    Fallout 3 goty edition for Xbox 360
    Pokemon Soulsilver
    and, obviously, a cake.

    ---I don't know why you guys want to know any of this, other than the second line maybe...

    1. SaladBadger


      printz said:

      Rejoice! No deathjoke this time!

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  15. ... And the first day of finals week is tomorrow. It's going to be fun balancing celebrating (if I even have any plans to do anything) and studying...

    Ok, so most of my studying is finished already... It's just this painfully large physics review that's going to kill me...

    1. SaladBadger


      40oz said:


      And it was a fun map. Thanks.

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  16. ... And the first day of finals week is tomorrow. It's going to be fun balancing celebrating (if I even have any plans to do anything) and studying...

    Ok, so most of my studying is finished already... It's just this painfully large physics review that's going to kill me...

    1. SaladBadger


      Printz: end of the year. I'm still one of those lame high-school students though. I'm graduating next year

      40oz: Maybe a techbase. I like techbases.

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  17. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

    1. SaladBadger


      Creaphis said:

      Since I have nothing of my own I just borrowed someone else's entire music collection. Unfortunately, my obsessive completism (MUST LISTEN TO ALL MUSIC) and systematization (MUST LISTEN TO GROUPS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER) means I'm currently enduring Aqua.

      Ouch. at least you don't live with my sister. Her choices are enough to drive me nuts in like two seconds

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  18. If you were on IRC then you already know about this, but this last weekend my XP box, known formerly as "The Doom Palace" (due to my PII having been named "DoomShack") abruptly died.

    I seemed to have some sort of spyware infection, as clicking on a certain link to Wikipedia caused random redirects in Firefox to sites attempting to install more spyware. So, I ran Spybot, which found nothing, then I installed Malwarebytes, which found some stuff masquerading as .png's in Firefox's cache. I had it clean that stuff up, and then I installed some pending Windows updates.

    The final update, KB974417, failed to fully install. After waiting a good 20 minutes for it to do anything, I finally killed the installer process and restarted. Much to my horror, the computer began rebooting constantly, never making it past the Windows XP startup screen. After using BartPE with the registry editor plugin and modifying the value of the "reboot on error" setting, I saw this:


    hobbs and I went through every possible candidate solution and none of them did a damn thing. I got my data backed up onto a new external hard drive before attempting a fixmbr, which was ineffectual anyway.

    The box is currently even more dead, since after I attempted to delete the busted restore partition and rebuild the boot configuration, it started complaining of an invalid partition table - note that the partition table is intact, however. When booted under BartPE or RIP Linux, all my files are still on there.

    So in short, you can't be too careful these days. Even with everything I know about computers, I don't have a clue what actually happened here. Did the malware do something deliberately destructive? Did Malwarebytes corrupt something? Did the failed update kill my XP install? Or was this the long-expected and planned-ahead-for partial failure of my hard drive at an inopportune moment? I'll probably never know.

    The box is scheduled for reconstruction with a new 160 GB HD which is being shipped from from newegg as I type this. On the plus side, it finally got me around to getting my new Win7 box going ^_^

    1. SaladBadger


      Something kinda similar happened to our old laptop, but it wasn't too hard to fix. All it needed was a reinstall and the issue never cropped up. My current XP machine has been going fine though. And at this rate it will continue to go fine for quite a while now until my dad comes in and forces me to upgrade to windows 7 or else (or until I have an actual need for 7)

      These issues like to come from nowhere from what it seems. It also happened to a school PC a few years ago.

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  19. I made this post about a year ago, and it was terrible.

    1. SaladBadger


      I'm 16, I understand the mechanics of modern and classic games, but I perfer the simpiler classic style a lot more. Of course simplier doesn't imply easier. Although that is true in some cases it isn't always. I've played many tough classic games

      I think RTCW pulled off more modern gameplay pretty effictivly. When I last played it although it was kinda tough, it was actually fun.

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  20. ...And I am now stuck on thinking about how games have progressed over time gameplay wise.

    The biggest thing that comes to mind is controls. Wolf3D/Spear were really simple, only allowing a few keys to be bound. Unfortauntly modern-day FPS setups are harder to set up on wolfenstein, due to the fact that there cannot be decicated strafing keys. This was a downfall for me, but I suppose I could get used to holding the right mouse button to strafe.

    Then comes doom. It implements the basis for modern-day FPS controls. Dedicated strafe left/right keys, and mouse turning support. That's how most people tend to play anything these days. Quake then comes along and gives people mouselook. It's a pain to use though since it requires a key to be pressed down (you can enter +mlook into the console or an AUTOEXEC.CFG file though). Duke Nukem 3D, on the other hand, allowed free look at a quick keypress without needing to hold it.

    This leads to an interesting question. Did anyone use pure mouse controls back in the day? Moving using the mouse is probably one of the hardest things to reliabily do. I'm surprised that it has stuck along for so long. It just isn't worth it. Every computer had a keyboard so you have plenty of buttons to move with there.

    And now on the subject of gameplay itself, it's interesting to see how games evolved. Wolfenstein was simple. Shoot nazis with guns while keeping your distance to avoid high damage. Or was it? The limited controls, as well as the damage of the guns made it a challenging expirence, as standing next to a SS will basically kill you instantly, whereas at a distance if they start firing you have a chance. Then on some episodes you have monsters like hitler's ghosts, which implement a slow projectile cannon. The projectiles are slow so a careless player could stumble into them. Also, rocket bosses have a little difficulty because you need to avoid fast moving projectiles with the limited controls. This is easy though but if you screw up you take damage. And lots of it. (It's interesting to note that every bit of damage I took from the death knight was actually from his chainguns, not the rockets. I used to be horrible at dodging the rockets from any rocket boss).

    Doom made the hitscanners a little simpler. They are inaccruate, and always do consistant damage independant of range. Or did it make things simple? the farther you are the more chance of a zombieman missing. At a distance it's going to be much harder to be hit by 2 or 3 pellets from the shotgunner, whereas at close range you may take two or even all 3 pellets. And then the rest of your enemies are projectile throwers. In doom this makes plain sense since it's much easier to dodge. Of course, the enviroment can hamper your dodging ability a bit.

    Doom also implemented floors and ceilings of various height. And this change would change the gameplay of all future FPSes. Monsters can attack from above or below. Of course, Doom aims a bit for you (you still have to get the enemy generally center though), but in later games all autoaiming was removed. It was soon enough expected that player could do this aiming by themself.

    So in general Wolfenstein, being one of the first mass marketed PC FPSes set a base to be improved on. And improved on it was. Of course these days only thing people can ever think of are graphics and "realistic" gameplay.

    (tl;dr version: InsanityBringer beats wolfenstein and realizes that things have changed :P)

    1. SaladBadger


      Heh I beat it all KB only. I could never get used to the mouse due to afformentioned lack of dedicated strafing controls.

      In particular the two levels before the death knight (Ramparts and the ubermutant level) were particularily tough with this but I beat them.

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  21. I've had varying headache for about 3 weeks now, along with problems with vision.

    Had my head scanned finally today, they found something that does not belong at the back of my head.

    Can't say what it is exactly yet from the pictures, but it's most likely metastasis of the sarcoma that ran off with my arm last year. Bugger doesn't want to give up that easily it seems, and is back with a vengeance.

    Going to Helsinki sometime next week, and they're probably going to operate on it right away. At least I hope so.

    1. SaladBadger


      RIP Espi. :(

      I was expecting more good news to come, but then I saw the last couple posts and I knew instantly that something *BAD* has happened.

      'Tis a huge shame it had to happen when he was still younger though.

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  22. I bought an Acer Aspire One AOA-150 off of a friend for $200. I think it was a pretty good buy. Of course, I can't bring myself to go back to WinXP after using 7 for this long (even though I've got another laptop running Win2000), so I'll be doing a reinstall soon. It should run nice and smooth despite the specs.

    If there's one thing I don't like, it's that the keyboard feels a bit mushy. You don't want mushy when the keyboard is so small. I also wish I'd gotten the SSD model instead of this slower drive, but the option is there in the future.

    1. SaladBadger


      Super Jamie said:

      I use Linux because it lets me spend the most time actually USING my computer, instead of fucking around fixing/maintaining it. If it ever crashes or freezes (which is rarely) it's always the fault of a specific program I ran and can easily be avoided in future. Unlike Windows, which crashes for no reason because the underlying OS is shit.

      I tell you, these systems here MUST be magic... because I never expirence any of this on my windows machines. I sit down, turn it on, log in, and from there I can do whatever I need at the moment. I NEVER have to spend any time mataining something directly releating to windows. Windows itself basically never crashes -- It's always an application -- And they are almost never fatal (I can't remember the last crash that took down the system.)

      I'm not saying linux DOESN'T have all of those features -- I've seen and used it and it runs just as well, but I'm saying I NEVER have to do half of the mucking around most linux users say they have to on windows.

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