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Status Updates posted by SaladBadger


    I didn't quite want to derail the relatively technical discussion in the visplane thread, but while visplanes are in everyone's thoughts again I always remember this tweet, it really does give a fairly good impression of what's going on with visplanes. I wonder what it'd look like with merging...

  2. Spoiler

    test post to test spoiler styles in status updates, disregard


  3. I know people around here aren't that huge into Tim WIllits and I don't think this is going to help that


    Apparently Carmack's also backed Romero up on this but I lost the link to that.

    1. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Romero's got memory like an elephant, y'all.

    2. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Willits always seemed fake af so this is no surprise. He should lie low and let Marty do the talking from here on out.

    3. SaladBadger


      Things are getting interesting. Despite Romero, Carmack, and American stepping up to refute his claims, he's now claiming that he actually dug up evidence of these supposed map stubs


      Buuut... Romero's right on the money when he mentions that multiplayer only maps are not an idea came up with during the Quake era. In addition to the numerous examples he mentioned in his post (including our own community making plenty of them before Quake), I can add that Descent shipped with a pretty barebones set of deathmatch maps. You can't even load them in singleplayer out of the box, they were intended for nothing but DM. Romero's been a bit wrong on a bunch of things over the years, but I feel three people countering the claim from that era is enough to cast plenty of doubt on this.

  4. https://reverb.com/shop/bobby-princes-historic-gear


    Bobby Prince started the auctions for his old music gear mid last month. The prices are pretty steep, but hopefully some collector's gonna want to get their hands on this, considering what the money's going to.

  5. https://www.acen.org/2017-guest-announcement-worldwide-famous-anime-singer-mayn/


    well, I'm pretty damn hyped about this, since this is happening in my area. whee

  6. ebpStbu.png

    a sea of stars

    1. Apaul27


      So, you like PAD?

  7. sOQwhTs.png

    we need a doom port that supports mipmapping and we should have the completely accurate doom 2 gba experience. with the extracted colormap even fuzz looks right.

  8. Xc2HD8O.png

    is this ranger's helmet? it seriously feels like it but i just can't feel 100% sure

  9. xqRPiHc.png

    my life is full of bugs and more bugs now

  10. image.png.bdfdb4fe95e843607551668f4c35c3fe.png

    I've been a little inspired by the "weirdest doom source port" thread so I'm trying to port the simplest known version of Doom to a platform that is absolutely, positively not suited for running such a game, but is technically capable of doing so.


    A platform where the only scalar type is a 64-bit double, there's only extremely limited string support, no heap allocations, file IO only works one byte at a time from a specific file, and so on... I'm surprised I've gotten this far, and I know the entire game, hell, all of the final version of Doom could be run in this platform.

  11. image.png.37dcb0ef13a29d7f2dea78670878767d.png

    Before he uh, went away, I remember kb1 working on a program to interpret the HIGHBLIT lump in the 0.2 alpha, but didn't have any success with it. I was bored so I had my own try, and one attempt at writing the world's worst x86 emulator ever (it supports 5 instructions under really restricted parameters!) I made something that works. Well, kinda, there's issues since it copies only 4 bytes at a time, so some details are lost. I wonder if the VIEWINFO lump is responsible for masking that out.

  12. UrdaWOR.png

    Kinda cool to see that those infoboxes on Google are actually drawing information from doomwiki.org instead of the doom wikia.

  13. 09-07-17: Number of bones in IB's body: 206. Number of pieces of metal in IB's body: 0

    10-07-17: Number of bones in IB's body: 205. Number of pieces of metal in IB's body: 1

    1. Fonze




      On the bright side: keep it up and eventually you'll be the 6-million dollar (wo)man!

  14. 1am thoughts: isn't Fabien Sanglard's Doom Engine Black Book a realization of Bernd's failed dreams of writing a book describing the Doom engine? if only fab's book could come with a CD including the source code on it, then the illusion would be complete.


    the way times change is weird sometimes.

  15. after making that pet pain elemental map, I have came up with the worst idea ever: mister doomguy's pain elemental maid.


    which would be the same map but with a new sprite for the pain elementals.

    1. esselfortium


      Mister Doomguy's Maid Elemental?

    2. Teivman
  16. Age of Empires 2/3 Definitive editions and AoE4 have been announced at gamescom in one of the more painful press events I've seen.


    I have some faith they might not be bad.

  17. crap, I have no idea what song I want to use for the map I'm working on


    I looked for a transcription of the song from the game the map is inspired from, but I couldn't find one. I don't want to use the song as is since the contest sort of discourages that, but I have no idea what other midis to use.

  18. Doom's renderer evolution is weird. If you're familiar with the final rendering code, with its use of polar coordinates for projection and clipping and the use of a BSP to determine rendering order, the 0.5 rendering code is completely different. Points are projected and clipped using relatively conventional algorithms (it's so by the book that the projected vertex structure uses x for position left/right on screen and z for depth, unlike the map format). Processed lines are shoved into subsectors, spans are generated and drawn (no visplanes here yet, but I haven't traced flat rendering just yet), then it flows into adjacent sectors by looking at 2s lines that made it into the subsector. This is depth-first rather than breadth-first. When the renderer is unable to draw further, it draws all the things in the current sector, and then backs up. This has the fun effect of making things standing on the line between sectors sometimes get cut off based on how the game walked the sectors.


    I'm still working on the code cleanup, I want to be able to show how this works alongside fully functioning code.

  19. finally getting some more work done on moonfall now that its the summer and I have time time to, but making a decent moon turf texture is proving painful. what I have so far:





    1. Misty


      It looks very interesting. I rarely see earth's moon appearing in Doom wads,only in Echelon megawad. 

    2. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Lunatic, Valiant, and Nova 3 all have moon texture sets, so you might check through any of those if you haven't already. I agree that the current ground texture is kinda rough, but I'm sure the map will look nice overall, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  20. floating out in the void lies a 48 wide sector, intended solely to make the first fight of a vanilla/boom map not as painful by moving a blockmap line off of the first monster.


    vanilla/boom mapping is fun

  21. honestly, the more I read it, the more I wonder if Fabien was allowed to access the unmodified Doom source for the Game Engine Black Book. I seemingly remember an effort to try to produce a relatively accurate set of source code for the DOS game, but he also brings up a lot of details about the NEXT side of things, which I don't remember ever getting released.


    It's pretty cool that this does enable stats on how much time it took to build the game on nextstep and on DOS, though.

  22. I am so awful at working with the stock Doom II textureset but I get this feeling that if I start working with a textureset its not going to actually improve my texturing all that much, so I'm just going to continuing grinding through with the stock resources at the moment.


    I need to dig up some maps that use it really well, at some point.

    1. leodoom85


      You can do it man. Having stock textures shouldn't be a problem, it's all creativity...

  23. I dug the colormaps out of GBA Doom II's rom file. Conveniently it has just enough levels to work in the original game, so have an eyesore:



    I'm still trying to dig out the map data but I'm not having any luck. I have a few potential leads and I'm trying to map out what I can to make it easier to find without falling into unrelated data, but its elusive. I have no idea what format it could be stored in.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Maisth


      Looks really cool! but it hurts my eyes 

    3. Voros


      What format was the colormap lump in?

      Other than that, it certainly looks way too bright. Although if playing with a resolution similar to a GBA, it wouldn't be that noticeable, would it?

    4. SaladBadger


      the colormap format was the exact same format as the classic doom colormap. Mostly. The invuln and unused entries weren't there, and there's a bunch of extra levels I haven't found the use for, but its just a standard 256x32 byte table.


      I have found some leads to the maps. I think. I've found a table with 34 128-bit entries, which appears to contain three pointers (three 32-bit variables that increase as you get further in the table) and one size variable (it doesn't get larger as you go through the table. It gets larger when its in the index of a larger Doom II map). 34 is the amount of maps in GBA Doom II (since chasm and industrial zone are split), and the table is shorter in Duke Nukem Advance, a game using the same engine with less maps than Doom II. I have found what block of data the size corresponds to, but I can't make any sense of it. I have found what might be vertex positions: This is only a hunch, I'm assuming so because there's a pretty consistent pattern of a (generally increasing, so its stored in a really odd manner...) first byte and then a second byte that remains fairly low (since most Doom maps don't extend too far), but they definitely aren't vertex pairs. Instead it seemed to be just a bunch of potential coordinates. At least, that's what I thought, but overwriting this data did absolutely nothing visible to the map, no matter how much I corrupted. I don't know if I'm hitting the wrong map data or something, or have just misread it entirely, but I'm stumped.


      I can't make any sense of the rest of the data either, and I fear it might be compressed, which would go beyond what little I know how to do. Fuck. I'll keep on poking at this until I can get something to happen.

  24. I feel vaguely tempted to remaster some of my old shit maps like zpack e2m2 but I really wonder if there's anything i can do to untangle that travesty and turn it into a sane map.


    would be a fun experiment to see if I could make it not shit

    1. SaladBadger


      I mean, I probably can't, its too far gone and shit, but it'd be interesting. Thinking on this a little more, I kind of wonder if I can even get away with N5 at this point, while I like the style it definitely was overplayed and fuck man, its pretty obvious I was simply trying to emulate kdizd. I'd really love to try to turn it into a nicer aesthetic that has a lot less cruft over the years from kdizd emulators (and frankly kdizd itself)

    2. mrthejoshmon


      I do things like this sometimes (go back and tinker with old maps), it is a fun exercise and can surprise you with the results, I recommend doing it just to see the outcome as even slight texture differences can completely change a map.

  25. I used to think archviles took a while to kill making them even more dangerous, then I got into the habit of actually using RL, PR, and BFG in a sane manner.


    now they're still dangerous to me but they die much faster than I'm used to

    1. Phade102


      The main reason arch viles can take a while to kill is due to what they can do. If they're dropped into a room of dead enemies and are given time to revive them, you have to plow through those enemies again to get to the arch vile. Killing them quickly is definitely the best choice.

    2. leodoom85


      Now it's a routine to kill archies. Before, anyone had been scared the first time that saw the archvile and his attacks and insane speed. Now, you know that's the first priority to kill before any monster.