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Status Updates posted by SaladBadger

  1. https://reverb.com/shop/bobby-princes-historic-gear


    Bobby Prince started the auctions for his old music gear mid last month. The prices are pretty steep, but hopefully some collector's gonna want to get their hands on this, considering what the money's going to.

  2. Guess this is gonna cap up the con related status updates, i'll return to normal doom shit after this, but with the convention done i'm kinda really happy because it was very good this year. between the fhána concert, kenichi sonoda's big project reveal, live draws from vofan and rosuuri, playing the battletech pods, and just being able to see folk I've had a really fun time this year, i'm honestly really sad its over since most of the people I know aren't going next year. oh well.

  3. At the convention are these large Battletech tesla pods which fully simulate a mech cockpit and have all sorts of really fun features. This was among one of the most fun things I've gotten to play with in a long time, I kind of wish there was still more demand for this sort of thing. It's really lovely.

    1. KVELLER


      Man, I'm jealous! Those things must be awesome. Hell, the whole convention must be awesome.

  4. seems mozilla's finally given up on supporting the old "tiles" new tab page in firefox and is now forcing you to use the shitty activity stream thing.



    1. riderr3


      Some addons is also screwed.

  5. I remember hearing some whispers that the DMX source code was going to be officially released by Radek here a while back, what became of that? was I just misreading things?

  6. Inspired by DoomKid, I kind of want to go through and use all the archaic editors to make a short E1M1/MAP01 type map in each. If I did so, I'd probably be using DEU, WadEd, DCK, DoomCAD, DMapEdit, WadAuthor, and probably end with DB1. I have the Previous image for the Next emulator Previous which includes DoomED, so if I'm feeling ultra ambitious I can use that.

  7. It doesn't play amazingly in retrospect but Void still has a really great place in my mind. Such a surreal theme executed extremely well. Its the kind of thing I honestly wish I could do in Starlight Sanctuary or my other map but I just really can't pull it off.


    fuck the more I think about it I just want to redo Starlight Sanctuary entirely. Make it more interesting and nice to look at.

  8. i submitted pics of the starlight sanctuary map to the puzzle and dragons stream as fanart and antonio somehow mangled my name as "InsanityBadger", heh

  9. it just struck me I could reuse the Starlight Sanctuary assets to gyp yet another concept from PAD: Legendary Sea of Stars. Would be a bit irrational, but imagine an aquatic themed level sitting at the bottom of a massive ocean full of coral, sea plants, and the like all shrouded by a huge field of stars.


    would be pretty nice

  10. I feel vaguely tempted to remaster some of my old shit maps like zpack e2m2 but I really wonder if there's anything i can do to untangle that travesty and turn it into a sane map.


    would be a fun experiment to see if I could make it not shit

    1. SaladBadger


      I mean, I probably can't, its too far gone and shit, but it'd be interesting. Thinking on this a little more, I kind of wonder if I can even get away with N5 at this point, while I like the style it definitely was overplayed and fuck man, its pretty obvious I was simply trying to emulate kdizd. I'd really love to try to turn it into a nicer aesthetic that has a lot less cruft over the years from kdizd emulators (and frankly kdizd itself)

    2. mrthejoshmon


      I do things like this sometimes (go back and tinker with old maps), it is a fun exercise and can surprise you with the results, I recommend doing it just to see the outcome as even slight texture differences can completely change a map.

  11. I'm replaying kdizd for some reason and while its still a guilty pleasure of mine I'm fairly certain the person who made z1m3 had absolutely no respect for their players at all

    1. leodoom85


      Can't remember who did that map mostly, because I'm sure that it was made with a group of mappers...

  12. I've mentioned before I find Doom 2 to be close to mechanically perfect and I tend to play most mapsets vanilla style, but I'm also busy making making a 6DOF space shooter for GZDoom and want to work on a pretty different gameplay mod for it.


    where do i fit on the purist scale this is so confusing.

    1. KVELLER


      6DOF? Count me in! I'm really eager to see that :)

  13. ebpStbu.png

    a sea of stars

    1. Apaul27


      So, you like PAD?

  14. Spoiler

    test post to test spoiler styles in status updates, disregard


  15. Extended doom mechanics do occasionally lend to fun moments, sometimes. Playing a map in a port where live monsters can be pushed off dropoffs, a chaingunner pissed off a rev and the rev proceeds to run up to him and punch him off the ledge. heh

  16. I think Starlight Sanctuary is the first map where I've used almost every monster from the Doom bestiary. only ones not in there are the zombieman, spectre, and spider mastermind. Oh, and perhaps the most glaring omission, the wolfenstein ss.

  17. crap, I have no idea what song I want to use for the map I'm working on


    I looked for a transcription of the song from the game the map is inspired from, but I couldn't find one. I don't want to use the song as is since the contest sort of discourages that, but I have no idea what other midis to use.

  18. sOQwhTs.png

    we need a doom port that supports mipmapping and we should have the completely accurate doom 2 gba experience. with the extracted colormap even fuzz looks right.

  19. my new case sits on some racks I had alongside my desk unlike my last one which sat under the desk on the floor.


    not having to worry about kicking my computer anymore is nice. Also makes it much easier to access usb ports, headphone jacks, and the like. Also, it has front headphone jacks which means alongside my ear surgery I can actually use headphones with my computer now, which is very nice.

  20. tomorrow I will lose another bone in my body and get another piece of metal in its place.


    this brings the running total to 204 bones and 2 pieces of metal in my body

    1. MidnightMage


      That really sucks. Surgery is never fun, hope everything went well today.

  21. I vaguely wonder if there's ever been an attempt at a doom engine that's optimized for the original hardware specs, since with the release of the source code and further work done on it thorugh boom and the like, its been revealed there are a few things here and there that definitely could be optimized further.


    I'm curious how much of a speed boost it would actually have on a period spec machine.

  22. floating out in the void lies a 48 wide sector, intended solely to make the first fight of a vanilla/boom map not as painful by moving a blockmap line off of the first monster.


    vanilla/boom mapping is fun

  23. Level design subtleties that went way over my head: I always kind of thought the babes in duke3d were just a gruesome little decoration with the kill them to spawn more stuff mechanic just added in because they felt it fit or something, and I kind of wondered why they didn't do a "rescue" thing like the n64 version. But it struck me when playing the game again recently that they were frequently used for one specific goal: to punish simply clearing slimer eggs with a single RPG or pipebomb. So frequently, the slimer eggs are placed in those areas covered in the green alien shit, with a couple of the captured babes in there to punish the easy way of clearing the eggs with a swarm of Octabrains.


    Either I've been missing something kinda obvious for the past 20 years or I'm overthinking this. not sure which.

  24. while i'm busy trying to kick my p&d obsession i'm starting to get that desire to make doom maps inspired by some of the dungeons again.


    the dungeons in game are very basic visually, usually just a straight stretch or a basic hallway, but some carry some character to them and it would be nice to see them expanded into a more fleshed out environment. Like the devilish swamp theme:


  25. I know people around here aren't that huge into Tim WIllits and I don't think this is going to help that


    Apparently Carmack's also backed Romero up on this but I lost the link to that.

    1. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Romero's got memory like an elephant, y'all.

    2. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Willits always seemed fake af so this is no surprise. He should lie low and let Marty do the talking from here on out.

    3. SaladBadger


      Things are getting interesting. Despite Romero, Carmack, and American stepping up to refute his claims, he's now claiming that he actually dug up evidence of these supposed map stubs


      Buuut... Romero's right on the money when he mentions that multiplayer only maps are not an idea came up with during the Quake era. In addition to the numerous examples he mentioned in his post (including our own community making plenty of them before Quake), I can add that Descent shipped with a pretty barebones set of deathmatch maps. You can't even load them in singleplayer out of the box, they were intended for nothing but DM. Romero's been a bit wrong on a bunch of things over the years, but I feel three people countering the claim from that era is enough to cast plenty of doubt on this.